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Free From Trauma & Abuse Webinar Series
Watch here for next series. Perfect for those of you with very heavy vibrations to lift: emotional or sexual abuse, trauma, loss, heartbreak, accidents, death, resistant unworthiness, or vibrations you inherited from your ancestors' traumas or other lives. Relief is here! 

Lola helps you with advanced energies on the meetings, chat, forum, and in the Non-Physical for a full week. 

Free From Trauma & Abuse Webinar Series

  • Is it difficult to let the past go and move on?
  • Does your own mind severely abuse you? 
  • Are there sticky, dark, or scary vibrations that just won't move, or you can't access them?
  • If you've been unsuccessful at Diving In, or the feelings come back, this webinar is for you.

Get Free!

You will not need to re-live it or reveal sensitive details. Tuition is less than a couple of old-school therapy sessions, but the results are so much more powerful.

For best results have the book and Portals 1 & 2 to build upon.  

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Your Instrument Panel shows your feelings (your manifesting juice) readings at all times, so you feel trouble coming in plenty of time to change it, and get to enjoy the goodies before they get there.
Lola Jones