A Lifetime of Spiritual Growth

You are Guided on a Clear Path Through Five Portals

Begin with Portal 1 for spiritual bliss and practical life progress.

If you've already taken Portal 1 (or all 5 Portals) see other choices below.

"Dear Lola, I love the being that you are! I am constantly amazed when listening to or watching you... the words you express always seem sooooo very inspired. I feel immensely blessed that I bought these courses years and years ago, and yet there is always new material and higher vibrations that you very generously share ongoing! They really, really are the gift that keeps on giving." Much love and appreciation, Grace G

"I’m not sure if you remember back when I first emailed you, I was concerned that I read the book and took in Divine Openings too fast. You assured me all will be fine and read it again, slowly. So I did. And then again a third time. From that deep depression/suicide state, I believe it was easy to get “out of the way” as I truly had the mindset of “nothing to lose.” I literally was fully open to let go and receive. However, the online course is a whole new ballgame - just when ya think you can’t get any more.... OH MY! :)" Julianne

Main Track - the 5 Portals

Relax and enjoy as each course attunes you to a higher vibration:
Portal 1 - The Foundation
Portal 2 - Living in Ease and Flow
Portal 3 - 21 Days of Deepening (formerly called 21 Days of Awakening: Assimilate and Celebrate)
Portal 4 - Jumping the Matrix 
Portal 5 - Mastery

Courses you can take anytime, in any order:

Courses for those registered for the 5 Day Retreat:

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Why Divine Openings Online Courses?

What do the online courses do?

  • Ground you in foundational principles that work in every area of your life.
  • Engage, activate, and excite you, so you stick with it until you open, stabilize, and mature spiritually.
  • Your inner GPS turns on, guidance is clearer, intuition blossoms.
  • Guide you to create or improve virtually anything: love, money, health, family, inner and outer peace, happiness, self-esteem, career, fulfillment, spiritual depth, manifesting, intuition, direct guidance, awaken new gifts and talents, and more.
  • Old issues, hurts, abuse, and self-imposed limitations dissolve.
  • Eventually you know yourself as one with The Divine.

How soon do changes happen in my life?

  • Most people experience significant changes in their outlook in a few weeks.
  • Those less committed or more resistant may take months to see results.
  • Physical world changes occur after your vibration rises and stabilizes.

How long does each course last?

  • Set your own pace. They're available 24/7 at your convenience.
  • You could take from 5 months to a year for each course.
  • Lola adds fresh new leading-edge materials regularly, at no extra charge! Your course membership is for life (as long as you remain active on the site.)

How hard do I have to work at it?

  • Grace truly does 90% of the work. Just do your 10% and magic happens.
  • No hard work or processing.
  • Simply enjoy the pleasurable practices, activities, audios, videos, and text.  
  • You're simply replacing old lower vibration thoughts, emotions, and habits that didn't work with new higher vibration ones, so it takes no "extra" time.

What makes Divine Openings courses different?

  • Not only does your spiritual growth accelerate--things get better in your real life!
  • You get a boost: Lola is Graced with a profound gift to catalyze transformation.
  • The Divine Openings Lola gives you literally work on you.
  • Most actually feel the energy as they flow through the experiences.
  • Lola guides you step-by-step, and one day you suddenly realize, "I've got this! It's working!"

Where do I begin?

Even "advanced" people begin with Portal 1 Online, because Divine Openings is completely unique. Portal 1 gives you an invaluable foundation that you will build on. Learn more, REGISTER NOW!

What do people say about the online courses?

"I have been having so much fun with what I'm calling money magic these days... money coming out of nowhere." Jenenne, Los Angeles

"One of the things so original and unique about Divine Openings is the recorded sessions. If you've ever taken a Divine Openings course, you know how incredibly valuable the session audio recordings are. They helped me lift my vibration on a steady climb out of depression and despair to pretty constant bliss." Donna Wetterstrand, Canada

"In the Portal 1 online retreat I gazed at the photos, and absolutely blissed out for hours after a really bad beginning for the day. I went from the bottom of the Instrument Panel right to the top. I'm not quite understanding how it works, but I'll take it!" Anya, New York

