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Transformational spiritual growth sessions, development counseling, life coaching

Transformational Counseling and Coaching Sessions Accelerate Spiritual and Personal Growth

Our favorite question is: What do you want next in your life?

We love it because we can help you get there. More love, better relationships, financial security, good health, more joy, greater peace, to know the God within more intimately, or to get clearer guidance from within?

Virtually anything you desire is possible with the leading edge transformational counseling our Mentors so skillfully guide you through. You'll use the tools they give you for a lifetime.

Do you have serious life challenges you need help resolving? We can help, quickly and powerfully, with compassion and understanding for where you are.

For people new to Divine Openings™ as well as for people who have been with us for a while, a short series of transformational spiritual counseling or life coaching sessions with Lola herself on her new webinar series,  or 1 on 1 sessions with Melinda (in English) or Angelika, Anita or Uli (in English and German) can blast you out of old gravitational patterns and quickly advance your next level of spiritual development and practical life results.

Divine Openings™ Guides know how to get you where you want to go rapidly, and with ease and grace. Everyone finds value in being walked through the book material, getting help with blind spots, and resting in the powerful field of Grace that resonates from each Guide. 

Divine Openings Transformational Coaching and Counseling Sessions are unique --

-- and uniquely powerful.  Here's why! 

  • You relax into the flow of Grace.
  • Feel soothed and empowered.
  • Quit working on issues.
  • Let go of the past.
  • Create what you want going forward.
  • Experience lots of Grace-filled laughter. 
  • Receive in-depth training on key activities and techniques.
  • The Guides are initiated and certified by Lola Jones, who rarely gives sessions now (only retreats.)

Go from Great to Greater

Guides specialize in taking fantastically successful and happy people even higher.

Individual spiritual counseling and life coaching sessions go way beyond fixing issues or healing your past. Instead, they get you focused on how you want to feel and invite you to step into that new reality here and now. 

You cannot imagine the power that can flow through a phone until
you experience a Divine Openings private or group session.


Types of Sessions and Webinars

Now that you know how it works, see your choices of types of counseling.

See the Directory of Certified Divine Openings Guides.

Here are some examples of how sessions go:

Audio: Diving In Method "The Feminine Energy of Allowing" in JTM, module 12.

Audio: "The Ultimate Allowing" in THE ART OF LOVE AND SEX, module 2

"Diving In After a 5-Day Retreat." The energies at a 5-Day Silent Retreat can power-up our ability to focus...which might change how you do a Diving In! This audio introduces a style of Diving In which is perfect for people who have finished a 5-Day. It's posted in the Bliss Maintenance Course.

How light would you like your daily life to be?

Divine Openings Guides know that Grace can lift you beyond old patterns and vibrational habits, and they know how to do it.  They show you how to do your small part and then get yourself out of the way so that Grace can more easily flow what you want into your life. 

They share techniques that help you move through the essence of old patterns quickly and easily, allowing this dense, stuck energy to rise in vibration.  

As you learn to manage your vibration, you open the spigot that allows Grace to flow.

Simply resting in the Guide's soothing, powerful field of Grace pulls you deeper into this alignment and is deeply tranformative. Aligning with this flow, you reclaim power to create the life you desire!

Divine Openings sessions  can be in person, over Skype or on the phone and last approximately 1 hour, which includes time for a Divine Opening or Divine Mother Hug as well as time to rest and integrate in this expanded state.

During the whole session you are bathed in a deep resonant field of Grace that actually attunes your vibration to a higher frequency.

A Divine Opening or Divine Mother Hug at the end merely amplifies energy that is already flowing.  

Your Guide and you will determine which "boost" is more appropriate for you: Divine Openings are accelerating while Divine Mother Hugs are more soothing. Each has their time and place.

As clear, practical, and direct as it is, sometimes this message of ease is hard to hear for those who have toiled on the therapy treadmill or the spiritual path, believing improving and awakening are hard work, or that bliss and enlightenment have to be earned.  Some find themselves lost, off course, or stalled out before they've experienced the joy of free flight.

A Certified Divine Openings™ Guide is like a master top gun flight instructor who helps you get off the ground more quickly and points you in the right direction as you explore living at higher altitudes.  Your Guide helps you locate, master, and navigate your all-important Instrument Panel (explained in the book) and shows you how to stabilize in all kinds of weather. Then you get how to do it yourself--that's our goal.

