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Spiritual enlightenment book, when will I be enlightened? page 3 more excerpts

Lola Jones things are going great

This is not just a spiritual book to "read" and go on to the next book.

You'll experience it, and live into it.

It gives extensive how-to's and processes in a progression that builds upon itself. The Divine Openings (enlightenment initiations) this book gives you are the most powerful element; they open you so you're able to do the processes effectively and make better choices.

Most people read it many times because their consciousness has expanded since the last reading, and they can "hear" more of it each time.

The following excerpts can only give you an idea of how the book is written, but not the vast depth of experience it takes you through step by step.

Random excerpts from the book:

Classic Signs of Enlightenment
YOU WILL BEGIN to experience signs of enlightenment and may wonder what to expect or what it all means. The earliest signs of enlightenment are usually increased inner peace, a quieter mind, moments of causeless bliss, and mysterious disappearance of anxiety.

Synchronicity amps up. Once you relax into the flow of life, its natural orchestration brings people, circumstances and events together to provide what’s needed for all. Life is all connected, all intelligent, all one, so of course it works in concert with your needs and desires. Science calls it the unified field.

I asked for a very functional, grounded, connected, practical form of enlightenment, as I wanted to be fully engaged with the world and its business.

Some want to sit in a cave somewhere and beam enlightened energy to the world from a distance. That’s a worthy service—if it’s what you want. I wanted a practical, grounded, spiritual but non-religious, and fun enlightenment.

I wanted it to make me even more effective in my business affairs and more loving and available in relationships. You can design your enlightenment just about any way you want to, and later in the book you’ll get help doing that.

While your enlightenment is unique, you design your own. Not everyone has the “classic” variety, but there are some classic signs that usually appear as part of an unfolding.

1. Witnessing yourself: Observing yourself objectively from your Large Self, as if from outside yourself, is one hallmark. This “witnessing” of yourself may occur as an actual out-of-body experience where you look down upon your body. It may be a subtle dual perspective, with your wiser, objective Large Self noticing the actions and responses of your more limited small self. That’s how I witness. You begin to see the workings of your own mind with clarity and objectivity—not judging, but simply being aware, for example, of the small-self mind’s pettiness or defensiveness. Suddenly you see clearly the old habits and beliefs that have ruled your life. The mind may not entirely stop doing what it does, but it no longer controls you. You start to understand that you’re not your mind. “Just because my mind says something doesn’t mean I have to listen!”

You become less and less identified with or caught up in the dramas, stories and deceptions of the mind as you identify with the Larger Self view. You don’t stop being human and fallible, but you are conscious. You are aware of what you are feeling, saying, or doing, and are not run by it. Now I can reach deep states of meditation even when my mind is chattering away. I can just ignore it. I can be productive no matter how I feel. Feelings don’t rule me.

2. Equanimity and the end of suffering: The ability to experience each moment as it comes your way, without the need to change it or escape it is “equanimity.” This aspect of enlightenment allows a person to experience the current physical reality, other people, and their own emotions as they are, without resistance to them. The enlightened one appreciates and accepts everything as it is, at peace in the calm at the eye of the storm. Experiences move by in a kaleidoscopic parade. There is less story added to the experience, less dramatizing of the situation. They often say, “It is what it is,” or “How interesting that I created that.”

Enlightenment has been called the end of suffering. I have a dear friend who was fifty-six, in a nursing home, bedridden, dependent on dialysis, on disability income, and lost both legs from diabetes. I gave him Divine Openings over many months. He went through a deep dark night of the soul at one point, diving to the depths of despair. He left his body and communed with dead relatives in a vast white space with no floor or walls. Then he emerged peaceful and joyful. By the time he passed, he was one of the happiest people I knew. He uplifted the doctors and nurses. Even though his body was diminished and he could not reverse it, he did not feel powerless. He was hopeful. He was enlightened.

My personal experience has been a gradual diminishment, then loss of the ability to suffer—literally to the point where very little disturbs my inner peace for longer than a few minutes, or at the very worst, a few hours or a day. When we experience things from Large Self perspective, or God perspective, there is nothing to suffer about. Even if someone dies, we know there is no real death, just a change of form. If we lose something or someone, we know that there is no scarcity. When we look at suffering in the world, we hold the energy of the solution, and we know that’s more powerful than suffering over their suffering, which only adds to the vibration of suffering and creates more of it in us and out there. Don’t work on this—it will come.