"Lola, Sometimes I am frustrated and think, I can’t do it, I am way too far away from being enlightened and really who I am. But when I listen to one of the great audios in one of the online courses, I always feel soothed by the energy and you sharing some story from your own life experience. I was absolutely surprised sometimes that you have been at some “places” where I have been too, and you have come sooo far along the way! This soothes me so much, and it gives me confidence that I can achieve a lot more than I might think sometimes. I am very curious where my Large Self will lead me to, and once again, am so thankful that it brought me to you and Divine Openings! Thank you!" Much love from Germany, Catrin
"Severe menstrual pain and fibroids of 5 years.....gone now." Jeannie, Seattle, Washington
"Thank God I registered for Portal 4. A complete turnaround in my relationship!" Jody, San Antonio, Texas (they've been happily married for many years now)
"I can't thank you enough for the amazing spiritual experiences I'm having since I discovered your website." Marcia, Utah 

Thousands more testimonials


What is the Hamster Wheel of Seeking?

If you're a long time seeker, you know the feeling of working on yourself and processing forever, and still not being happy or free. With Divine Openings you get OFF the Hamster Wheel of Seeking and stop working hard. You start enjoying life NOW. A bright new world opens up.

The hard work is over. The over-seriousness is over. Divine Openings courses are soul-lifting, stimulating, and deep. Divine Openings works on your entire life, so you do not process individual issues. Get ready for more lightness, bliss, and laughter.

What do I actually do in each course?

You watch, listen, and enjoy. You let the sounds and visuals wash over you and let The Divine do the heavy lifting. You do your 10% by enjoying some simple exercises to increase retention and help you apply it to your life.

For many years we've observed that those who get the big results immerse themselves in Divine Openings the materials. They lightly, mindfully practice it as they go about their normal daily lives. It takes no more time than what you're doing already--you just substitute new habits, thoughts, and feelings. You attune and retrain your mind to this consistent high vibration. We stimulate you with pleasant, entertaining repetition until it becomes effortless to you.

Portals 1 through 5 Online include access to our community Forum for sharing, friendship, and support.

No working! Just enjoy.

The Main Track: The 5 Portals of Awakening
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What is the "Main Track?"

The Main Course Track is the "Portals of Awakening 1 through 5." Each course gives you the Keys to move through that Portal.

Each course Portal vibrates and attunes you to a higher frequency. Portal 1 moves you out of suffering and struggle. Portal 2 moves you into living in ease and flow, and so on.

So many tell us these online courses kept them steady and on track  as they awakened, stabilized, and navigated the obstacles on the home stretch to stability and spiritual maturity.

~ Portal 1 - The Foundation

best classic spiritual bookNew visitors, begin here! Even spiritually advanced people get enormous value from Portal 1 because Divine Openings is different. It's a revolutionary vortex of light and intelligence you haven't experienced anywhere else. Portal 1 gives you the foundational principles to transform your life. End suffering and seeking, or raise a high vibration to new heights.

Audio book of foundational book at left included FREE!
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"When I first started Divine Openings, I must have listened to each of Lola's hundreds of recorded audio sessions 5 times over... they soothed me, I learned from them, and they helped me lift my vibration from misery and despair on a slow and steady climb to happiness, self love, and stunning business success." Donna Wetterstrand, Canada

~ Portal 2 - Living in Ease and Flow

The new paradigm beyond "problem focus." Bliss that occurs naturally, without cause. Completely new material than Portal 1.
Learn more, REGISTER

"Divine Openings is totally my Harry Potter style magic wand, no joke!" Toggo, successful musician, Philadelphia and Los Angeles

Want to Speak to Someone?

Let us answer your questions about courses and retreats. Call Lola's assistant, Cara, at 1-805-755-6591 and she will ask Lola if she can't answer it. If you're international, leave a message and she will return your call. If you have a MagicJack phone, your call is toll free!

Or email: admin@lolajones.com
To be sure you get our reply: add us to your address book, check your spam filter, whitelist this email. Find whitelisting instructions here.

