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Divine Openings™ Online Self-Paced Spiritual Retreat Course

Welcome to your Free Preview of Portal 1

Here we go on our exciting journey through the Portal 1: the Foundation for a new reality!


Hello! I'm Lola Jones, creator of Divine Openings. As I sit here smiling about what's going to change for you when you experience more of the treasures awaiting you in Divine Openings, my heart swells and soars.

After all these years, it's still amazing to me, and I am touched and humbled at how well Divine Openings continues to bring leading-edge spiritual growth and personal development.

I'm honored to be your guide, to help lift you up to a richer life on every level, from spiritual to financial, health to relationships, inner peace to outer adventures in career and creativity.

Bonus Gifts: Download your original song by Lola Jones, Here In My Heart
and your ebook sampler at bottom of page.

Enjoy a video

The first video was recorded in a live interactive webinar series with Lola. It introduces you to some foundational Divine Openings concepts from the book, Things Are Going Great in My Absence, and goes even beyond that into the newest developments in Divine Openings 2.0!

These online courses are a great example of how "things go great in my absence," as the book's title famously goes, but I really AM there with you energetically in these courses, so stay mindful of that. Everyone says the audios and videos are almost like I'm with you LIVE--you'll feel the energy.

My greatest joy is to watch you find your wings and soar on your own. It's what keeps me going when it sometimes seems like there's too much to do.

I get to see you fly.... on the Forum you get to play on.... and in the emails I get, as you become a member of our community. It doesn't take years of processing and spiritual healing because Divine Openings is leading edge, not old paradigm. This is not working on yourself forever, it's powerfully waking up to who you already really are.

This award winning public service ad feels so much like Divine Openings that we had to include it here!


This Portal 1 Trial gives you the flavor and feel of the course, with some sample text, and a few sample audios and videos. Module 1 is far longer and more in depth than this trial, but we didn't want to overwhelm you and delay your getting started. We aim to always give you more than you expected.

Over the years, we've been told by students that when they immersed themselves in Divine Openings, and always had something to listen to or watch, they rose higher, stabilized faster, and stayed up there more consistently. Otherwise life grabs you and distracts you all too often.

Now let's get right to the good parts:

  • Take the inventory if you like that sort of thing. It's important to identify where you are now, before you start the course. A few months into this course you will have forgotten some of those challenges ever existed!
  • Then use the link to come back to this page. Or you could read on...


A Few Sample Text Excerpts from Module 1: Grace supersedes Law of Attraction

We know you've been hearing about "creating your reality" for a long time, and you may have read every book on it. Some even become cynical or even angry about it, thinking it's a hollow New Age promise. Or if you had some success with Law of Attraction, but still felt some of the "secrets" were not being given to you, which is often true. It's not your fault if that incomplete tool kit didn't work!

With Divine Openings, Grace really does give you a boost that supersedes Law of Attraction. And Grace really does do 90%  of the work for you, and quite quickly. But after that? You do have Free Will--and Grace cannot override it forever. Your own Free Will can work for you or against you. Your mind, your moment to moment choices, and your beliefs can either support or diminish the action of Grace in your life.

Lola guides you through experiences. Reading is far less powerful than experience, and these will help you identify and unlearn old habits that were, without your realizing it, blocking the Grace that's always been raining on you. You develop new mental and emotional habits that change your life forever. Plus the action of Grace compounds your efforts and accelerates your evolution automatically. I've seen people get blissed out, then derailed by their own minds if they don't consistently immerse themselves in the conscious mind piece. This course keeps your mind entertained and focused until you are unsinkable!

old habits

Builds upon the book

This powerful online course enhances your experience of the book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, and here's one example of how it does that:

When you've moved to a new house, sometimes you go on autopilot and start to take the old route back to the old, dreary home at first, out of pure  habit. The old house feels comfortable even if you don't want it anymore.

With Divine Openings, you "learn the new address" of Grace, and this course keeps you tuned to that address until it becomes your new habit. Once you get used to your new address it becomes your new habit. Then it's natural to return to it rather than your "old address". Soon you can't imagine why you ever lived in the old house.