3. Oneness, or unconditional love: This is the perhaps the most important aspect of enlightenment. Psychic powers, manifesting, and mystical visions are trivial, even useless, if love is not present. The flowering of the heart deepens enlightenment, bringing the experience of oneness with All That Is; or some days you suddenly feel causeless love for strangers, or feel like everything is inside of you or that you are indistinguishable from everything. You might talk directly with nature, bring rain, communicate with animals, or somehow know what someone needs. You tap into Universal Intelligence to know useful things in your areas of interest, whether it’s science, car repair, or business. There is no longer any sense of separation between you and All That Is. You’re aware that you are a distinct part of All That Is. It usually comes in peaks, but you are forever transformed unless you choose to “go back to sleep.”

With some things in life, you might want someone to tell you what to expect, give you the benefit of their experience; but you are urged to go into this very personal spiritual adventure open to discovering the unique gift The Divine has for you. You cannot fail at this, and perfection is not the goal of this ever-expanding universe, nor is it a qualification for enlightenment. There will be more on this topic as the book progresses and as you go through your experience.

Once you’ve begun the unfolding of enlightenment, it’s like being on a plane from New York to California; you can’t get off the plane, so there’s no need to stress about whether you’ll get there or not. You can’t make the journey go faster by running up and down the aisles, so you might as well relax and enjoy the ride. Each stage has its own sweetness, so enjoy it. You will arrive at the scheduled time!

By intention, enlightenment with Divine Openings includes something not all types of enlightenment include: your "practical life" works. You cannot "work on" for enlightenment--it is given, and you allow it. This book guides you through that allowing.

There are classic signs, but your enlightenment will be unique.
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OK, When Will I Be Enlightened?

FOCUS ON WHAT you want more of. Focus on the good things that have already happened. Focus on the fact that your Large Self is already “there,” already enlightened, and that it calls to you constantly, and doesn’t judge how long it takes, or if you stray. Experience the perfection that already is.

As the Divine Openings unfold for you, you might experience increased bliss, love, laughter or any emotion. You might have improvements in work or money, attitude shifts, a breakthrough in a relationship, increased or decreased energy (temporarily), sleep changes, quieter mind (or temporarily busier mind.) You might notice tingling, physical sensations, physical detox, new inspirations, boredom, or temporary emptiness.

The best news, in any case, is there’s nothing to do or work on—just be. You see, when you did clearing or “healing work” habitually, it just created more of what you were looking for. If you “work on” and focus on what’s “wrong” now, you’ll create more of it. Now I hope you’re not creating more. It’s moving and rising spontaneously, as energy is supposed to move. Your Divine Intelligence orchestrates it. Hard work is over. You can let go of the old paradigm of working on yourself now.

Appreciation will smooth your progress. Say, “Thank you for moving this old energy and feeling upward. Thank you for breaking down the old, so there’s room for the new to come in.” “I appreciate that what’s left my life needed to go. Now what’s next?”

The more you focus on what is not here, the more you delay it. The more you stress about your enlightenment, the slower it comes. Relax and enjoy the ride, and better things just come to you. Above all, it’s all about joy. There’s really nowhere to get to.

Start focusing more on how you feel right now, and less on the big outcomes.

This is not about healing, fixing, clearing or cleansing. It is simply returning to alignment with who you really are. It can be very gentle. Release any belief in growing by struggle and pain.

In general, this massive realignment process goes like this: you receive a Divine Opening and directly experience the Divine in you. Then it begins to work on you from the inside out. The pure positive bliss energy you feel also stirs up, activates, and moves many slow and dense energies/emotions/habits/resistances that are clogging the pipes. You may feel it as it moves up the scale—you may not. Then love and joy can flow through the pipes better than ever. You may go up and down for a while, and then you stabilize at a higher level. The higher level soon feels “normal” to you. Then you go higher in another cycle, and stabilize there. Increasingly you feel joy even when there’s no “reason” to, or love where there was none. Eventually, nothing can get you down for long.

The farther into Divine Openings you go, the more you’ll turn inward for support and communion directly with the Divine. In the early stages, though, don’t hesitate to ask for support. It may feel like you’re unhooking from the matrix, seeing behind the curtain, as you remember who you really are. The territory is unfamiliar, and it puts us all outside our comfort zones, but the help is there within and without. Increasingly, we can relax and let the Flow of Life show us where to go and how to get there. The “softer” we are and the more we let go, the easier it is.

