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Here we go. You're off on an exciting journey into Portal 1: Foundation for a new reality!
Relax and enjoy the ride for best results.


Welcome to Your New Reality

Hello! I'm Lola Jones, creator of Divine Openings.

As I sit here smiling about what's going to change for you when you experience more of the treasures awaiting you with Divine Openings, my heart swells and soars.

After all these years, it's still amazing to me. I am touched and humbled at how Divine Openings continues to empower people around the world with leading-edge spiritual growth and personal development.

I'm honored to be your guide, to help lift you up to a richer life on every level, from spiritual to financial, health to relationships, inner peace to outer adventures in career and creativity.

You're about to step into the first of five Portals of Awakening. Each Portal expands you, step-by-step, into greater and greater freedom, fulfillment, and happiness. 

  • This trial page contains just a sample of Portal 1, Module 1.
  • The complete Module 1 takes about a month to absorb and anchor in your life!
  • The entire 14 modules of  Portal 1 are multi-media rich, detailed, and enjoyable, guaranteed to keep you growing for 10 to 12 months. 

Bonus Gifts when you join Portal 1:

  1. NEW! Live webinars with Lola!
  2. All 14 text modules are also recorded in Lola's voice.
  3. Wide variety of audios and videos, from short topics to 1-hour-long in-depth ones.
  4. The English book in paperback is mailed to you FREE.
  5. The audiobook recordings are streamable or downloadable. 
  6. The complete Diving In Audio/Video set with over 70 recordings.
  7. Original song by Lola Jones, Here In My Heart.
  8. Everything you need to secure your Divine Openings foundation.

What Portal 1 participants say...

"My life was not like this a year ago and especially not 2 years ago. I was what was missing. The online course has been amazing, and every time I think about something I'd like an answer to, or even if I don't realize I have a question, I hear exactly what I need to hear on an audio. I am going thru the course again now that Level 1 has expanded to 14 modules. Last night I was hit by a lightening bolt! (I got something) I didn't "get" the first time thru the course. Thank you for this course... I live a very happy peaceful life. I have created this life on purpose and while I still have a few key areas I would like to see improvement, I am happy... No drama. I have such a joy-filled home with a great husband and 3 amazing little boys. One has special needs which I now see as a blessing as we are expanding and becoming better people because of how we relate to him. I would not be where I am without finally letting go and I know I would not be able to deal with my (relative) AND keep my sanity if I wasn't where I am now. Wow. Big aha moment for me... I love my life." Nicole, MSS

"Yesterday I completed module 1 online and whoaaaaaa... I could feel the energy moving through me... which I am very sensitive to (energy that is). I signed up a week ago and couldn't start week 1 yet cuz of the wave from simply signing up and the blessings in the first email and the time being in the members area I guess.. but I had been hit like a tsunami with a wave of intense energy!! After completing module 1 yesterday... I felt the shift of energy in me and that was wow, then I had this amazing feeling of being reunited with someone who I haven't seen for years, someone I had been separated from for years, and it was The Divine.. the large self, god..."

"Hi, Lola. today I am sending you just a few lines. I still can't translate this into words. Simply to let you know I have just finished reading and breathing into your book, and the online course level 1, though I keep going back because it is such a delightful pleasure to listen to your voice and to bask into the blissful feelings... No words yet to tell you any more...simply thank you! THANK YOU!" Love from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Laura

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old habits

Portal 1 Takes You Far Beyond the Book

Very often people get a big improvement from the book and that is so amazing they don't realize there is so much more available to them. Or they need to stretch their pipes to believe they can allow in more.
There is always more.
I've evolved exponentially since I wrote that book!
I will never stop allowing more.
This powerful online course adds enormously to your experience of the book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence. Throughout this year-long course, Lola holds a new field of resonance for you until you can hold it yourself. Portal 1 holds your attention powerfully as it entrains your mind, and attunes your vibration to a new, higher place.
You gradually learn to stay in the flow of Grace, feel wonderful, and create your life in a more pleasing way. Here's a metaphor for how it works.
Houses represent consciousness.
Even after you've moved to a bright new house, sometimes you go on autopilot and start to take the old route back to the old, dreary home out of pure habit. Your old vibrational setpoint is on autopilot too.
The old house in the illustration, and your old vibration may feel "comfortable" even if you don't want to live there in that old consciousness anymore.
Portal 1 gets your navigation set to "the new address of Grace," and keeps guiding you to it until it becomes your new habit. Then your pipes expand to allow in more good. Your guidance gets clearer and you can feel and follow Grace rather than defaulting back to your "old address".
Soon you can't imagine why you ever lived in that old house, that old consciousness.
Tuition and registration

