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Spiritual Myths, Misconceptions, What's Really True? What's Not.

Spiritual Myths, Misconceptions, What's Really True? What's Not.

08/22/2020 - 19:21 Submitted by Lola Jones

Bust These Spiritual Myths--They're Holding You Back!

Article by Lola Jones, creator of Divine Openings

In my younger days, I was a cowgirl, and I learned to just tell it like it is with no BS.

I wanted to let people know there's junk out there that simply isn't true. So I recorded an audio called 'Cutting Through The Spiritual Crap.'

This article expands on that, and helps you scrape that BS off your boots, so you can walk on wiser! (The audio that inspired this article is at the end of this page.)

Enjoy this video first, then read on and get free from spiritual myths.

Lola Jones spiritual myths

Storks deliver babies, right?

That's what we were told by our parents and teachers.

And here's a picture of it actually happening, so it's real. Hmmmm.... really?

There was such a positive response to that newsletter and audio about cutting through the spiritual nonsense, I wrote more about it, and more guidance came to me.

Myth 1. You are here to learn lessons. Someone made this up to try and explain why life can be hard, and other writers of spiritual books copied it till it became a metaphysical myth--but lessons have absolutely nothing to do with why you're here. Unfortunately, many people have taken on this belief. Those who buy this belief constantly endure painful lessons, doing what they think is their spiritual duty.

The drudgery will never end.

The good news: The Presence did not put you here in some kind of school, but to enjoy and expand, and explore. There is nothing to graduate from, no test to pass, and no grade to earn. If you believe "life is a school" you'll be in a school! And you'll never graduate--the lessons never end and there is no reward. You don't even get a degree in suffering!

If you let go of that belief, you can have a happy, lesson-free life. Of course you will learn and evolve! Life IS change, expansion, and evolution.

You can be happy and go to recess now.  


Myth 2. There are evil forces vying for dominion over you. No, darlin', that's Star Wars. Humans look for any excuse to avoid the responsibility that we each create our own reality. Be deliberate about how you vibrate right now and you have no worries in YOUR reality about the devil, evil spirits, ghosts, entities, unfriendly aliens, evil-doers, or anything.

There is no "dark energy". There is only low vibration. I'll share an experience: The dark room filled with an extremely scary, evil feeling and a hideously ugly face appeared right in front of and above me as I laid in bed. The Presence soothed and guided me in what it was, and what to say. When you say something like this, they dissolve instantly and never return: "You're just a lost and rejected part of me, and I'm not afraid of you. I love you and all of creation. I am sorry I banished you by denying that I had any darkness in me." The room filled with love and I was never afraid of evil again. It's so damaging when we project it outside ourselves. Much of the hate in the world is due to just that-- projecting all that is bad on others but not recognizing it and dealing with it in ourselves. The more we admit our humanity and imperfection, the less it comes around to bite us in another form. It's an advanced stage of spiritual maturity. Many people don't move on to spiritual maturity -- they get a short way on the path, and stick there.

You can stop worrying about evil now!

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The article continues...

So many myths to bust!

Myth 3. If someone said it in a book (especially a spiritual or channeled book) it's true. So many things in spiritual books are NOT true and do not work. Spiritual maturity brings the ability to feel and know truth when you hear it, and to weed out the junk.

Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out.

Want to discern how effective a path is? Look at the majority of the students' practical lives and relationships. Public popularity is not a good gauge of truth -- for some strange reason, many people flock to paths, religions, and gurus, and follow them for decades without achieving any degree of improvement in their lives--emotionally, spiritually, mentally, or materially! Yet they stick with it. Often the teacher blames the failure on the student. 

The most effective things, on the leading edge, usually do NOT have huge followings. Just an observation!

Look at what's working in real life.


This isn't a myth, but it's a practice that doesn't work well, yet remains popular. Affirmations are a popular cliche in the personal development field:


Myth 4. It takes a lifetime to "heal". First, I don't call it "healing" unless you're physically sick. If you're not physically sick, YOU DO NOT NEED HEALING. You need to wake up. When you become enlightened, all the stuff you thought you had to "heal" just isn't there anymore. And it doesn't take a lifetime. It can happen now if you really intend to stop seeking, go within, stop processing, and keep it simple.

If you hear yourself saying old-paradigm stuff like, "it takes a lifetime" or "you have to work hard at it" or "I'm working on this issue" or "I have inner child issues" or "I need to process that feeling" or "that is hard" …… that is old paradigm!
All that dissolves or resolves with Divine Openings, with no work.
I see some people light up overnight. Even when it looked grim when they walked in.
No processing. They let go. My job is to point to the door, get out of the way, and let them do it.

