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Intensive Coaching Series Meets YOUR Needs

March 1, 8, & 15. 10-11:30am Pacific time. EN-DE. So effective they replace private sessions. Lola meets YOUR specific needs with powerful new methods. You get the new leading-edge audios & meditations to enjoy again, go deeper. Lola responds to you on the Forum, and extends a meeting if you need extra help. A few of the possible processes we'll use: Be Your Cosmic Self, Sun Energy, Secrets of Happiness, Lose old beliefs; Neutralize negativity from others; and more per YOUR needs! Prerequisite: Portal 1. Three 90-minute teaching/group counseling sessions, super value, only $399 USD. 

Intensive Coaching Series Meets YOUR Needs



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Quickest way to tap into the bliss you've found with Divine Openings: conscious appreciation for your breath. Your Source is 'breathing you' all the time. Noticing that is the most exquisite feeling.
Lola Jones