A Taste of What You'll Learn Beyond the Book

The Portal 1 Online Course is easy to update every few months or years, unlike a published book.

Although most new material goes into the later Portals, Lola occasionally adds a new video/audio to all of the Portals.

Here are just a few of the many NEW things that are not in the book. 


You Are ALWAYS Manifesting!

You can't stop. You're already doing it, it's just learning to do it consciously and deliberately. When you really internalize this, manifesting feels easier.


More Beyond the Book

1. Most spiritual practices will be outgrown.

Or it doesn't seem like a practice anymore -- it's just how you live!

Divine Openings doesn't ask you to DO a lot of ritual and practices, but the few things you will do will soon become just natural, as you get in the flow of life. They'll integrate into your life, but won't require formal practice. They'll become your new vibrational habits, your new way of living, doing, thinking, and being, so you won't have to think about it as often or as much.

Meditation becomes more like going to meet your lover rather than doing a practice to accomplish something or raise your vibration. You will soon lose the need to accomplish anything or get anywhere. But you will dive into meditation, and Life and work with relish.

Simple meditation and raving become a natural way of being. Diving In evolves into a natural acceptance and allowing of feelings, so they flow through you easily.

You won't need to do a Divine Opening every week. At some point, you'll do them rarely. You'll just tap in.


Sometime today, stop for 15 minutes and dive into The Presence for the sheer bliss of it, without labeling it meditation. It's just being your Large Self! Intend now that you'll do that more often, in any moment you desire.

2. Enlightenment is not a constant state of bliss.

Just as the honeymoon gives way to the daily routine of marriage, and the election is followed by the challenging task of governance, after the initial bliss of the first stages of awakening, we find the laundry still needs to be done. That's where some people fall off and get lost.

But the laundry can be blissful! Life can be mostly easy, and it certainly should not be hard work... but the point is, rather than going for the "wow" cosmic experiences, aim for enjoyment of the most mundane moments.

If you can't enjoy the most mundane moments, cosmic experiences won't make you happy anyway.

The Key to Happiness is actually being willing to feel every feeling on the Instrument Panel without resistance! The more willing you are to fully experience those lower feelings, the faster they move, and one day, you stay in the higher vibrations more naturally. But even then, you're willing to feel lower emotions if they arise, because they are incredibly valuable.


RIGHT NOW, stop, close your eyes, and consciously, appreciatively, enjoy breathing your next ten breaths. Notice how delicious it is to breathe. If you don't get how delicious it is to breathe, hold your breath for 60 seconds, then YOU WILL savor the next ten breaths. Really, STOP, and breathe ten slow breaths, relishing each one. If you are in too big a hurry to do this, there's your resistance to experiencing ecstasy right there...... SLOW DOWN!

3. Don't keep praying or asking for something over and over.

When you do, you're actually affirming that The Presence hasn't heard you yet, and that it's not coming! The Presence knew what you needed way before you even verbalized it, and started the party rolling right then, because you and The Presence are one. Your Large Self starts the party the minute you ask for something. Your job is to let go, find relief, relax, and get yourself to your own party. The party can't start until you get there.

Ask once in a prayer, just to focus yourself, and then go play to help release resistance so you can let it in. It's being held in your reservoir, waiting for you to open the floodgates. Go enjoy life.

Whether it's inner peace or money you need, more chanting, praying, counting beads, or Hail Marys won't speed it up. Those are like shouting at God, "DID YOU HEAR ME???" God is saying, "I am not hard of hearing, honey. Relax and get out of the way."

Being a better person, or more spiritual, or working on yourself more won't speed it up.