~ Portal 3 - 21 Days of Deepening

Twenty one short modules for quick, easy daily tuneups. Formerly called 21 Days of Awakening, it can be done over months if you prefer, but 21 straight days will have you soaring. Integrate, expand, evolve easier than ever before, and get primed for a powerful quantum leap when you move to Portal 4, Jumping the Matrix.
Register, learn more

"Dear Lola, Divine Openings has changed our life. We surf the waves and rave about what we are blessed with. Isn’t life just wonderful! I want you to have yesterday’s foto where we overlook Lake Constance from our little weekend-home up in the mountains." Love, Anita and Uli Kriz, Austria

~ Portal 4 - Jumping the Matrix (JTM)

27 modules to keep you evolving for years. We know few people who have finished JTM, because it's so rich and deep you tend to savor small sections as you apply it in your life. We add more leading edge material, and you go back and enjoy again at a deeper level. At this level, you never want it to end anyway. Register, learn more

"Having still 3 days left here in Bali and enjoying life while I am at module 6 of JTM. I have very very interesting experiences ha ha ha and for the first time I can constantly FEEL I am The Presence in a physical body." Sabine Faast, nurse, Germany

 ~ Portal 5 - Mastery

You don't have to finish Jumping the Matrix to register for Mastery (no one ever finishes JTM!) Register inside JTM, on the main JTM page. Learn about it, register

"I listened to an audio and absolutely blissed out for hours after a really bad beginning for the day. I'm not quite understanding how it works, but I'll take it!" Anya, New York

Spiritual Growth Personal Development Online Retreat Courses

Additional, Optional Courses, for those at any level:

~ Enlightened Business

Let us walk you with ease and pleasure through the practical steps to create more success, money, fulfillment, and fun in your existing business, or guide you in business or career--without sacrificing balance, happiness, and love in your life. In German too!
Register, learn more...

~ Mentoring Program or Certified Divine Openings Guide Training

Be mentored by Lola and another Mentor for a year, just for your own development, or to become a leading edge spiritual counselor or coach, a Divine Openings Guide. In German too!
Register, learn more...

~ The Art of Love and Sex, Tantra

Now newly updated, and almost completely In German too! If ecstatic sex isn't a key element of your spiritual life and relationship, what are you waiting for?
Register, take a free trial, learn more

~ Kundalini Joy and Pleasure Practices

Energize your body with movement, profoundly relaxing poses, body alignment, and experience deeper meditation. Try a sample video.
Register, learn more

~ The Eight First Aid Retreat Courses

Specific topics are covered in each of these quick help courses, for those who cannot yet afford a comprehensive course, or who need laser focused help for a particular crisis.
Learn more and register


Spiritual Enlightenment AND Practical Life Results


More Raves from our Students and Friends

"I am so excited, and it’s all down to Divine Openings, I cannot thank you enough for what you have helped me give back to me." Sally, UK (after her first publishing deal for her first two novels)"

"The biggest shift I have ever had, and it feels wonderful." Nikki, San Francisco

"Dear Divine Openings Family, God introduced me to Divine Openings in August 2012.  When I first came across Lola’s book Things are Going Great in My Absence in Abu Dhabi (UAE),  I was very resistant to buying the book because my first thought was I don’t want to be absent!! I want to know what to do and I (me, me me!) want to solve my relationship problems – now I know I can do this!" S 

spiritual online courses

"Dear Lola, Divine Openings has changed our life. We surf the waves and rave about what we are blessed with. Isn’t life just wonderful! I want you to have yesterday’s foto where we overlook Lake Constance from our little weekend-home up in the mountains." Love, Anita and Uli Kriz, Austria (they are now Divine Openings Guides giving sessions and classes in Austria)

"I wrote down the title of your book, and thought "when I finish the angel therapy book I was reading, I could buy it" (obviously in seeking mode then).  Indeed, a few weeks later, back in England, I felt the angel therapy book wasn’t doing it for me.  What I wanted seemed far-fetched and overall, things were NOT getting better.  As the thought "this angel book is not it" crossed my mind, the paper on which I had written Lola’s book title dropped from the book I was reading.  It seemed like a miracle that it did drop at that moment.  I read it as a sign and ordered it on Amazon

That night, before the arrival of the book, a lady with long, blonde hair appeared in my dreams and clearly said “You won’t need any other path.”   The book arrived and I realised it must have been Lola in my dream.  Within a week, I was at peace.  The weight of my relationship gone bad just seemed less important.  The peace and grace were overwhelming really.  Over time, things are getting better!  But my reason for sending this email is to celebrate my most recent development ...

