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Live and Online Spiritual Retreats, Spiritual Enlightenment AND Practical Life Solutions

Online or Live Spiritual Retreats--Beyond Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Enlightenment AND Practical Life Solutions

Online Spiritual Retreats

Our more than 17 online retreats are an effective and economical alternative to traveling to a live event. Do them from home or anywhere, self-paced, at your convenience, whenever and whenever you choose.

Multi-media, rich and exciting.
You can feel the energy radiating right off the screen.
The Divine Openings continue to work on you long after the online course or retreat.
That's why we call them "the retreats that never end". Rather than just providing temporary relief, or being dependent on someone else to give you "spiritual healing" you get a lasting elevation, and tap into your own inner Source. You also learn how to do your small part to stay in that state of Grace.

Live 5 Day Silent Retreats

The Most Profound of Spiritual Retreats

These indescribably transformative silent retreats at beautiful locations around the world rocket your life to unprecedented new levels and take you off the endless hamster wheel of spiritual work and spiritual healing. The leading edge light / energy / intelligence downloads continue forever after. Life is never the same again. Do it for you, or become a miracle-producing  Divine Openings Guide.
Begin at any level.
"I cannot tell you how many major things were taken care of during the retreat. I just let them go until the retreat was complete and they were taken care of. Oh the great Presence takes such great care of us if we just get out of the way." Sending you Love Happiness and Peace always, Dennis, Las Vegas


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What Divine Openings does for you, how it works:

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