Your spiritual growth is accelerated as you steadily climb in elevation, and you gain crucial confidence in your ability to avoid major turbulence by making minor course corrections. Your Guide helps you remain focused until you reach your next destination.

This focused, in-flight training greatly supports your rapid elevation.  Divine Openings Guides know that traditional methods of working on issues or healing the past can keep you grounded and stuck, or circling forever. Our transformational spiritual counseling and life coaching sessions get you up and flying fast.  

Once airborne, issues dissolve and healing happens naturally.  This is not theoretical; you experience firsthand the exhilaration of rising above the clouds.

Get support until you can fly on your own.

Many of us spent years drifting in circles when what we wanted was to soar. A Divine Openings Guide can feel, pinpoint, and help you release stubborn holding patterns, and supports a deepening relationship with your Large Self that is ultimately your Guide. As the Divine Intelligence within you wakes, your spiritual growth and development takes off, and you would do sessions only occasionally to go higher, or just for the fun of co-creating with a high vibration Mentor. 

Notes from session clients:

"Oh thank you for shining the light and pointing my awareness towards my Large Self, my power! How clearly I can see now that I was giving my power away... I feel as if you have given me the most exquisite delicious perfect gift right at the most perfect moment. Thank you for your love, your soothing, and for your presence and light."  - Lara

"Melinda,  your clarity is laser sharp, but it penetrates so softly.  Thank you for helping me get to my own place of clarity!" - Lisa 

"Dear Anita, You have been a valuable and important companion in a very difficult phase of life. Through you and Lola’s book I have found even more deeply to myself. I have learned to release the heavyweights and trust in divine grace which was very liberating. In the past few months I have been highly rewarded. The group meetings with Divine Openings were always a pleasure. We had a lot of fun - especially because you led the group members in a warm-hearted, humorous, force-giving way to a healing path. Thanks a lot! " - B.S.

"Uli, knowing you has been truly inspirational for me. Your earth-bound wisdom is a source of deep inner joy and a multidimensional understanding of life. I greatly enjoy your friendliness towards people and your passion for Mother Earth. What a blessing knowing you! " - M. Selina 

life coaching




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More about Divine Openings Transformational Counseling and Coaching Sessions

All of our spiritual counseling and life coaching sessions -- including business and career counseling, relationship counseling, and personal and spiritual development -- take you well beyond the old paradigm of spiritual "healing."

We do not follow the old paradigm that there's something wrong with you.
We don't believe your emotions, spirit, or mind need "healing."
We know your problems disappear when you wake up.

Divine Openings Guides help you wake up.

When you think you need a healer and healing for emotional or mental distress, you create endless things to "heal." That puts you on a never-ending hamster wheel of finding things that need "healing" and "clearing."  It will never stop (as you've noticed - that's why you're here).
Divine Openings is for awakening into spiritual enlightenment, expanding, unfolding, remembering who you are, raising your vibration, and reclaiming your power -- and then there's nothing to heal.

About Physical Healing

We use the words spiritual healing ONLY if you are sick or have a physical challenge. You may request spiritual healing (physical healing) as part of your regular Divine Openings sessions too.

Distinctions blur between types of sessions, as physical healings have occurred when there was no mention of the problem in a Divine Openings session and the Divine Openings Guides didn't even know about it. As well, life changes have occurred when a client was solely seeking physical healing.

Physical healing is up to you and The Presence. The healer doesn't always know your life plan and sometimes cannot interfere with it.

If you're not noticeably physically improved after 3 physical healing sessions (with any healer using any modality) you need to try a different healer. No one is 100% successful. 75% is a good average among advanced healers.

You might need to discover the vital message or gift that malady has for you, as some maladies are not healed until you change the vibration that recreates that condition.

You need to do your conscious mind part and raise your vibration, deal with emotions, and take your mind out of the driver's seat. It is helpful to learn to release resistance yourself. But it does help you to get some relief first.

Divine Openings sessions help you with this.

Types of Sessions and Webinars

Now that you know how it works, see your choices of types of counseling.

See the Directory of Certified Divine Openings Guides.

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