You only need healing if you're SICK.


Myth 5. Your will vs. God's will. When you are living as your Large Self, there is no difference in your will and God's will. Your Large Self's will IS God's will.

When you are your Large Self, your will IS God's will.


Myth 6. God is some grumpy or uncaring authority figure who tells you what to do or what is right. I hear a lot of people saying, "I'm supposed to do this or that mission on Earth" or "If it's meant to be, then I'll get to" or "I want to do God's will, not my will." You co-create with the Universe! God doesn't boss you around. God is not the big parent in the sky who says you can have the car keys or not. You have free will, so use it. Decide what you want. God, your Large Self, the entire Universe, lines it up for you. Even if what you want is your small self's idea, you still can have it -- God isn't judgmental like humans. But when you're living as your Large Self you have more power, things come faster and easier, and the things you want will work out better for you and be better than you imagined them.

Want! Ask! Create! Enjoy!


Myth 7. Humility is the mark of a true spiritual person. Not necessarily. You are a magnificent being, made in God's image, a child of God. Express it, be it, know it, radiate it. Why hide your light? Where did that idea come from? Ancient texts distorted to make the masses lowly and controllable. When the small self thinks it's God, it can cause you some trouble. But jettison this false humility thing. Forget what others think. That's an old-paradigm myth. Very often it's unworthiness in saint's clothing.

You are magnificent.


Myth 8. Heaven and Hell. Heaven and Hell are conveniently located right here on Earth, in your back yard. Choose which one you want to live in, and stop doing and believing anything that takes you to Hell. Religions want you to be in fear, so you'll believe them instead of listening to your Inner Guidance.

Listen to Love, not Fear.

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Myth 9. Being good. This is one of the biggest myths, that you get some kind of points for being "good" or "spiritual". Again, that is a human perspective that says you have something to achieve or earn, or worse, that you were born in Original Sin. Please let those old primitive beliefs and fears go! In God perspective, you're here to experience, you have free will, and you can do anything you want without judgment. Up in the higher vibrations, being your Large Self, you wouldn't hurt anyone anyway. How about this? Live in the higher vibrations because it feels good and works better, not to earn imaginary brownie points. High vibration and a great life are the best reward.

You are already good.


Myth 10. Unworthiness. Oddly, spiritual people are by far the most plagued by unworthiness, probably due to centuries of conditioning by religions and "spiritual" leaders who didn't want people to know how powerful they were, and wanted to control the masses. It's hard to control magnificent, powerful, worthy beings.

You are created worthy. Get it!


Myth 11. You gotta clear your karma. Where do people get this stuff? Karma is contradictory to Grace. Grace erases all. Grace lifts man up independent of his human imperfection. Grace blesses us. Even if karma did exist, Grace would wipe it out. There is no karma in Divine Openings. Karma is the opposite of Grace--they cannot co-exist. Accept Grace and there is no karma. Believe in karma and you reject Grace. Teaching karma disempowers people.

Someone said it in an ancient primitive tradition, and it got passed on. Both karma and Hell were conceived by man's confused mind, out of misunderstanding how life works, and out of feelings of unworthiness and guilt, which reside at the bottom of the Altimeter (explained in depth in the book).

God doesn't chalk up your wrongs! Man does that to himself. Haven't you ever had a bad thought about someone, and instantly stubbed your toe? If you choose to believe in karma, good luck. You have millions of lifetimes to pay off and work out and it will not be fun. See you in a few thousand years. You could be having a good time right now.

Related to this, the idea that you have to work on yourself all the time is also a New Age Myth. With Divine Openings, you can stop that and start living happily ever after.

There is no karma where there is Grace.

Myth 12. You shouldn't be selfish. Every creature created by the Creator has built-in self interest, and this is a good thing. Some humans make that wrong, and label it ego. Most of the great art, music, innovations, institutions, charities, and inventions sprung from those with healthy egos. Those with no drive to express their genius were often relegated to obscurity, and so their genius was never recognized, nor benefited from.

We've been told doing what we want is selfish, and to sacrifice, and that somehow that all works out. Maybe, maybe not. Master your mind, put your Large Self in charge, and put it to work for YOU, and humanity will just naturally be served.

When people tell me large corporations are bad and greedy, I ask them "How many jobs do they provide? How many paychecks do they pay out?" People could go start their own businesses if that was what they really wanted or were willing to do, but most do not! They willingly choose to work for someone else who'll bear all the risk, and provide them structure and a steady income. Then they bite the hand that feeds them.

Self interest is part of being human. Let your Large Self drive.