Through the course, Lola holds a new field of resonance for you until you can hold it yourself. She holds your attention powerfully for as long as it takes to entrain your mind, and attune your vibration to a new, higher place. While you build new habits that keep you in the flow of Grace, so you can create your life in a more pleasing way.

your frequency

Your radio frequency

Another powerful metaphor is the stations on your radio dial. Your old reality is a lower frequency on the radio dial. Divine Openings shows you a new radio frequency of Grace to tune into--it's even like getting a newer, more sensitive radio!

Soon your new habits will become a new "preset" for that new, higher vibration station. Then it's easy and natural to find that frequency, and you can hold it loud and clear by yourself. Later still, the old stations no longer have the power to pull you off your new frequency.

At a time when so many are looking for solutions to personal, emotional, financial, health, and spiritual challenges, this course helps you begin to reclaim your inner power and create your reality intentionally rather than accidentally. You may have heard that too many times before, but this time it is true. You have all the power in your life, and after this course that will be much more than just a nice concept. You soon begin to feel it, experience it, and KNOW it.

This self-paced online course is your home station, to help keep you tuned up and tuned in. To help you master your own mind, and go with the Flow of Grace rather than inadvertently resist it. It takes time to create a new habit, and this course gives you support as you do that.

The mind always has to be soothed and helped along when rapid evolution occurs.

spiritual online transformation

The preview continues after this, but when you're ready to Register:

Register, Log In, and Let Go!

Portal 1 Self-Paced Online Home Study Course with required Paperback Book. The book is shipped FREE! Plus you get the audio book of Lola reading Things Are Going Great FREE! You get at least a year of multi-media, audios, videos, inspiring text and graphics to make it come alive for you.

We're here to answer your questions about courses and retreats. Call Lola's assistant, Cara, at 1-805-775-6591. If you're international, leave a message and she will return your call.

Or email:


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Samples from Your Portal 1 Video Library

You get many, many videos, a few minutes to an hour each, filled with powerful resonances, awaken you to increasing levels of Light, Energy, and Divine Intelligence.

The longer ones are recorded in live events, providing insight and inspiration on every topic. Others are multi-media delights with music and humor. More audios and videos are added each year, and people come back for a refresher and see what's new.

Sometimes we embed other inspiring videos into the courses, which YouTube allows. This 1 minute 28 second video is sheer beauty and power in motion, and it's also an apt metaphor for Divine Openings and the Grace it opens you to.

Grace, like that loving embrace, is available to you.
All you do is say yes, and let it in.

Expand for sample audios...

Sample Audios -- People say this about the audios:

  • It doesn't matter which ones you listen to--it's the steady vibrational attunement that matters most.
  • You'll find that every audio has something of value in it for YOU.
  • With audios covering an enormous variety of topics, the power of the energies is stunning.
  • It feels as if Lola is speaking directly to you.
Short Sample Audios:

Afterwards, receive the Grace, close your eyes and allow it to assimilate. Savor and enjoy the feeling.

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multi-media spiritual online course

Multi-Media Learning

Back when I was a corporate trainer at companies like IBM, I learned that people learn and retain it longer when their visual, auditory, and feeling senses are engaged. This course does that with such energy and power you'll truly feel it, not just read it or look at it. It will bathe and envelop you.

Level 1 gives you enough audios and videos to keep you delighted for many months, and we keep updating it! People have said they can't believe how much they get with this course. It's because I just can't stop improving it--I love giving you fresh new things.

People come back and review this retreat over and over later on after they've moved on to other courses, because new things happen in our lives to stimulate expansion. As your consciousness expands, you are able to let in more each time. 

You see it, hear it, and feel the energy as I teach in the audios and videos. I explain the many key concepts in a variety of different ways, so that one of those ways will speak to you. People will ask the same question you've been wondering about, or they'll be experiencing the same difficulties or desires as you. And you'll get your answer, all the while tuning in more and more within, and learning to find your own answers.

You'll hear things said a bit differently than in the book, and get it at a whole new level.

Garrick said, "It was right in front of me all along, but I didn't get it until now. I thought feeling better was a 'nice thing,' but now I get that how I feel is EVERYTHING! Now it's my main focus."

online spiritual learning

Preview of Module 1 Topics

Portal 1 is at least a year's worth of material to train you, guide you, drench you in Grace, with new things added all the time.

