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Intensive Coaching Series

Watch for next series or request it! Lola meets YOUR needs with powerful new, leading-edge methods, and coaches you on the Forum between meetings. Special focus this series: Overcome Fear, Dive In Effectively, Love Yourself (stops self-limiting, and allows more in.) Super value, replaces private sessions now that personal time with Lola is so rare and precious. Prerequisite Portals 1 & 2.

Intensive Coaching Series


 This is the most flexible of all the series', designed to both focus on big things people want to expand into or have been challenged with, while also helping your "really get" those basics that you may not have mastered yet. Lola loves helping us all reach new heights together, and ground-breaking material comes out of these series'. 

Bring any desire or intention and get profound results, opening, and expansion. Go to the next level on your path.

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Cosmic joke: all that's most real and enduring is invisible--like love, energy, Divine Intelligence. All that isn't real and enduring is visible--like bodies, cars, buildings.
Lola Jones