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Rapid Results Counseling - NEW time!

May 1, 8, & 22, 2024, 12 noon Pacific time. English only. Now that Lola only gives 1 to 1 sessions in the Mentoring Program, webinars are your ONLY opportunity to get 1 to 1 counseling with her. Bring any desire or topic: remove blocks, break through limits, reach your next level - whatever you need. Bring any desire or intention and get more than you expected. Always profound results, opening, and expansion. In the very first meeting, Parvana's challenge was resolved, and she raved, "Now, that's rapid results!" 

  • Prerequisite: Portal 1, so you are prepped to really get this. View Details to see a super powerful sample webinar! Limited spaces, small group, register early.

Rapid Results Counseling - NEW time!


This is the most flexible and powerful of all the series', designed to both focus on big things people want to expand into or have been challenged with, while also helping your "really get" those things that you may not have mastered yet. Lola loves helping us all reach new heights together, and ground-breaking material comes out of these series'. 

Watch all or part of this video to see exactly how Lola meets your needs. The first part is for everyone. The second part goes specific to each person.

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If you want to find it, stop seeking. If you already found it, stop seeking. If you've forgotten what you were looking for, stop seeking and be still.
Lola Jones