Myth 13. The meek shall inherit the Earth. I asked within about this. What I got was, "The non-resistant shall inherit the Earth." They're minding their own business and not fighting or pushing against what others are doing. The strong kill each other and wear themselves out while the non-resistant are living happily ever after. The non-resistant find Heaven on Earth. The less resistant you get (higher on the Instrument Panel), the more you'll feel like you do own the Earth, and really will be able to create your own reality.

The non-resistant shall inherit the Earth.


Myth 14. Being on Earth is inferior to the spiritual world. Then what the heck are you doing here then? Did you take a wrong turn at the 11th dimension? You came here to experience the delights of the senses and the slowed down energies of the physical -- to play and create here in this special environment of greater contrasts. To pretend you can die. To pretend you have limits so you can overcome them and remember who you really are. To smell the scent of dry grass on a summer's day (as I did this morning). For the past 23 years, my intention has been Heaven On Earth. Not to get out of here. I came here on purpose!

Heaven is right here on Earth.
Hear a sample of Lola's heavenly original song, Heaven.

Myth 15. Materialism is bad or evil. Believing money is scarce is buying into the material. The rich person who believes money is just a tool and is no big deal is less materialistic than the poor person who is controlled by lack of money. Being obsessed with money, even the lack of it, is materialism, and makes money into your God. Focusing on the physical world and giving it more power than the Non-Physical world is materialistic. Believing in your physical/material limitations is materialistic. Knowing that the physical is just a playground is not materialistic at all. Interesting, yes?

Materialism is letting money and the physical world rule you.

Myth 16. Be in the world but not of it? Live here on Earth to the fullest, but don't buy into the material illusions of limitations. Know that you are a magnificent creator. Even in the face of challenges, know who you are. You know for sure that there is no true danger in all the Universe when you get this, deep down.

You're an eternal energy in a temporary body.


Myth 17. Spiritual awakening means you give up the material world. To cut to the chase--everything is spiritual. There is nothing that is not spiritual. Everything in creation is made of God energy. Money is spiritual. Dirt and slime are spiritual. So stop throwing it all into two convenient boxes: spiritual and not spiritual. God doesn't care.

Everything is spiritual.


Related Myth: "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle." It can be tempting to put all of one's faith in and focus on the material when one has a lot of material stuff, and be its slave rather than it's master. Remember that your Large Self created all of it. Assign the power to your Large Self (God) rather than to the "stuff". The stuff is only stuff, and tools. Value the Giver, who is permanent, more than the gifts, which are not.

Worship the Giver, not the gifts.


Myth 18. Spiritual teachers cannot be passionate about worldly things and worldly endeavors. There is this weird stereotype that spiritual teachers, if they're the real thing, do nothing else. They wear robes and meditate all day. Not so. I know one who has traveled the world and taught for decades who is soon retiring to raise bees. I know another who can rebuild a car, create computer graphics, and fly a jet. He sat with hippies and laughed as they did acid in the 60's, then showed them how to get high without it. He has a giant fire hose he uses for the Hindu Holi celebration. A raging fire swept his Malibu coast neighborhood, and he personally got out there and saved all the neighbors homes by soaking them with the fire hose. He was my first inspiration, and I've followed his lead, and have always been multi-creative. Since The Presence woke up in me, it wants to express in so many more ways than spiritual teaching... from business, to inventing, to art, graphics, music, internet marketing genius, decorating, writing... the list is long and getting longer. And my gift is teaching how to have all this work in the physical world. There will soon be business courses on the site. My creativity and productivity is out of control. This website is a virtual world I've created, and it never stops.

I LOVE, adore, and relish mundane, everyday life. I love simple things like cooking, working on the computer, and being in nature. It's why I am here, not to try to ascend somewhere else or achieve something. There is eternity to be somewhere else.

Forget stereotypes!


Myth 19. Once you get to spiritual awakening, you must quit your job and become a healer or teacher. Divine Openings seems to make people clear about what their true path is, and they either rekindle their passion for their current gig (they weren't there by accident) or find something they love that really suits them. Few of those who complete the 5 Day Silent Intensive end up getting guidance to be Divine Openings Givers. Most get who they really are, and find the most authentic way for their real gift to come through, whether in construction, sales, or as a school teacher.

A California teacher did wonders with her school students Divine Openings after attending the 5 Day Silent Retreat. Her true calling is obviously to be a school teacher! Another grad gives Divine Facials, and the recipients get a Divine Opening as they get their yummy, nurturing facial. There are so many ways to help and contribute, and if everyone were a healer, there'd be no one to build websites, create music, fix cars, teach our kids, or do accounting. Starving healers are in the wrong profession for the wrong reasons. Guidance can be interpreted in many ways, and "heal people" doesn't always mean "be a healer".