There are many new things in Level 1 that aren't in the book. And much more material in module 1 than is on this page.

  • Reading and navigating by your Instrument Panel.
  • A new way to create what you want that lowers resistance.
  • Audios that help you really get the Instrument Panel, and why it's more important than anything else in your life.
  • How working on yourself can actually INCREASE your resistance.
  • How to stop seeking and "Be here."
  • If you're cynical (a very resistant form of resistance), what to do.
  • We'll go for getting you some peace and relief first.
  • Being your magnificent Large, Unlimited Self.
  • Inconvenient emotions.
  • Being "good" or "spiritual" won't buy you anything.
  • The "spiritual bypass" - how it works, how subtle and sneaky it is, and how to stop doing it.
  • All emotions must be appreciated, and how to actually get where you feel that genuinely.
  • Beyond the mind and into the soul.
  • Download your Full Color Instrument Panel.
  • How to actually experience all emotions as valuable information.
  • The emotions you like the least tell you exactly where you can go to reclaim vast power.
  • How to accept where you are and what is.
  • How judgment brings a drop in altitude.
  • How judgment is like glue and how to break the habit.
  • How to let go of what is, to have all you want show up.
  • You have different set points for different subjects, and why you can be "up" and things you don't want still happen.
  • Feelings are a direct indicator of your vibration on a particular subject.
  • Predict where you are going and what is coming next!
  • The way I say it that is just right for you.
  • How to bring it into your life. Knowing it in your head and reading it in the book, and having it working in your daily life, are two entirely different things.
  • How to know where you are and how you got there.
  • Most people have turned down their sensitivity to their instrument panel.
  • The end of suffering.
  • Resistance: what is it really? Its many forms.
  • Slowly experience, savor, enjoy, and practice.
  • If you work on yourself, you're backing up.
  • Put it into action right now.
  • Questions to ask yourself.

There are 13 more modules (see below!)
Divine Openings are given in several forms: art, audio, video, etc.

We constantly add new activities, updated material, audios, and videos to Portal 1 Online. Much of the content was created after the book came out, to take you deeper.

Sample Text

Module 1 has much more in it than this sample.
The retreat course takes you along, step by enjoyable step.

As your enlightenment unfolds, you come to KNOW that your security, safety, health, happiness, and abundance is not in any way tied to the physical world, the economy, the crime rate, diseases, or to anything "out there" at all--the game of life just causes it to appear so. Too many things can tempt you to give your power away to outside forces, beliefs that don't serve you, and teachers or methods that don't work. Instead, this course guides you experientially to tap into the resources of the Unlimited Universal Source inside you, more and more over time.

You can either be a Reporter or a Creator, but you can't be both. When you "accurately" report on the reality you observe, and invest power and belief in it, you are actually choosing that as your reality, and perpetuating it for yourself. Few realize this. There is a mass hypnosis that there is one objective reality, and that it is our job to figure it out or fix it. But there is not one single objective reality. There are countless possible realities. You can choose yours deliberately, or you can default to the consensus reality.

There is a reverence for accuracy and truth when talking about "what is" in the world. "What is" is only "what is" because someone created it, and it was usually created by default rather than by conscious creation! "What is" is not sacred, nor is it more real than a more desirable creation someone else created. There's also a reverence for harsh "realities" and a desire to "face them". You can do that, but it is a hard road, because you're creating more of it as you "face it". Personally, I'd "face away from it", turn the other cheek as Jesus said, and create in another direction.

Reporters are not Creators. It's the difference between a newspaper reporter and a novelist. The reporter is stuck with what she sees and is forbidden to change it. The novelist gets to make it all up as she pleases, with no apologies.

Imagine you're at a fork in the trail. Truly one of the most powerful decisions you will ever make is the decision to create your reality rather than observing and so duplicating the consensus reality. We are creators made in the image of The Creator, yet too many are content to let others create their reality. Make a powerful and permanent decision right now to let go of the consensus reality and any and all outer evidence that "proves" it's real.

You can either be a Reporter or a Creator.

We vibrate something, which creates manifestations. Then we say, "See, that proves it's real."
So we vibrate some more of that, and create more of that, and say, "There's more evidence!" And on and on.

We ALWAYS create evidence to prove any reality we believe.

