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Intensive "Newest Methods" Series

Watch for next series. EN-DE. Personal support and guidance, up-to-the-minute energies, and powerful new leading-edge methods for your specific needs. Because these groups are so effective AND cost effective for YOU, Lola rarely gives private sessions anymore. Audios are emailed to you to enjoy again and take the coaching deeper. Lola responds to you on the Forum between meetings, and extends a meeting if you need extra help. A few of the exciting and effective new processes: Pop Boxes to free yourself from old beliefs; Neutralize any negative charge; Program yourself to go deeper faster; Program a manifestation into your past so it becomes "possible and believable" for you... and more! Prerequisite: Portal 1 Membership. Three 90-minute group sessions, only $399 USD. Let's co-create together! 

Intensive "Newest Methods" Series



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We want to be God in all the ways that are not the ways of God, in what we hope is indestructible or unmoving. But God is fragile, a bare smear of pollen, that scatter of yellow dust from the tree that tumbled over in a storm of grief and planted itself again.
Lola Jones