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Intensive Coaching Series

August 23 & 30, Sept 1 & 6. Meets 10 - 11:30am Pacific time. EN only this time. To request a new time slot, or EN-DE, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In this NEW "Open-Topic" series Lola gives you personal support and guidance for ANY need or desire. She brings in up-to-the-minute energies and powerful new leading-edge methods for your specific needs. Compare to the cost of 1 private session w/Lola $235; 3 sessions $595, and Lola rarely gives those now because the groups are super effective. Audios are emailed to you to enjoy again and take the coaching deeper. Lola responds to you on the Forum between meetings, and extends a meeting if you need extra help. Includes link to an bonus preparatory video and audio to get you primed for maximum results. Prerequisite: Portal 1 Membership. Four 90-minute group sessions, only $399 USD. Let's co-create together! 

Intensive Coaching Series



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Once you can read your Instrument Panel, you will only get two degrees off course before you feel it, and get back on course. If you can't feel it until you're 30 degrees off, or 180 degrees off, it just takes longer to get where you wanted to go.
Lola Jones