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    You can have spiritual mastery in this lifetime. Being in Lola Jones's field of resonance catalyzes awakening, deepening, healing, and even whole life transformation.

Live Virtual Retreat

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virtual retreat on zoom, live with lola jones

The self-paced Portals give you all of the basics, but these live Virtual Retreats take you deeper into the depths of your being, into the bliss that only silence can bring. And live contact with Lola is powerful, even online. Big things happen. Bring your whole wish list!

Every event is different because the energy evolves! Lola brings those newest leading edge methods and energies in response to YOUR needs, and often is given new ones during the event!

Get all the details and register here! 

 Read tons of testimonials from participants of past Virtual Retreats. BONUS: you get all of the media from past Virtual Retreats.

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Eventually, talking to God will feel like talking to yourself, albeit your expanded Self. It's a tricky point in your evolution--don't begin seeking again, looking for something 'other'--you are what you were seeking.
Lola Jones