So when you pray or affirm, or ask, immediately afterward, rave and appreciate that it is already given. Express appreciation for that gift. Feel it now as if it's already here--and you have the feeling you wanted NOW. Now forget the manifestation and enjoy that feeling NOW. Now your job is to keep your vibration up - that's it. 


If there's something you've been asking for repeatedly, take a big breath, acknowledge that The Presence has already created it for you, and ask, "How do I get out of the way and stay out of the way? How do I stay in the feeling and the flow of what I asked for?" Then smile and go about your day, knowing you'll get your guidance and the Grace-assist to get out of the way. Then you're on your way!

4. Blind Spots

Blind spots are feelings we didn't want to feel or became numb to. We've walled certain feelings off because they were too uncomfortable or painful.

Blind spots are why we sometimes end up where we didn't want to be, and wonder, "What happened?!?" Do you suspect you have blind spots when it comes to reading your own Instrument Panel?

Are you having difficulty feeling certain feelings, or knowing exactly what they mean or what to do about it? Are you soaring high in certain departments of your life, but dragging in others? This course helps raise your vibration specifically in those lower areas and in general, which lifts your overall vibrational set point.

I want you to know that you can be happy even with blind spots. Don't make your life about digging up dirt. It can take some time to open certain deep blind spots, so just know everyone has them, and keep on moving. Don't focus on them or stress about them too much at first. Just do the activities, build your confidence, and count your positive progress.

Most people need some time to feel safe enough to allow their blind spots to emerge -- the reason you numbed them out in the first place was that they were painful! So be gentle and kind to yourself and don't try to force it. What's the rush? I'd rather see you enjoy this journey than make it into tortuous work.

Allow your unfolding to happen in the best timing for you. You'll be guided on a journey through the Portals that opens you gently and surely each passing month and year. There's natural, rhythmic wisdom in how the energy rises and intensifies as you go through each Portal. You'll open your blind spots when you're ready.

This video from a Blind Spots Webinar series will help you feel more, without fear or resistance. It's also a great regular Pleasure Practice.

There are many, many audios and videos you can use anytime you want a vibrational tuneup.


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Lola Helps You Anchor the Material in Your Life

You'll get Activities that help you apply everything you learn to your daily life situations.

You'll see this reminder to slow down an apply what you just absorbed, so it is anchored in your life and becomes a new habit:

This is a good place to stop and assimilate for today. Continue from here when you return!

Soften and Allow: a KEY to Your Happiness

You'll get many videos like this to help you apply the principles in your own life. It's sometimes easier to get it when someone else is on the hot seat!

The Audio: Softening-Empathing-Anxiety-BigBrother-Divine-Mother-Hug

Module 1 is far longer and more in depth than this trial, but we didn't want to overwhelm you and delay your getting started. Don't worry: we always give more than you expected.


Your Positive Changes Journal

I love discovering an old journal and marveling at how different my life is now!

Get a new journal to track and record positive shifts in your reality as you enjoy this course.

Your Positive Changes Journal helps train your mind to focus on what's working, and stop focusing so much on what's wrong.

It builds a cumulative effect which picks up momentum as you go.

If you like pretty, make it pretty!

Your own intentions, choices and actions have powerful consequences: make a practice of collecting evidence of positive change.

The past tends to fade quickly with Divine Openings, and we want you to be able to measure and rave about how far you've come. 

ACTIVITY:  STOP. Get your journal and begin.

Or write on loose paper and add it to your journal tomorrow when you get one. But write right now!


You may wish to go to this page and take the inventory to get clear on what you want.

Print it out and tuck it in your journal. In a few months of enjoying Portal 1, you'll see how far you've come. There's a link to come back here.


Enter This High Vibration, Deep Immersion World

I really AM there with you energetically in these courses. Everyone says the audios and videos are almost like I'm with you LIVE--you'll feel the energy.

And I'll see you in the live webinars, where you can ask questions and get personal help.

Out in the world, people are always talking about the slow economy, what can't be done, what went wrong, or the latest bad media news.

Here your mind is steeped in high vibration words, thoughts, images, and ideas.

You'll anticipate the pleasure and relief of coming here, and heave a big sigh each time you log in and let go.

