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Do I Need Spiritual Protection?

Article by Lola Jones, author, spiritual teacher, and creator of Divine Openings.

First the good news: You do not need any spiritual protection - ever. There is nothing to fear in the entire Universe other than yourself - something you created from your own imagination, or from a lower vibration that you are broadcasting on that subject. And if you have created such a problem, calling in "protection from it" isn't going to help, it's just going to give it more reality and power over you.

When you call in "spiritual protection", you are essentially saying, "There is something to protect FROM," and you are essentially creating it in that moment.

If you chant a mantra for protection, it's like repeating an affirmation that you are powerless and the universe is not a safe place. It's a fear-creating mantra. It would be more productive to make up a chant about how wonderful and safe your world is because you're in tune with the great flow of life that carries you effortlessly. If you're not in that vibration yet, read Things Are Going Great In My Absence, by yours truly, Lola Jones.

The very idea of protection is focusing on a negative, which we never recommend you do. It's pushing against something, and what you resist persists. Instead, focus on and develop your knowing that the universe is a safe place. Focus on what you do want.

You are not now and have never been at the mercy of evil spirits, entities, random or out-of-your-control events, stars, earth changes, or mysterious forces, unless you firmly believe you are. If you believe you're a victim of anything - then you will materialize evidence of it and experience it as "reality". A reality you created.

The very belief in the need for protection creates something to protect from, where there wasn't anything to protect from before. I feel safe walking down streets, driving, sleeping in my bed, and doing spiritual work, and always have. I might intend safety in a tight situation, but I never invoke protection. If I have a moment of fear, I own it as my own creation asap to get my power back, even though it seems to be a shadowy lurking person out there, or some other material threat.

No ceremony, invocation, or "bubble of light" is going to protect you from yourself. You're in there with you! Such rituals decimate your power and responsibility. Intend clarity about this now and you will feel it.

I've instinctively known this for decades, and have never, ever felt the need to call upon angels or light or anything for protection, never prayed for "protection", and have never had any need for it. I haven't felt "protected" - I've felt safe.

I noticed that everyone I saw calling in protection was constantly beset by whatever they were calling in protection from, whether it was problems, thefts, legal situations, conflicts, bad health, fears, or physical attacks. They seemed to have more to protect from than anyone I encountered.

Those calling in spiritual protection were often always talking about their troublesome encounters with "entities", "dark spirits", "ghosts", "alien implants", "toxic people", or "evil". Instead of claiming responsibility for their troubles and looking at how they created it with their own vibration or thinking, the power and cause was assigned to these outside influences, to whom they gave their power.

  • First, God and the angels are already here, all the time. They never go anywhere so it's silly to call upon them. We humans might wander off into dark or powerless thoughts, though. You'd be better off to call YOU in (sly grin).
  • Second, Grace and good are always raining up on you, so asking for goodness and light to be with you affirms you don't recognize that it's already happening, in effect denying and negating what's already given.
  • Third, I am light (and so are you). Remind yourself.
  • Fourth, there is no such thing as evil or evil spirits. Those are very primitive beliefs that nevertheless can appear to you as real if you are out of alignment with your Large Self (in a lower vibration). Man created the devil and gives the devil responsibility for man's own lower vibrations and creations, then attempts to protect from the devil - a huge projection that veils your own power and responsibility.

Decades ago I used to have nightmares, and a couple of times felt or saw an "evil presence" in the room deep in the night, alone. Guided from within, I walked right up to one such "evil" presence and said to it, "Hello there. You're a lost or neglected aspect of me, and I'm not afraid of you." It disappeared and never came back, because I recognized it for what it was, and gave it no further life. I did not call that "helping a spirit move on". That is another myth. That apparition was a mirror of some lost lower vibration within me. I owned it, and my power.

As you learn to mind your own vibration, claim your power, achieve clarity, shed old beliefs, and create your own reality, you repeatedly prove to yourself that you are always and only experiencing your own creations. Get very clear in how you're creating your reality, how to read the Instrument Panel (it's in my book) that gives you readings on what you're now creating, and so become surely and accurately powerful, secure, and inner guided.

There has never been one single reality, and there never will be. There are many realities, and you have enormous choice in the realities you experience. You can move into ever-expanding levels of heaven on earth if you know how. Learn more about the Portal One course with Lola's foundational book and don't waste another minute getting started. This website is dedicated to just that (and more) and has helped many thousands of people in more than 135 countries create their lives in increasingly powerful and fulfilling ways.

So next time you contemplate calling on "protection", remind yourself that your powerful laser of attention is in that moment actually focused on and therefore creating fear and something to protect from. There isn't anything to protect from, but by saying there is, you've created it.

Suggestions to increase your power:

  • Don't give your power away by believing there's anything "out there" that can get you.
  • Claim your safety and security in the Universe now and forget about it.
  • If you're about to drive in the rain, get in the vibration of safety, and intend a safe, fun drive.
  • If someone is physically threatening you, get your vibration up above fear, and you won't attract that anymore. Only victim vibrations attract villain vibrations.
  • If you're fearing something non-physical, remember it's "you reflecting some dark pocket of vibration back to you", so you know it's there.
  • Own anything as your own creation that "seems" to threaten you. That gives you your power back. It doesn't give you the luxury of being a victim of anything.
  • If you have difficulty doing all this, and experience persistent feelings of fear or powerlessness (or just want a better life), start Portal One along with Lola's book that's helped thousands of people in over 135 countries have that and more, and achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Go to our home page and read about how Divine Openings works. It does many, many things, plus it gives you your power and security back. It helps you remember who you are (Divine Presence in a human body) but more importantly, to LIVE that power on a daily basis rather than just mouth the words.

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