Your reality, up to the minute that just passed, is history. History is gone. It's as dead as a dusty old history book. It doesn't affect your future at all unless you give it power. Perhaps your history was created out of last year's vibration, or not understanding how you create. Most people create accidentally or by default instead of choosing. That is changing now. You are becoming the Creator you were born to be.

You'll soon pile up abundant evidence of your NEW reality.

No one but you has any power over you. What happens from this minute on is entirely dependent on what you choose to create. You will get ongoing feedback from Life that tells you what you're creating. If you don't like the manifestations you're getting, that's not bad news, that's information--it helps you get clearer on what you're vibrating.

For instance if you have a big financial setback, it tells you you're vibrating something low on the Instrument Panel about money. If someone lets you down, it tells you you're vibrating something like, "You're not that important," "You can't trust people," or "You're not loveable." That's all it's saying--it's not your reality once you know what to do. That old belief becomes history, and you can create something new at any moment, as soon as you raise that vibration. You'll learn how in this retreat course, and in reading the book.

You will come to know that
you're doing just fine.

You are where you are, and wherever you are is OK!
It's a good thing it's OK, because that's where you are!

Take a soothing........ deep....... breath.
Make peace with where you are, right now.

Soothe yourself: "Where I am right now, with money, love, health, friendships, home, possessions, my state of mind,
my relationship with God.... however I feel ...... is where I am.
And all is well.

I am perched on the edge of enormous new power.
Where I am is the perfect place to begin.
I can get anywhere from here by making the decision to begin and taking one....... relaxed........ step......... at a time."

This releases resistance, and allows faster progress. Making where you are wrong and resisting it is like shooting yourself in the foot as you walk your path.

Relaxing helps you let in guidance, too. "Slower is faster." You'll be moving your vibration up in no time, and the acceleration will blow your hair back. You get step by step methods to do it, not just general theoretical information, and Grace will do 90% of it once you commit.

The energy in this trial experience may or may not be perceptible to you at first. Most of you will feel the Divine Energy move as you read, listen, or watch Lola speak. If you don't feel it right away, that means it is working at deeper levels you cannot perceive, or that you have some resistance to feeling. But once you begin that will burn off.

Just coming to this site is a vibrational tune-up.
Visit often.

More Module 1 previews......

Divine Openings isn't so much about "doing" as it is about "not doing what isn't working"--letting go of what isn't your Large Self. When you simply stop blocking the natural flow of Grace and good into your life, it flows naturally, with no effort! People pay large sums to swim with dolphins or go to the Great Pyramids, and some get nothing. Trying too hard, making it too hard creates resistance. Let go, relax about your desires and wishes.

Lola will guide you.

Just let it in.

Making this RETREAT into WORK actually INCREASES your resistance, and makes it harder to let in what you want! A woman wrote me just today and said that dolphins in an aquarium in Las Vegas once zapped her with Grace. She was relaxed and not trying, so it was easier for it to get in!

You'll go to the Forum (once you're a member) and share your experiences and give or receive support.
Here are links to outlines of other modules--very plain, just text, without the illustrations, audios, or videos that are in the actual course:

As your awakening unfolds, your latent gifts and talents emerge, your natural genius flowers, and the ability to learn accelerates as the energy and drive to carry it out increases. Many people surprise themselves, doing things they never believed they could do. Lola's ability to teach, write, paint, sing and write music, and do high tech tasks has exploded.

Your inner genius awaits. Register now.

Notes from Portal 1 participants:

"Yesterday I completed module 1 online and whoaaaaaa... I could feel the energy moving through me... which I am very sensitive to (energy that is). I signed up a week ago and couldn't start week 1 yet cuz of the wave from simply signing up and the blessings in the first email and the time being in the members area I guess.. but I had been hit like a tsunami with a wave of intense energy!! After completing module 1 yesterday... I felt the shift of energy in me and that was wow, then I had this amazing feeling of being reunited with someone who I haven't seen for years, someone I had been separated from for years, and it was The Divine.. the large self, god..."

