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Reduce resistance with yes for spiritual enlightenment in daily life

Master the Power of Yes!

When I'm working with my assistant we laugh and talk... and get a lot of work done!

We just say YES to everything. I say it out loud. If I'm mad I say YES to it. If I'm anxious, scared, or sad I say YES to it. If I can't sleep I say YES to it (pump your fist to emphasize the power of YES.) I don't fight it or resist it, and things shift really fast. It's a lot like the Diving In process, but shorter! It's brilliant.

If you've at least read the book you can begin to pull off what we're saying. Knowing something and being able to do it are two different things, and reading the book gives you the Grace boost and takes you through the experiences and the opening of the pipes to be able to do things you simply couldn't do before. If you've read it five times, read it again--you'll get better every time. We promise. It works on you.

When I was selling a house in Texas and buying one in California, YES was helpful in the house sale negotiations too. I never said, "NO, I won't do that" when someone made an offer. That creates a dead end and fosters conflict. I'd say, "I can do this....."

The first offer one couple made was so ridiculously low, my first thought was, "NO %@#&*# WAY!!!" but by acting from my Large Self at each step, and making a game out of never saying no, I never said no one time throughout the extensive successful negotiations. I've stayed can-do focused, and always said, "I'm happy to give this," or "YES, I know you want a really great deal, and let's make this a win/win for both of us."

Try saying YES to your teens, your boss,
your lover, your neighbor.

YES, I hear how you feel.
YES, I get what you want.
YES, I see your point of view.
YES, I want to work this out.
YES, something is possible.

Saying YES and meaning it creates chemical changes in your body that promote cooperation rather than conflict--ease rather than resistance.

Be a YES in your life.
It works on you as well as other people, and the world.


Lola Jones spiritual author

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