Be Curious

Begin with an attitude of "I'm curious, I'll give this a few months to make sense to me. There's no rush to judgment."

Does your mind want to pick apart what's wrong with absolutely everything? Don't let it do that to you here! Don't let your mind take over and look for objections or reasons to give up on yourself. Stay soft, curious, and undecided for a while.

I guarantee you won't always hear it the first time I say things, so I repeat it, or say it in different ways.

Take the 30,000 feet in the air perspective on Divine Openings at first. Enjoy, and give the pieces time to fall together for you. Then it naturally starts to work for you, which will surprise you AND your skeptical mind.

Imagine you were just born.

Welcome to Earth.
You're in charge.

You're about to learn just how much you ARE in charge! It's very exciting!


Grace Supersedes Law of Attraction

We know you've been hearing about "creating your reality" for a long time, and you may have even become cynical or even angry about it, thinking it's a hollow New Age promise. Or you may have had some success with Law of Attraction but still felt some of the "secrets" were not being given to you, which is often true. It's not your fault if that incomplete tool kit didn't work!

The Secret book and movie left out the most important part: The Presence, the Non-Physical YOU!

With Divine Openings, you get the whole tool kit. Grace really does give you a boost that supersedes Law of Attraction. And Grace really does do 90% of the work for you, and quite quickly. But after that? You do have Free Will -- and Grace cannot override it forever. Your own Free Will can work for you or against you.

You'll learn how to use Law of Attraction more powerfully than ever.

As you awaken, expect latent gifts and talents to emerge. One's natural genius flowers, and the ability to learn accelerates as the energy and drive to carry it out increases. Many people surprise themselves, doing things they never believed they could do. Lola's ability to teach, write, paint, sing and write music, and do high tech website tasks exploded.




You Can Be a Reporter or a Creator, But You Can't Be Both.

When you "accurately" report on the reality you experience or observe, and invest power and belief in it, you are actually choosing that as your reality, and perpetuating it for yourself.

Few realize this.

There is a mass hypnosis that there is one objective reality and that it is our job to figure it out or fix it. But there is no one objective reality.

Science has already proven this, but scientists are still in shock over it and haven't quite yet come to terms with their own discoveries. It upsets too many cherished beliefs. History has shown that new scientific developments are slow to be accepted.

Science has now proven that we create by expecting,
observing, and reporting on what we see.

There are countless possible realities. You can choose yours deliberately, or you can default to the consensus reality.

Whether in physics or news reporting, there is a reverence for accuracy and truth when talking about "what is" in the world. "What is" is only "what is" because someone created it, and it was usually created by default rather than by conscious creation! "What is" is not sacred, nor is it more real than a more desirable creation someone else created. There's also a reverence for harsh "realities" and a desire to "face them." You can do that, but it is a hard road, because you're creating more of it as you "face it." Personally, I'd "face away from it," turn the other cheek as Jesus said, and create in another direction.


Your new life begins when you register

Enjoy a video

The first video was recorded in a live interactive webinar series with Lola. It introduces you to some foundational Divine Openings concepts from the book, Things Are Going Great in My Absence, and goes even beyond that into the newest developments in Divine Openings 2.0!

These online courses are a great example of how "things go great in my absence," as the book's title famously goes, but I really AM there with you energetically in these courses, so stay mindful of that. Everyone says the audios and videos are almost like I'm with you LIVE--you'll feel the energy.

My greatest joy is to watch you find your wings and soar on your own. It's what keeps me going when it sometimes seems like there's too much to do.

I get to see you fly.... on the Forum you get to play on.... and in the emails I get, as you become a member of our community. It doesn't take years of processing and spiritual healing because Divine Openings is leading edge, not old paradigm. This is not working on yourself forever, it's powerfully waking up to who you already really are.

Make a life-changing decision!
spiritual online transformation

Register, Log In, and Let's Go!

Are you ready to enter the Portal to your next level reality?

Ready for takeoff?

Fasten your seat belt. Place your tray tables in their upright and locked position! You're about to take a fun, fast ride that will change the course of your life.

When you move to a higher state of consciousness, it's a different world entirely. Every department of your life operates in an increasingly synchronistic flow, bringing just what you need when you need it.

