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Begin with Portal 1 Online and the book Things Are Going Great In My Absence, even if you're advanced.

Divine Openings is delightfully different from everything you've done. Portal 1 lays a unique foundation you haven't seen anywhere else (unless they used pieces of Divine Openings,) and you wouldn't want to miss a single step of this wonderful journey.

Hundreds of hours of text, multi-media, audios, and videos keep you engaged and focused as this whole new era in your life unfolds.

The steady support is vital for most people as they develop and sustain new habits. The rest of the world may pull you in unproductive directions.

best classic spiritual bookNOW you get the Audio Book FREE: The audio book of Lola reading the foundational book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence (sells for $47) is FREE with purchase of the Portal 1 Online Course!

That's 13 hours of direct attunement from Lola's voice vibration. We're always giving you MORE!

Enjoy this online retreat at your own pace, whenever it's convenient for you, right at home, in your car, while exercising or doing chores. We give you the steps and how to's to change your life, plus you get that Grace boost that does a lot of the work for you.

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If you love using your phone or pad, just put the book audios on it for months of listening and practical application to your life's  desires and challenges. 

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"One of the things so original and unique about Divine Openings is the recorded sessions. If you've ever taken a Divine Openings course, you know how incredibly valuable the session audio recordings are. They helped me lift my vibration on a steady climb." Donna Wetterstrand, Canada

"Lola, Sometimes I am frustrated and think, I can’t do it, I am way too far away from being enlightened and really who I am. But when I listen to one of the great audios in one of the online courses, I always feel soothed by the energy and you sharing some story from your own life experience. I was absolutely surprised sometimes that you have been at some “places” where I have been too, and you have come sooo far along the way! This soothes me so much, and it gives me confidence that I can achieve a lot more than I might think sometimes. I am very curious where my large self will lead me to, and once again, am so thankful that it brought me to you and Divine Openings! Thank you!" Much love from Germany, Catrin

"In the Portal 1 online retreat I gazed at the photos, and absolutely blissed out for hours after a really bad beginning for the day. I went from the bottom of the Instrument Panel right to the top. I'm not quite understanding how it works, but I'll take it!" Anya, New York

7 minute audio - Why She Needed TheOnline Course to Get Through Deep Resistances in Her Life

Get the Course with the NEW updated 2018 paperback AND audio book!

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Have the NEW updated 2018 paperback book already?
This course just includes just the audio book.

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If Law of Attraction has frustrated you, and manifesting the life you want has been elusive or only partially successful, take the Portal 1 Online Retreat, and begin NOW to get rapid practical life results in relationships, money, body, health, career, mind and emotions--and more--anything you want, you can have.

Beyond Law of Attraction.
With Divine Openings the mystery turns to mastery.


Enjoy life instead of merely chasing happiness and working on yourself.

"The online courses helped me change my life far beyond what I expected. Divine Openings is the best thing I've ever done, and it seemed like I had done every spiritual and personal development program out there." David, Ohio

Instant access soon as you register--start right now! It's all here to watch, listen, and soak up the energy from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Do you like videos more than reading? Watching them is like being "live with Lola." Or you can listen to the videos as well as the audios as you work, play, or do chores.

Do you absorb energy and information more by listening? Download all the audios to your phone and listen as you drive, walk, clean house, or exercise!

A recent Gallup-Healthways poll ranked people's life satisfaction as "thriving," "struggling," or "suffering". This course along with the book takes people from suffering and struggle to thriving.

One of the first things that happens with Divine Openings is that suffering stops, and before too long you're in the flow instead of struggling. Soon you're thriving.

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Now you can get off the hamster wheel of endless seeking and processing.


If you're clear, don't wait. Life gets distracting, so don't miss this precious pivotal moment. No one ever says they wish they'd waited to do Divine Openings or thought about it more before they began. Everyone says they wish they'd known about it earlier and started years ago.

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Portal 1 Self-Paced Online Retreat
"It's wonderful, almost like being live with Lola, you can feel the energy so powerfully." Mark R, New York

NEW! We're here to answer your questions about courses and retreats. Call Lola's assistant, Cara, at 1-805-775-6591. If you're international, leave a message and she will return your call. If you have a MagicJack phone, your call is toll free!

Or email: admin@lolajones.com
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best classic spiritual bookRegister for Portal 1 with the required book Things Are Going Great In My Absence (in English.) Book ships free anywhere with course purchase. It's safe!

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If you need it, there's more info:

Below, an interview with Donna Wetterstrand, former Divine Openings Mentor, who recounts how the online courses kept her supported, focused, and on track until she attained the amazing life she now has.