"Hi, Lola. today I am sending you just a few lines. I still can't translate this into words. Simply to let you know I have just finished reading and breathing into your book, and the online course level 1, though I keep going back because it is such a delightful pleasure to listen to your voice and to bask into the blissful feelings... No words yet to tell you any more...simply thank you! THANK YOU!" Love from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Laura

"My life was not like this a year ago and especially not 2 years ago. I was what was missing. The online course has been amazing, and every time I think about something I'd like an answer to, or even if I don't realize I have a question, I hear exactly what I need to hear on an audio. I am going thru the course again now that Level 1 has expanded to 14 modules. Last night I was hit by a lightening bolt! (I got something) I didn't "get" the first time thru the course. Thank you for this course... I live a very happy peaceful life. I have created this life on purpose and while I still have a few key areas I would like to see improvement, I am happy... No drama. I have such a joy filled home with a great husband and 3 amazing little boys. One has special needs which I now see as a blessing as we are expanding and becoming better people because of how we relate to him. I would not be where I am without finally letting go and I know I would not be able to deal with my (relative) AND keep my sanity if I wasn't where I am now. Wow. Big aha moment for me... I love my life." Nicole, MSS

More Sample Text:

Adjust Mindset If You're Advanced!

If you've done many courses, books, methods, paths, or modalities, or you teach, you might wonder why you'd be asked to begin at Level 1 of Divine Openings. That's because we've found, over and over, that the main reason spiritually advanced people are still seeking and come here is that something was missing. If nothing was missing, they would not still be seeking.

That missing component is usually the deep dive into feelings (not drama, not pain, not processing, just feelings. Many spiritual paths inadvertently encourage spiritual bypasses around the lower human emotions, or make them bad. Or without the Grace piece, the unfolding is happening too slowly, and it's discouraging. You'll discover many, many new rewards here if you go slowly and experience it all.

Here's a tip. If you're trying to figure it all out, that's the mind's tricky way of trying to avoid having to feel it and really LET GO TO IT. If you're thinking a lot, suspect yourself of spiritual bypassing, avoidance of feeling, or resistance. If you're feeling all the time, not thinking so much, you're on track. If you're feeling really intensely all over the range of feelings, even to the point that it's uncomfortable at times, you're really on track. You'll soon get so comfortable with all feelings that you are never again afraid of any feeling from terror to grief to anger, and so they move with lightning speed. Then you're free. 

With Divine Openings, there is no stereotypical "spiritual" behavior, dress, or standard way of speaking or being. Your own authenticity is the end result for you. You might end up not "acting spiritual" at all. That is usually inauthentic and sheeplike, where everyone tries to look, sound, and act like the guru. What might be more authentic for you is to smoke cigars, swear, and dress like a cowboy--or wear miniskirts and spiky hair and sing in a punk band. You get the idea. Be YOU.

I don't seek, rarely read spiritual books, take seminars, or do any of that stuff now -- living is so much more fun.  When people invite me to some meditation, seminar, or ceremonial gathering, my natural internal reponse is "Boring!" but I reply graciously, and with humor, "I'd rather go hang out with the sinners, dancers, and singers. They're having a lot more fun."

A couple of times, wanting to be open minded to what a friend was suggesting, I tried some things and they actually lowered my vibration! I was all out of whack after one of them. The message was, "That is a LOWER vibration than Divine Openings. Look within." When I do ask for help, it's usually a Divine Openings Guide, so the vibration is high. (Yes, I am human just like you and do let in help - but not so much that I give my power away. The Presence is still my main go-to.)

Let go of all the other stuff, and be a blank slate.

You set out to get enlightened and free! You didn't start the spiritual path to get addicted to seeking, sessions, and seminars. You got on it to get happy, and it's time to actually get there.

Be open to the possibility that it's as easy as this with Divine Openings: If you do your 10%, and let go and let Grace do its 90%, you can finally stop seeking, and be there..... it's ever unfolding, yes, but you can soon be happy, healthy, fulfilled, and successful in that steady eternal unfolding.

Register before you leave this free trial. Don't lose track and let this pass you by!
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Register Now!

An Oasis of High Vibration

Some people take all our retreats for pure enjoyment, others to bask in the powerful field of resonance of Divine Openings.

While most of the world is a distraction from the direction you want to go, this environment supports you in retraining your conscious mind to stay in ease and flow. One day, you're finally able to let go and let it be just that easy.