Your ability to hear and interpret guidance accurately increases if you do and stick to Divine Openings. Follow your passions rather than listening to others. I know psychics who tell everyone who comes to their table that they will become a healer or author, or that they're "supposed" to be this or that.

There are countless ways to enlighten and serve.
Forget the extremely narrow stereotypes.



Myth 20. More metaphysical knowledge is better. There's a common myth that the more spiritual stuff you learn, books you read, seminars you take, and the more meditations you attend, the higher you'll go, and the more help you'll get. Sorry, folks, I actually find it to be the opposite. The people I see get the freest the fastest are those who come to me without any, or very little, previous metaphysical knowledge or training. Then when they "get it" they stop working on it, and go live life.

So often, people who have done it all are so saturated with stuff, mixing so much stuff, muddled with so much stuff, so conditioned to seek and never find, are the toughest to convince to let go and let it be incredibly simple. Thank God Divine Openings performs miracles! They know so much it's hard to move into this pure, direct place that Divine Openings can take you when you do let go.

Before I did my 21 days of blessed silence, communing only with Divine Presence within in India, speaking to no human, I had already made a powerful decision: to forget and let go of everything I knew. Deep within I knew that all that past stuff, bless it, had gotten me to "here", but no farther, so I needed to let go of it.  I knew when I came home, anything I needed would still be there, but for sure, most of it, including boxes of books, ended up in the recycle bin. I needed that like a bird needs a hang glider.

That is one reason these spiritual myths are so clear since then. My greatest gift is the ability to let go and let The Divine do 99%. I don't know how it works, and don't care to know. The people who know the most stuff are usually not the happiest, most free or most powerful, in their work or in their own lives. They can't just touch you and give it to you, because they are in the way.

As I watch students' progress, the ones who keep on Hoovering up more stuff after Divine Openings don't do as well. That's like reversing their progress. You really don't need more knowledge, more techniques, and more stuff. That's a trick the small self uses to get you back into bondage. We keep getting automatic upgrades with Divine Openings, but there's no need to work at it or seek for it.

The mind is a powerful thing, and it is not your best friend until it's trained to be your servant. It needs to get out of the way.

I can work with anyone, and get them free and clear if they're willing to stop seeking and focus. I've watched people who were just healed disbelieve they're healed even though the evidence is right there. The mind has a hard time with things that mess with its neat little sense of reality. Some people get disoriented when a lifelong issue is gone.

Knowledge is the booby prize. It'll never set you free.


Myth 21. The Dilution Effect - Related to the above, mixing modalities, paths, books, and other perfectly good stuff with your Divine Openings is like taking a glass of fine aged wine.... and adding excellent brandy, expensive whiskey, top label gin, and premium beer to it. Or like saying that one song sounds so beautiful, you'll just play three more songs at the same time to make it more beautiful.

It doesn't get better, it's a friggin' mess. The most confused and stuck people I ever work with are mixing modalities. Pick one thing that is working and STICK TO IT, even if it's not Divine Openings. If that's not working, and if your life isn't fantastic, drop everything else and do Divine Openings.

Truth is simple.


Myth 22. You need "protection". Some people believe you need spiritual protection from dark spirits--that they can "get in" or take over. No one or nothing in the universe can harm you. There is nothing to protect from except yourself, your own vibration, because you are so powerful you can make anything real. There are no evil spirits, there is no such thing as psychic attack, but you can conjure them up if you believe in them.

Or if you're not willing to deal with your own darkness, you may project that darkness on others, or on some boogie man. Then, ironically, all those incantations and bubbles of white light won't protect you from your own self. The people I've met who go to the most trouble to do spiritual, physical, and personal protection have the most troubles! They're creating it. Live as if you're too powerful to worry about harm. You are.

There is nothing out there except you.

Myth 23. The world is getting worse, this is the worst time in history, the worst crisis time ever, blah, blah, blah. Read Matt Ridley's excellent research-based book The Rational Optimist for factual proof that the world is getting steadily better all the time.

It will play out according to your beliefs, so choose your beliefs.

Here's the original audio (just stream it) that inspired this article:
Lola Jones Audio - Cutting Thru the Spiritual Crap
I'll keep adding more myths to the list!

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Dear Lola, thank you so much for holding the vision and the space to help us create such a wonderful segment of time together. We will all keep folding it in for a long time to come. Thanks, Dawn B-P Vancouver, BC

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