You vibrate higher each time you visit and watch, read, experience, and listen, or just bathe in this vortex of Grace. The energy of this course entrains you until you can hold that higher vibration consistently yourself. It keeps you on track until form new habits of thinking, feeling, and vibrating. And it's a true joy, not work.

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Lola Jones, creator of Divine Openings and its online courses, is a lightning bolt of awakening and deeper enlightenment, and it comes through tangibly in these online courses--all of the pages, audios, and videos in the courses emanate a powerful Grace. Some can feel it from the moment they arrive on this site--others open to it over time.

Lola works with truly committed people in the Non-Physical while they're in these courses. Not everyone has such intense experiences, but the following IS happening inside of you, opening you up, even when you can't perceive it:

"I got the book a week ago.. then Portal 1... then this evening I listened to a Lola audio... At the end of the call she gave the woman a Divine Opening.... well... across the country that Divine Opening hit me as well. All the sudden my arms shot up and palms facing each other and a purple light flooded my field of vision against my closed eyelids. I watched in amazement as a vortex of purple, violet, lavender, royal blue swirled and swirled and a force pulsed between my hands. The top of my head felt like it opened to receive the spinning energy. It was wild. The whole time my Small Self with its little jibber jabber mind kept going....  I had to laugh as the Large Self Download kept spinning while my mind clung to all its little mundane cares and concerns. For 10 to 30 minutes I truly got it .... where the power really is. Then my hands dropped on my chest, over my heart and I slept for an hour. Had to share. Lola says she doesn't expect Faith, Trust or Hope because she delivers "the experience of who each of us really is" for those of us willing to do the 10% and get out of the way and let Grace Let Down a Shower of Purple Rain."    Katherine L

"Love you all and all you have to share - it fills my soul. I have taken all the courses and now bouncing in and out of 1, 2 and JTM as the new content and fresh energy is added. I listen to the audios on the train and at work. So many treasures in all the courses. Divine Openings just keeps giving more! I had a dream that Lola gave me real Angel Wings with Hearts on the tips. Lots of residuals coming in with lots of happy people in my life. I love the peaceful calm of the presence that surrounds me with love and joy of each moment in my life. If I get off a bit I can go back there very quickly now. I am going to the retreat in July as a gift to myself to be with me! ;) My honeymoon with the Divine!"    ~ K. McGrath

online spiritual coursesShort videos like the one above, and scores of long, in-depth videos recorded in live courses give you hundreds of hours of awakening, expansion, and Grace infusion. Lola's teaching awakens you to your own power and deepens your ability to intimately know and be guided by your own Large Self.

In the old paradigm we thought earning, studying, and striving were necessary. The aspirants of old abandoned normal lives and toiled for decades towards enlightenment until one day the master smiled and touched their forehead, and without any effort, they were struck by a bolt of enlightenment, the effortless bliss of Divine Grace. You can't even earn enlightenment, but Grace can give it in a flash. This course guides you to the receptivity that allows that to happen.

Divine Openings™ gives that Grace much faster, because this is the new paradigm where it's possible NOW--not just in this lifetime--in this year. You can have spiritual bliss and live successfully in this physical world. You can live more as your Larger Self that is wiser and more expansive than your limited human self.  Be more fully, compassionately human, and quickly come to love yourself even in your "perfect imperfection.

You don't have to travel to exotic India, Sedona, or Peru to receive this powerful Grace. Divine Openings works in your life much faster than any personal development, Law of Attraction, and spiritual healing you've done. The online retreat courses accelerate and stabilize you in your spiritual development, supporting you in holding a higher and higher vibration until you can hold it and continue the momentum yourself.


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What's included in the Portal 1 Self-Paced Online Retreat?

Leading edge personal and spiritual development, practical step-by-step processes, useful tools, scores of videos, audios, illustrations to bring the concepts alive, and powerful new information that's not in the book. Divine Openings are given in each module.

It begins the moment you register. People in over 139 countries (we lost count) enjoy this 14 module, multi-media Online Retreat - next best thing to being here at a live retreat. The power comes through in Lola's voice in the audios recorded in live sessions with real people--because the power was on and flowing fully. People often say it feels like Lola is speaking directly to YOU because she's speaking universal truths from Source, with her signature warmth, love, intuition, and humor!

Get support and coaching from on the exclusive Member Forum, and meet like-minded people the world over.


Now you can be done with perpetual
spiritual healing, 
processing, therapy, and work--
and LIVE the life you've been seeking NOW.


Register above.

