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Spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening article by Lola Jones that ends processing and spiritual healing

get off the hamster wheel of endless spiritual seeking

Get off that hamster wheel or you'll never get there!

 by Lola Jones

Spiritual awakening...

is as much about what you don’t do, let go of, and STOP struggling with than what you do. A major component of reaching enlightenment is: you can’t get to a high level of mastery while still seeking and processing.

Resist if you must. Rationalize it any way you want to. Do what you choose. This is not a judgment, nor an edict—I just tell you what I see working, and not working, for thousands of people—this is what I do every day.

If I’m preaching to the choir here—if you‘ve ceased seeking or never were a modality junkie—congratulations! Read this part just to enjoy and celebrate where you are, and laugh—there are some seriously funny parts toward the end.

What people seek is already inside, so all seeking outside is a distraction.

People cannot hear what they’re not ready to hear, but tired seekers if you’ve been pushing rocks up hills, are exhausted and sick of it, and are finally ready to hear this now, you can get off the Hamster Wheel and begin to really live.

To Reach Enlightenment, Get OFF The Hamster Wheel

A person who intends to be a masterful race car driver must to learn to drive her own car. Getting healings, cleanings, clearings, and having someone else in charge of fixing your emotions and pains is tantamount to that aspiring driver letting someone else drive her around the racetrack year after year—her spiritual awakening and mastery never comes.

Working on oneself, trying to fix, heal, cleanse, clear and get somewhere on the spiritual path not only doesn't lead to enlightenment, it prevents arrival at the desired blissful, peaceful place. The mind is tricky. Even in meditation, the mind wants to grasp rather than relaxing and letting it happen.

To Reach Enlightenment,
Achieve Full Spiritual Awakening:
Get OFF The Hamster Wheel

Advanced spiritual awakening seekers

It's tempting to unconsciously parrot New Age clichés and old paradigm concepts that one has no direct experience of, but assume it must be true because they read it in twenty physical books. One of the most ridiculous cliches out there is that it takes a lifetime of working on yourself, doing constant sessions, practices, austerities, and clearing, to get to a place of deep spiritual mastery.

When someone says they're "working on” their spiritual progress or some emotional block, Tom Hanks line from A League Of Our Own comes to mind. He said, “There’s no crying in baseball!” but The Cowgirl Guru in me says, “There’s no working on it in enlightenment!” Working on what's wrong creates more of what is wrong, because you create more of whatever you focus upon, for better or worse. That's why I titled my new book, Watch Where You Point That Thing.

If someone is still plodding along the old Modality of the Month path, and tells me, “Your teaching isn’t working for me,” the Cowgirl Guru in me says, “You’re not doing what I'm teaching—you’re trying to do what everyone is teaching. You're doing modality soup. Of course it isn’t working, and that approach will never work. When you straddle your old reality and the new one, you split your power, and your pants!”

People get free only when they stop working on themselves—I’ve never, ever seen anyone get free while running on the Hamster Wheel of fix, heal, clear, cleanse, and clear—it's impossible—they're mutually exclusive. You go higher when you stop doing, chasing, and seeking, get still, and go within.

Once awakening to enlightenment begins

we expand constantly and eternally. When we simply intend to stay awake, are willing to feel, and take everything within, we evolve as fast as we can handle it in all areas of our lives, including in our practical lives: financial, family, health, and relationship. Many people, including me, even ask to have it slow down occasionally so we can catch up with the fast-moving energies.
I just do what I do, see what I see, and write what I get from within, and when the emperor has no clothes on it seems obvious enough to me. No one else seems to notice, or want to notice seeking addiction.

I hadn’t realized I'd made a unique observation with seeking addiction until a man wrote me a few years ago and said, "Thank you for giving a name to 'seeking addiction'. I have seen this nowhere else. This has enlightened me.” I did invent the term. I am supremely qualified: I'm an expert—I was once a serious seeking addict.

Enjoy this piece from my spiritual humor book, Confessions Of A Cowgirl Guru:

The Hamster Wheel

I used to run on a hamster wheel constantly. It got me in really good shape, but it got frustrating and boring. It was the hamster wheel of personal and spiritual development. Looking back it seems weird that I did that for so long, but hey, we do a lot of things for decades even though it never completely works. Like trying to change men. All your friends are doing it and no one else is getting there either, so it just seems like the thing to do and you keep doing it.

Now I’m a recovering spiritual seeker. (And I don’t try to change men anymore, either. I get them ready to wear, pre-washed, and pre-worn. Some other woman has done all the hard work.)

Did you know I started Spiritual Seekers Anonymous seven years ago? It’s so anonymous no one knows about it.

I’d start the meetings with, “Hi, I’m Lola Jones, and I am a recovering modality junkie.”

“I’ve been clean and blissed out for almost seven years now. But one morning I woke up with the shakes and fell off the wagon. To try to steady myself, I tried counting my prayer beads while chanting the 108 sacred names of God 108 times. But it was no use—I was headed full speed toward a relapse into addictive seeking.

“I called my astrologer Moon Beam Steinberg for advice, and she said, “Hey, where’ve you been? Mercury in retrograde is a picnic compared to what your planets are doing. STAY IN BED WITH A HELMET ON!” The helmet gave me a headache and brought up powerlessness issues, so I read three metaphysical books: on shamanism, the Kabala, and Buddhism. They were all contradictory and confused me, so I got out my crystals and cleared my chakras. I invoked the nature spirits of the trees to help me with my decision whether to go to therapeutic origami class or group therapy. All my friends would be at group therapy, so I went there and felt better hearing how mucked up they were.

“Something still didn’t feel right, I just couldn’t get my bliss on, so I left a message for my massage therapist River Dolphin Rider Schwartz, but she was on a three-month walkabout with the Aborigines of Australia, studying their magic codpieces. Bummer—for me—not her. Fortunately there were some people hanging out at the Center For Anti-Apocalyptic Contemplation, and one of them gave me a serendipitous message from the Universe that I would meet my ideal lover in two years.

“That was so depressing I asked my Jungian /Gestalt /Hoʻoponopono /Reiki master to fit me in for a total emergency energy work-over to try to speed up my romantic progress. I came out with my hair standing on end and ran screaming (non-therapeutically) to my natural hairstylist, who communes with each follicle and only cuts the hairs that want to be cut. She shocked me by insisting I needed a perm. “Why do I need a perm?” I screeched, “You don’t believe in chemicals!” She shrugged, “My car payment is due.”

“I repeated every affirmation, mantra, and chant I knew 108 times while she worked on my hair, then went to a Spiritual Seekers Anonymous meeting to share about my relapse and recommit. It felt better to know that others too had strayed—one guy had already done more modalities than I had that day. He must have gotten up earlier.

“Then we had lunch."

Yes, that all happened before lunch, and it goes on from there, getting funnier and funnier.

Get my new spiritual humor book, Confessions Of A Cowgirl Guru.

And have you read my other "seriously" life changing book, Living Large: Mastering Your Power Of Intention.

To get the most out of both, read my foundational book first: Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How To Let Go And Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting.


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