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Lola has guided people in 150+ countries to better lives. How? Through live webinars and abundant audios/videos of past webinars in this online course. Many months of thrilling evolution. Experience the changes as Lola guides you step-by-step. Register for Portal 1 or save a lot with the 5-Portal Lifetime Package.

things are going great in my absence


Your Divine Openings adventure always begins with Portal 1 Online, because Portal 1 lays a unique, solid, comprehensive foundation you haven’t seen anywhere else unless they used pieces of Divine Openings. This is the only place you can find it complete and undiluted. 

Portal 1 lights you up with live interactive webinars with Lola. While other courses give you a handful of videos/audios, we give you hundreds! Enjoy less reading, more ease. Improve your life in measurable ways in the comfort and safety of home. Interact on the Forum with kindred spirits. Ask questions, share, get a Divine Openings buddy.

Get lots more details below, or dive on in and get started on your new life right now!

Nobody ever says they wish they had waited to start.
They wish they'd found it decades ago.


Two ways to start the Portals of Awakening Online

lifetime of spiritual growth


Save a lot if you order all 5 portals together

This lifetime of evolution costs less than a few months of old-school therapy. You get all 5 Portals of Awakening online courses, and live webinars with Lola, for life! BONUSES: both foundational books, audio book, and the Diving In Set. Lola updates and adds often, but there's no additional cost for that to you once you're in. All you need to keep evolving for life. Separate value over $ 6500. Invest in yourself and lock in your tuition at $1600.00. Or learn more.

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Everyone says they wish they had started earlier

Enter a revolutionary vortex of light and intelligence you haven’t experienced anywhere else. Live webinars with Lola guide you to end suffering and seeking, claim authorship of your reality, and even raise a high vibration to new heights. Hundreds of audios and videos keep you happily uplifted and rising in vibration for a year. Includes BONUSES: the foundational book, Things Are Going Great in paperback (not for Germany), and the audio book, Diving In Audio Set, and more! The world may pull you in unproductive directions -- Divine Openings always brings you home.

For less than a couple of old-school sessions you can have a year of evolution! Only $339

Add Portal 1 to cart $339

Your commitment, plus consistent focus and appreciation, sets powerful energies in motion.
Begin your transformation now, or read on for lots more details.

"The online courses kept me focused till I got it."

You know how distracting life is! How much "stuff" there is out there clamoring for your attention. And much of it is not high vibe.

So many people tell us the online courses kept them supported, focused, and on track until they attained the amazing life they now have. You vibrate higher each time you bathe in the vortex of high vibration that Lola creates. The energy of this course entrains you until you can hold that higher vibration consistently yourself. It keeps you on track while you stabilize in your new habits of thinking, feeling, and vibrating. It's enjoyment, not work.

Steady immersion, focus, and support

To get those big results you read about -- the miracles, the bliss, the ease? No hard work is needed---just light, enjoyable focus. All you need is here. Live webinars; hundreds of hours of text; multi-media; audios and videos from past live webinars. Portal 1 keeps you actively engaged as a glorious new era unfolds in your life. Then it supports you as you stabilize in the new reality. FREE BONUS GIFTS: You get the English paperback Things Are Going Great In My Absence, free shipping; audio book of Things Are Going Great In My Absence; and the Diving In Audio/Video Set!

7 minute audio rave: Why She Needed the Online Course to Get Through Deep Resistances


The live webinars with Lola are alone worth hundreds per year. And remember, your membership is for life. Plus you get the practical step-by-step processes, useful tools that actually work with ease, scores of videos, audios, illustrations to bring the concepts alive, and powerful new information that’s not in the book. Divine Openings special enlightenment initiations are given in each module.

It begins the moment you register. Lola's powerful energy comes through in the audios and videos. People often say it feels like Lola is speaking directly to YOU because she’s speaking universal truths from Source, with her signature warmth, love, intuition, and humor!

Get support and coaching from on the exclusive Member Forum, and meet like-minded people the world over.

Seriously, no one says they wish they'd procrastinated longer. Everyone says they wish they'd done this decades ago.

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divine openings raves


"One of the things so original and unique about Divine Openings is the recorded sessions. If you've ever taken a Divine Openings course, you know how incredibly valuable the session audio recordings are. They helped me lift my vibration on a steady climb. I have been having so much fun with what I'm calling money magic these days... money coming out of nowhere."


"In the Portal 1 online retreat I gazed at the photos, and absolutely blissed out for hours, even after a really bad beginning for the day. I went from the bottom of the Instrument Panel right to the top. I'm not quite understanding how Grace works, but I'll take it!" 

spiritual retreat reviews california

"Thank God I registered for Portal 4. A complete turnaround in my relationship! Once I got in tune with my Large Self I just naturally started attracting him rather than chasing him. I valued myself and that brought him closer to me. I wasn't looking for him to complete me. I am complete!"