How do I get happy? How do I live in this crazy world without being "of it"? How can I avoid being affected by its struggles? How can I become a major force for evolution, in a very practical, rapid, effective way?

These are just some of the questions you may have been asking, and this online retreat and the book provide the tools and the step by step actions to actually get there.

It's wonderful, soothing, supportive, and productive to spend time in this, your chosen reality, rather than the default reality out there. So many of those so-called spiritual or self-improvement environments actually promote endless working on yourself without ever arriving, and encourage the seeking addiction rather than actually awakening you.

Spiritual Enlightenment couses in your own home
Out in the world people are always talking about the slow economy, what can't be done, what went wrong, or the latest bad media news.

Here your mind is steeped in high vibration words, thoughts, images, and ideas.

You'll anticipate the pleasure and relief of coming here and heave a big sigh of relief each time you log in and let go.

Here you have a built-in compatible community until you can manifest one for yourself.

It's as easy as reading this module and relaxing, letting it all soak in, becoming attuned to this field of resonance. (Don't ever let it become work!)

Your old habits and your mind gradually let go, you stop caring what other people are choosing, then this wonderful new world becomes your reality instead of the default reality so many are living.

As you experience your daily life through this new lens, you evolve. It's that easy. You just pay attention, and stay awake!


More Sample Text:  Accelerate Your Awakening 

Once you begin the actual course, fasten your seat belt. Place your tray tables in their upright and locked position and take a fun, fast ride that will change the course of your life.

The online course feeds you, keeps you entertained and engaged--until you are entrained to a higher vibration. It helps you live into it until you vibrate differently. You absorb and integrate the material down to your cells.

It grounds your awakening right here on Earth (brings Heaven to Earth) even as you soar.

Grace has always been raining on you. The ONLY question is, how much are you letting it in? Let's expand your pipes!


The full Module 1 includes four things the book doesn't talk about.
One of them is:

How to Deal with Blind Spots - Blind spots are why we crash and collide with people and things, or end up where we didn't want to be, and wondered, "What happened?!?" Blind spots are feelings we've become numb to, or things we've chosen not to see anymore. Do you suspect you have blind spots when it comes to reading your own Instrument Panel?

Are you having difficulty feeling certain feelings, or knowing exactly what they mean or what to do about it? Are you soaring high in certain departments of your life, but dragging in others? This course helps raise your vibration specifically in those lower areas and in general, which lifts your overall vibrational setpoint.
Hearing and seeing Lola through the audios and videos has an enlivening effect that helps stuck emotion move. There is a great video called Tricky Stories that helps you see blind spots.

Blind spots gradually fade away as energy moves and clarity appears.

Divine Openings helps you read your own emotional altimeter

Master the Instrument Panel

If you've read the book:
  • Did you really master the Instrument Panel?
  • Is it a daily awareness in your life?
  • Did you do the activities in the book?
  • Or did you file it away with all the other stuff you've read that you one day intend to put to practical use?
The course audios and videos help you overcome resistance. They ease you into taking action to develop those new habits. It works much more powerfully when you experience it, not just read about it. A surgeon can't just read books about surgery, she learns by experience and action, seeing it, hearing it, and feeling her way through the processes.
Is your Instrument Panel rusty like this one? Listening to the audios polishes it up, and oils the dials--gets your Instrument Panel in tip top condition. Hearing Lola's voice in the audios and videos sensitizes you to areas on the Instrument Panel and in your own body where you've become numb.
You see, your Instrument Panel tells you where you are going, where your autopilot is set to take you right now. You need to know that, so you can reset your course if you want to.
At first, don't try to change how you feel, just soften and embrace the feeling.
Just noting where you are on the Instrument Panel in any given moment is step one in learning to navigate with it. The book and later modules show you step by step how to move upward from there.

Here's another gift: a new color version of the Instrument Panel, designed by one of our happy transformed friends, Angela, in South Africa. Save it (right click or drag to desktop) and post it where you can see it, so it becomes natural and intuitive to know where you are on your Instrument Panel.


Ready to Get Started? Register before you leave this free trial page.

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Bonus Gifts, a Song from Lola, and the book sampler

Original song by Lola, Here In My Heart. Listen and then close your eyes.  Download the Song!

And the first two sections of Lola's best selling book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence.
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