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Supplemental Courses for Special Focus

"First Aid" Retreats For Special Life Situations

Do you want to change your whole life? First Aid is not the place to begin for that: take the comprehensive Portal 1 Online Course with book, and get off the hamster wheel of working on yourself.

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Get Fast, Focused, Spiritual and Practical Help on Special Topics

When to Add a First Aid Course to your Personal and Spiritual Development Journey

  1. First Aid is not the place to begin Divine Openings.
  2. First Aid courses are best when you've already completed the book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, and at least Portal 1 Online, and there's still a specific area of life that's in crisis. Prioritize the 5 Portals first. They give the foundation you need.
  3. If you're not familiar with how Divine Openings generally works, first see our Home page.
  4. Things Are Going Great In My Absence, the foundational book, is required reading for all courses. You need the foundation the book provides for the First Aid course to work.
  5. If you can only afford one small thing, read the foundational book first, not a First Aid.

For most people Portal 1 handles the issues that First Aids address. First Aids are only for those who need extra help on tough subjects. Ask yourself:

  • Have you done many other spiritual healing, courses and books but only got partial results?
  • Tired of working on yourself all the time?
  • Need help getting off the spiritual healing treadmill and actually see some real change?
  • Want to turn your spiritual enlightenment into practical results in all areas of your life?
  • Will you want personal attention and support on the member forum? You only get that with the Portals, not First Aids.
  • If you answered yes to some or most of the above, First Aid is not the place to begin.
  • Take Portal 1 Online with the foundational book to get the essentials first.

Then if there's still a stubborn area you want to focus on, take a First Aid for that topic after Portal 1 if it's even still an issue!

Here's when to do a First Aid: having, for example, a money crisis but everything else is great? Need tools for managing your mind? Want straightforward, step by step Action Plans to apply your spiritual enlightenment to a specific challenge? Resistance is high in one department of your life, and you don't know what to do about it?
ADD a First Aid course.

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Register for a First Aid Course

PREREQUISITES -- If you've read the book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, and are in Portal 1 Online, you may register for a First Aid:
  • 1st Aid Money Online Course - The most in depth of all the 1st Aid courses. Includes 11 (soon to be 14) live webinar videos/audios from Money Plenty webinars live with Lola. Text is English, most videos are English/German. $229
    Learn more about the 1st Aid Money Course

  • Health, Healing - English text, tons of NEW German/English videos, audios. Learn more. $179  ADD TO CART
  • Free from Addiction - English/Deutsch $49  ADD TO CART
  • Over-Analytical Minds find Peace - English/Deutsch $49  ADD TO CART
  • Freedom from Depression or Anxiety - English/Deutsch $49  ADD TO CART
  • For Parents About Children - English only $49  ADD TO CART
  • Great Relationships - English only. Any type, romantic, friends, and family $49  ADD TO CART
  • High Vibration Divorce - English only $49  ADD TO CART
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