1111 and Divine Openings frees you

"I can't thank you enough for the amazing spiritual experiences I'm having since I discovered your website. And severe menstrual pain and fibroids of 5 years.....gone now."

retreat review

"The online courses helped me change my life far beyond what I expected any online course could do. Lola, your energy really does come right out of the page. Divine Openings is the best thing I've ever done, and it seemed like I had done every spiritual and personal development program out there."

retreat group California

"It's wonderful doing the online courses, almost like being live with Lola, you can feel the energy so powerfully. I never knew spiritual development could be so easy. I had a deeply ingrained belief from my Buddhist background that it had to be hard, and that I had to suffer and sacrifice. So glad that's not true."

Lola Jones mastery online course

"I listened to an audio where Lola gave a woman a Divine Opening; across the country that Divine Opening hit me too. A vortex of purple, violet, lavender, royal blue swirled and swirled behind my closed eyelids. A force pulsed between my hands. The top of my head opened to receive it. Wild. I laughed as the Large Self Download kept spinning while my mind clung to all its little mundane cares and concerns. For 10--30 minutes I truly got where the power really is. Lola says she doesn't expect Faith, she delivers "the experience" for those of us willing to do our 10% and get out of the way and let Grace shower Purple Rain."

audio book

"Love you all and it fills my soul. I've taken all the courses; now bouncing in and out of Portals 1, 2 and 4 as the new content and fresh energy is added. I listen to the audios on the train and at work. So many treasures in all the courses. Divine Openings just keeps giving more! I had a dream that Lola gave me real Angel Wings with Hearts on the tips. Lots of residuals coming in, lots of happy people in my life, peaceful calm of the Presence surrounds me with love and joy of each moment. If I get off a bit I can go back there very quickly now."

spiritual mentor guide

"Lola, Sometimes I am frustrated and think I am way too far away from being enlightened. But when I listen to audios in the online courses, I always feel soothed by the energy, and you sharing some story from your own life experience. I was surprised that you have been at some “places” where I have been too, and you have come so far along the way! This gives me confidence that I can achieve a lot more than I might think sometimes. I am very curious where my Large Self will lead me to, and thankful it brought me to you and Divine Openings!"

Frequently asked questions

What makes Divine Openings Portal 1 Online different?
  • This isn't just a "self-help" program--this is a Grace-assisted program.
  • You don't have to do it all yourself. You only do your 10%, Grace does 90%.
  • Lola has a profound gift to invoke Grace.
  • The Divine Openings that Lola gives you literally work on you.
  • Many people actually feel the energy moving through them, transmuting old lower vibrations to higher vibrations.
  • Your spiritual growth accelerates, AND things get better in your everyday life!
What does Portal 1 online do?
  • Bathes you in Grace.
  • Immerses you in multi-sensory learning--beyond what the book can do.
  • Keeps you engaged, active, and excited so you absorb and retain the revolutionary foundational principles.
  • Guides you step by step to create or transform virtually anything in your life: love, money, health, family, inner and outer peace, happiness, self-esteem, career, fulfillment, intuition, spiritual depth, manifesting, awakening new gifts and talents.
  • Even decades-old issues, hurts, abuse, and limitations dissolve.
How soon do the changes happen in my life?
  • Most new people begin to notice changes in how they feel and vibrate in a few weeks.
  • Physical manifestations follow when your elevations stabilize.
  • Those who are less consistent may take months to see results, and high resistance can delay you a year, but that's still fast!
How long does each course last?
  • Go at your own pace. Log on anytime, 24/7, at your convenience.
  • You could enjoy from 6 months to a year in each Portal, and most review them later.
  • Your course membership is for life as long as you remain active on the site.
How hard do I have to work at it?
  • Enjoyment, focus, and commitment helps--hard work does not.
  • Takes no extra time. You replace old unproductive thoughts, emotions, and habits with new ones that work.
  • Simply immerse in the pleasurable practices, activities, audios, videos, and text.
  • Grace truly does 90% of the work. Just do your 10% and progress happens.
  • Lola guides you step-by-step, just flow gently along with it.
May I skip to a later Portal? I'm advanced.
  • Even "advanced" people begin with Portal 1 Online because the crucial foundation you'll build on isn't found anywhere else.
  • You don't want to miss a single thing! You'll be surprised at the results.
Can I get a free trial?
  • Yes! - You may preview bits of Portal 1--Module 1.
  • Note: the energy is even more impactful than the words,.
  • It takes some time and immersion to get the big results you read about, and we are committed to you getting those.
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If Law of Attraction hasn't worked for you

If Law of Attraction hasn't helped you manifest the life you want, take the Portal 1 Online Retreat, and begin NOW to get rapid practical life results in relationships, money, body, health, career, mind and emotions--and more; anything you your heart truly desires, you can have.