Don't let the low tuition mislead you. This may be the most powerful personal or spiritual development course series you ever take, taking you beyond spiritual healing, therapy, and "working on yourself" --setting you on a permanent path of joy. People tell us they can't believe how much value you get in this retreat. We want it accessible to everyone, not just the few who can afford an expensive program.

Many find a year's expansion in this voluminous material and the energy in it, then they often come back and get more later as we update it.

Money is a useful and universally accepted form of "appreciation" for what you receive. If you add emotional appreciation to anything you purchase anywhere, you receive even more benefit, and money becomes a willing and joyful exchange of value rather than a scarcity.

New in the Portal 1 Online Retreat!

  • Daily 1-minute inspirational videos and scores of full length videos made in live courses by Lola.

  • In addition to the scores of audios by Lola, we now include powerful recorded audio sessions with our miracle-working Divine Openings Guides!

  • Get your free ebook sampler of Lola's Portal 2  book, Living Large inside the Portal 1 online course.

  • We're always adding fresh new things. We really do believe in continual evolution, but NOT hard work and toil on the spiritual journey. You'll learn and live that distinction in this course.

Refund & payment policy, terms of membership- your registration assumes your agreement.


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Commit to a change, then something magical CAN happen.

Register above.

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COURSE SEQUENCE ... when you're ready for your next level:

  • Portal 1 Online: Awakening to what is real (the end of suffering). Read the book Things Are Going Great In My Absence with it. It's not your old paradigm spiritual healing. It puts the power back in your hands.
  • Portal 2 Online: Ease and Flow as you create in your world. Once you're out of suffering from Portal 1, a whole new world of choices opens up, and life is more about play and creation rather than putting out fires and reacting to old creations you didn't want. At left is Lola out enjoying life--so much more fun than seeking and working on yourself or getting sessions and being dependent on someone for spiritual and personal healing and growth! Read about Portal 2 and its companion book Watch Where You Point That Thing, and anticipate where you're headed!  Register or Learn about
  • Portal 3 Online: 21 Days of Deepening - Daily quick, powerful boosts.
  • Portal 4 - Jumping The Matrix - Beyond normal reality. In this retreat, we delve more deeply into shaping your reality, even visiting other dimensions and alternate you's. We cultivate the habit of using money as appreciation, money becomes a joyful, fun game, and scarcity disappears.  Read about JTM Register or Learn about
  • Portal 5 - Mastery

People tell us that after they experience Divine Openings for a while, it's no longer about speed or getting anywhere, it's all about the pleasure of endless movement and expansion, and they hope the course sequence never ends! Even when it does they go back to experience it with larger pipes, and find new things there that they weren't ready to let in before.

All the other courses are optional and for specific interests.


What will the courses do for me?
You can transform virtually any area of your life: love, money, health, family, happiness, self-esteem, career fulfillment, spiritual growth, manifesting, discovering new gifts and talents. Abuse, issues, and limitations dissolve.

How soon do changes show up? Most people start to notice significant changes in a few weeks. Others who are less consistent in their focus may take months to see results. Your level of commitment is key, but there is never any hard work.

How long does each course last? They are all self-paced, available 24/7 at your convenience. You could take from 6 months to a year for each course. Lola adds fresh new leading-edge materials regularly at no extra tuition to you. You can review each course years later for a refresher. Your course membership is for life as long as you remain active.

How hard do I have to work at it? Grace truly does 90% of the work. You do your 10%, enjoy the pleasurable practices, text, vast multi-media, audios, and videos. Simply stay the course. There is no hard work or processing at all.

What makes Divine Openings courses different? You'll feel a powerful energy as you effortlessly absorb the  many hours of audios and videos of Lola Jones teaching and counseling live. Astonishingly, you'll feel like she's speaking to YOU. Lola is Graced with the ability to catalyze real awakening and real results in your life, and guides you step-by-simple-step.

~ Okay, where do I begin? ~
Even "advanced" people begin with Portal 1 Online, because Divine Openings is completely unique. Portal 1 gives you an invaluable foundation that you will build on.



~ What is the Main Track? ~
The Main Course Track is the "Portals of Awakening 1 through 5." Each course gives you the Keys to move through that Portal.

Each course Portal vibrates and attunes you to a higher frequency. Portal 1 moves you out of suffering and struggle. Portal 2 moves you into living in ease and flow, and so on.

So many tell us these online courses kept them steady and on track  as they awakened, stabilized, and navigated the obstacles on the home stretch to stability and spiritual maturity.

For any level:
The Art Of Love And Sex: Learn more, register
1st Aid For Special Topics: Learn more, register

  What Divine Openings does for you in general, and how it works:

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