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Healing Webinar PLUS*

Watch for next series. Heal, raise vibration, learn to play with and move energy, get happier, recharge your body, create super health. Learn to heal yourself. Live physical healing, personal attention, coaching, energy from Lola. Being in Lola's energy vortex LIVE is super powerful. In this series Lola uses powerful energy to help you with almost any need, and insures you get what you need.

BONUS GIFT: The Healing Course - with audios, videos, meditations from this, plus past Healing Webinar Series' to enjoy again and again.

Healing Webinar PLUS*


Healing + Vibration Raising, LIVE with Lola Jones

Tuition is only $299.
BONUS: $199 Health Course is included FREE.

why take this webinar live If I can get the media in the healing course?

Because live is powerful and fun. Lola addresses your specific needs, feels with you, helps you move big energy using her own body, works with you in the Non-Physical between meetings, and personally counsels you. Hours of LIVE healing/teaching for the cost of a couple of old-school therapy sessions!  

Measurable results.

Lola has you rate your issue at the start, as you go, and at the end, and she makes sure you get what you need. Some healing does take time, and that's why you get the Course Media to keep your momentum going long after the series ends. 

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The incessant quest for more seminars, books, knowledge, is mental masturbation. The mind loves that, because it keeps you on the hamster wheel--you never get free. Knowledge and work never gets us there.
Lola Jones