Divine Openings works in your life much faster than any personal development, Law of Attraction, and spiritual healing you've done, because it's not self-help, it's Divine Help.

Beyond Law of Attraction.
With Divine Openings the mystery turns to mastery.

get off the hamster wheel of endless spiritual seeking

Are you thriving, struggling, or suffering?

A recent Gallup-Healthways poll ranked people's life satisfaction as "thriving," "struggling," or "suffering". With Divine Openings  struggling and suffering stops, and soon you're in the flow and thriving.

Now you can get off the hamster wheel of endless seeking and processing, and enjoy life instead of merely chasing happiness and working on yourself.

Instant access soon as you register--you can start right now! Soak up the energy from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Do you like videos more than reading?

Our videos feel like being "live with Lola." They feel targeted to you. Stream the videos and audios, as you work, play, exercise, or do chores. Do you absorb better by listening? Download all the audios to your phone!

No one says "I wish I'd thought about it more before getting started." Everyone says they wish they'd found it earlier and started years ago. This is a precious pivotal moment. Don't wait.
Register for the Lifetime Package and never have to buy another Portal even as Lola continues to add material.
Register for Portal 1  

feminine essence

Lola Jones, creator of Divine Openings

Lola is a lightning bolt of awakening and enlightenment-deepening energy. You can feel it in the online courses; every page, every audio and video emanates a powerful Grace. Many feel it from the moment they arrive on this site--others open to sensing energy more and more over time.

Lola works with you in the Non-Physical when you're in these courses. The Divine Openings path works when you enjoy it and put one foot in front of the other, because Grace does most of the work for you. Just say yes and let it in.


Lola's teaching awakens you to your own power

and deepens your ability to intimately know and be guided by your own Large Self.

In the old paradigm we thought earning, studying, and striving were necessary. The aspirants of old abandoned normal lives and toiled for decades towards enlightenment until one day the master smiled and touched their forehead, and without any effort, they were struck by a bolt of enlightenment, the effortless bliss of Divine Grace. This course guides you to the receptivity that allows that to happen.

Divine Openings™ gives that Grace much faster, because this is the new paradigm where it's possible NOW--not just in this lifetime--in this year. You can have spiritual bliss and live successfully in this physical world.

You don't have to travel to exotic India, Sedona, or Peru to receive this powerful Grace. The online retreat courses accelerate and stabilize you in your spiritual development, supporting you in holding a higher and higher vibration until you can hold it and continue the momentum yourself.

Take a free life inventory--clarify what's possible

See where you want to grow and improve. Print it out and file it. Then you can come back later and celebrate how far you've come.

Don't let the low tuition mislead you. People tell us they can't believe how much life-change, how much value they got in Portal 1. This may be the most powerful personal or spiritual development course series you ever take, taking you beyond spiritual healing, therapy, and "working on yourself",  setting you on a permanent path of joy. We keep it affordable and accessible to everyone, right there in your home 24/7.

Money is a useful and universally accepted form of "appreciation" for the good you receive. If you add emotional appreciation to everything you purchase you receive even more benefit. Money soon becomes a joyful exchange of value.

Take a Life Inventory - Identify where you are, clarify where you want to go.


If you're curious what's after Portal 1

  • Portal 1 Online: The Foundation. You begin awakening to what is real. You get the foundational book Things Are Going Great In My Absence with it. It's not your old paradigm spiritual healing. It puts the power back in your hands.
  • Portal 2 Online: Ease and Flow as you create in your world. Once you're mostly out of suffering, a whole new world of choices opens up, and life is more about play and creation rather than reacting. Enjoying life is so much more fun than seeking and working on yourself or getting sessions and being dependent on someone for spiritual and personal healing and growth. Portal 2 and its companion book Watch Where You Point That Thing get you surfing life.
  • Portal 3 Online: 21 Days of Deepening - Daily quick, powerful boosts.
  • Portal 4 - Jumping The Matrix - Beyond normal reality. In this retreat, we delve more deeply into shaping your reality, even visiting other dimensions and alternate you's. We cultivate the habit of using money as appreciation, money becomes a joyful, fun game, and scarcity disappears. 
  • Portal 5 - Mastery - By the time you get here you'll look back and marvel. It will seem like a different reality.

People tell us that after they experience Divine Openings for a while, it's no longer about speed or getting anywhere, it's all about the pleasure of endless movement and expansion, and they hope the course sequence never ends!

Then they come back after living into it for a while, to experience it with larger pipes. They find "new" things there that they weren't ready to let in before.

Or Lola has created fresh new material at no extra cost to them. Once you buy a course you get the updates for life!

All the other courses are optional and for specific interests.

Have more questions?

For questions about courses or retreats:

  • Email OR
  • 1-619 -722-6369 (this is California, Pacific time.) International callers leaving a message please say your country code, and your time zone, so we can return your call at a proper time.

For customer service, help with login, course access, website, etc:

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