Listening to one of the Portal 2 audios, I would say another miracle happened for me – Alleluia!  My ex has shifted big time without me having to work on him or convince him about anything.  I had resigned to the fact that my kids will live on the other side of the world until they are in their 20s.  But today, I wake up and know my son is upstairs in my home and my daughter will be visiting soon
There have been numerous miracles over the past 24 months, but I didn’t realise or really appreciate them because my relationship with God had not blossomed and evolved into what it is today.  I thank you Lola, you make my world a great place, and things are falling into place
  Just thought I’d share and celebrate
God bless, Sandra, xx

Lola Jones's uplifting and enlightening short, spontaneous, one-or-two-minute video messages (examples below) are included in the online courses Portal 1,  Portal 2, and Portal 3, and Portal 4 Jumping the Matrix. You'll also find scores of longer, in-depth teaching videos in each course, with more coming all the time.


Immerse, Engage, Enjoy Your Spiritual Growth

Divine Openings does it with JOY, not hard work!


New visitors: Begin with Portal 1 Online

- with the included Audio Book! The book is the foundation, and the online retreat brings it to life with videos and audios of Lola. People around the world listen and watch every day to raise their vibration and create the life they want.

The Self-Paced Portal 1 Online Retreat is like a consistent energy tune-up with Lola.  She's there supporting you with multi-media to engage all your senses and increase integration of the material.

Spiritual growth and practical personal development become easier with Divine Openings how-to's that don't require hard work and toil. Contains generous material beyond the book. Seeing Lola speak on all the important matters in your life, and hearing her voice gives you a powerful boost of pure Grace energy.

"It's as if you are speaking directly to me in the audios. It doesn't even matter which one I listen to, it applies to me. Wild." Stacy, Texas

Enjoy the hundreds of hours of audio, video, and multi-media on your phone, tablet, or computer. Even the course texts are now being recorded in Lola's voice so you can listen on the go to get in extra exposure when you can't sit and watch. Our site is 100% mobile friendly.

NOW the Portal 1 course includes the Audio Book Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How To Let Go And Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting FREE!

best classic spiritual bookLola Jones guides you to rise to your next level with grace and ease, with astonishingly effective teachings and the practical step-by-step processes of Divine Openings™.


Course with paperback AND audio book!

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"Watching your videos for a few minutes a day is so helpful and supportive to my consistent progression upward. The initial Divine Opening from the first day of the online retreat was strongly felt. Thank you and love to you." Dan, Australia

higher consciousness spiritual retreats online coursesThe powerful direct infusion of Grace energy Lola evokes takes you beyond Law of Attraction. You'll experience Grace doing 90% of it for you as all areas of your life expand year by year. All you have to do is "your 10%." You can stop the endless seeking, processing, and spiritual healing, and start living now.

The in-depth and media-rich Portal 1 online course gives you massive material beyond Lola's foundational book Things Are Going Great In My Absence. It's all here for you onsite to stream or download, as you wish. We've added new material every year, but once you register you never have to pay for the constant upgrades; it just delights us to keep the energies fresh and up to date for you!

Divine Openings spiritual growth online coursesYou'll feel Lola's signature warmth, humor, and powerful vortex of Grace in the audios and videos as she teaches and counsels at live events and in one on one sessions.

Get nurturing support and make friends all over the world on the Divine Openings™ Member Forum, exclusively for our course members (guests can view it but not see names, pictures, or post.)

The online courses are the next best thing to being live  with Lola Jones. You're supposed to ENJOY your spiritual awakening--and your LIFE. It's not supposed to be toil, struggle, and endless lessons.

Grace is always raining on you.

Learn how to let more of it in!

This video outlines how the online courses engage, support, focus, and expand you.

Our site is phone friendly!

"I love listening to all the audios that come with the online retreats!  It's like each and every one of them gives me a different angle on every blind spot I've had." Love, Adrienne

"I am so excited by the expanded awareness and vibration that the massive content of the audios and videos have given me--what an awesome creation, I only ordered the latest one yesterday and I GET IT!!!!! WOOHOO!!!" Tracey

best classic spiritual bookRegister for the Divine Openings
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