Divine Openings puts you in the flow, guiding you, bathing you in love and blessings that you can actually feel.

If you need more details, read on.

We're here to answer your questions about Portals and retreats.

When you're ready to register, it's here.

Nobody ever said they wished they had waited longer to begin.
Everyone says they wish they'd known about it decades ago.

Register and let's go!

Raise Vibration with Powerful Audios and Videos

You get many, many videos, a few minutes to an hour each, filled with powerful resonances, awaken you to increasing levels of Light, Energy, and Divine Intelligence. Some people listen while relaxing, exercising, driving, and doing chores.

Some are recorded in live events, providing insight and inspiration on every topic. Others are multi-media delights with music and humor. More audios and videos are added each year, and people come back for a refresher and see what's new.

Each Module has KEY audios to help you use the concepts to make your life better.

7 minute  audio - Why She Needed The Online Course to Get Through Deep Resistances in Her Life

Your new life is calling!
multi-media spiritual online course

Multi-Media Learning

Back when I was a corporate trainer at companies like IBM, I learned that people learn and retain it longer when their visual, auditory, and feeling senses are engaged. This course does that with such energy and power you'll truly feel it, not just read it or look at it. It will bathe and envelop you. As your consciousness expands, you are able to let in more each time. 

You see it, hear it, and feel the energy as I teach in the audios and videos. I explain the many key concepts in a variety of different ways, so that one of those ways will speak to you. People will ask the same question you've been wondering about, or they'll be experiencing the same difficulties or desires as you. And you'll get your answer, all the while tuning in more and more within, and learning to find your own answers.

You'll hear things said a bit differently than in the book, and get it at a whole new level.

Garrick said, "It was right in front of me all along, but I didn't get it until now.
I thought feeling better was just a 'nice thing,'
but now I get that how I feel is EVERYTHING! Now it's my main focus."

Sometimes we embed other inspiring videos into the courses, as YouTube allows. This 1 minute 28 second video is an apt metaphor for Divine Openings and the Grace it opens you to.

Grace, like that loving embrace, is available to you.
All you do is say yes, and let it in.

online spiritual learning

If You Need More Detail

Portal 1 is at least a year's worth of profound, life-changing evolution.

It engages, entertains, guides you, and drenches you in Grace.

These are just a few of the topics in the 14 modules.

  • Reading and navigating by your Instrument Panel.
  • A new way to create what you want that lowers resistance.
  • Audios that help you really get the Instrument Panel, and why it's more important than anything else in your life.
  • How working on yourself can actually INCREASE your resistance.
  • How to stop seeking and "Be here."
  • If you're cynical (a very resistant form of resistance), what to do.
  • We'll go for getting you some peace and relief first.
  • Being your magnificent Large, Unlimited Self.
  • Inconvenient emotions.
  • Being "good" or "spiritual" won't buy you anything.
  • The "spiritual bypass" - how it works, how subtle and sneaky it is, and how to stop doing it.
  • All emotions must be appreciated, and how to actually get where you feel that genuinely.
  • Beyond the mind and into the soul.
  • Download your Full Color Instrument Panel.
  • How to actually experience all emotions as valuable information.
  • The emotions you like the least tell you exactly where you can go to reclaim vast power.
  • How to accept where you are and what is.
  • How judgment brings a drop in altitude.
  • How judgment is like glue and how to break the habit.
  • How to let go of what is, to have all you want show up.
  • You have different set points for different subjects, and why you can be "up" and things you don't want still happen.
  • Feelings are a direct indicator of your vibration on a particular subject.
  • Predict where you are going and what is coming next!
  • The way I say it that is just right for you.
  • How to bring it into your life. Knowing it in your head and reading it in the book, and having it working in your daily life, are two entirely different things.
  • How to know where you are and how you got there.
  • Most people have turned down their sensitivity to their instrument panel.
  • The end of suffering.
  • Witnessing basics. 
  • Resistance: what is it really? Its many forms.
  • Slowly experience, savor, enjoy, and practice.
  • If you work on yourself, you're backing up.
  • Put it into action right now.
  • Questions to ask yourself.
  • Divine Openings are given in several forms: art, audio, video, and live with Lola on webinars.
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