I had imagined awakening would be some ethereal state where mystical visions appeared, and all my challenges stopped. There are fewer challenges. Challenges still occur, but there is more ease, and even relish, in handling them. It’s a creative game. We came here to have a variety of experiences and contrasts.

The contrasts are less extreme, but they are still there. They help us know even more clearly what we want. Eating the “fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” represents to me the birth of rational thinking, polarities and contrasts, and the Free Will choice to choose between the contrasts. In any given moment we can either align with The Divine in us or choose struggle. The choice is ours, but it’s never final. You can re-choose.

Life has indeed become magical and full of synchronicity and ease, yet I, and others in this process, find it subtle most of the time now that I'm accustomed to it. It’s more like a steady stream of “all is well,” a smooth unfolding of daily life that hums along without drama, punctuated with joy and occasional bursts of causeless bliss. Human neurology is not yet evolved to handle the extreme voltage of pure Divine Bliss all the time. It ebbs and flows. Surf it!

I promise you this—it will still feel horrible to slip down into the lower vibrations. It is supposed to! When you’re not aligned with your Large Self, it is supposed to feel bad so you’ll go back up. Dropping just a bit might even feel as bad as being at the bottom used to feel.

During my twenty-one days of silence, my Honeymoon With The Divine, I asked for a love like I’d never had—the compatible, co-creative, and passionate partnership I’d always wanted. Within a month of returning home, I met a lovely man so easily, so naturally, and it developed so smoothly and quickly that I marveled only upon looking back. I had thought fireworks would flare and trumpets would sound, but there was only the sound of our laughter, and a quiet peaceful flow of sweet casual experiences that seemed so inexplicably natural that I decided, “I think I’ll keep doing this.” It sure takes the pressure off both people to enjoy the moment and put aside the judgments of what it is supposed to be or where it’s going.

The voice inside had simple advice, “Enjoy!” That relationship was so much fun, and in some ways better than any before it, yet it was not forever. I enjoyed every minute of it and then let it go two years later when it was no longer a vibrational match. Some relationships have expiration dates, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

In this new drama-free life, change is more easily accepted, incidents aren’t traumatic, or they don’t stick. The right people and things always appear at the right time, close on the heels of the need, or often even slightly before the need, in a way that serves everyone involved.

Within two years I went from no income to being prosperous. More important, I’m “independently happy”—independent of outer conditions. Anything I need comes. There’s been steady growth in Divine Openings each year, and I’m happy it wasn’t faster so I didn’t get overwhelmed and overworked. If anything, I’m still holding back a bit on growth to maintain balance. I’m not impatient nor particularly ambitious—I do all this out of a natural enjoyment of the unfolding. Notoriety grows simply because I’ve helped a lot of people and they tell a lot of people.

Problems are fewer and fewer, and life isn’t about problems anymore. Health has improved. I had forgotten about those health issues until just now. See how valuable it is to take note of the progress? Otherwise we so quickly forget the past!

Energy has increased. It’s a steady, upward path. The worries of past years are gone, and the occasional flicker of doubt quickly fades, either by itself, by diving into it for a few minutes, or by deliberately raising my altitude.

The mind still loves to make up scary stories. Even when you’re free the mind might still say you’re not. That’s what that wrong-seeking missile of a mind does. I just don’t believe everything I think anymore! I am keenly guided by the voice of my Large Self that sounds like me, only smarter. It’s not flashy or mystical but it is constant if I stay up there where I can hear it. The voice of God doesn’t go away, but sometimes we do! We can always return to it.

It is not necessarily a flashy thing, although it can be. Lightning never flashed and angels never sang for me, but one day it was clear that something had clicked in. “I’ve got it.” I know my power. I know from my Large Self perspective that all is well. And so it is. And it just keeps getting better every year. The ups and downs are no more.

Enlightenment is just being in the Flow of Life.

It Will Become Normal

THIS FANTASTIC WAY of life was eventually accepted as “the way it is supposed to be.” Clients’ amazing experiences have become commonplace. I still love to marvel at them, though.

“Ah,” I thought, “so this is the return to the Garden, the restoration of innocence, Heaven on Earth.” Then that brought tears to my eyes, remembering that sixteen years ago I set the intention to create Heaven on Earth—I was nowhere near it, and didn’t have the slightest clue how to do it, or even an inkling of what it would be like. How many times I despaired it would never happen. Only a few years before Divine Openings had I learned to raise my altitude easily and consistently—then Divine Openings continued to raise it until it was un-crashable. But this stage is only the beginning. Once we get to a high cruising altitude, the journey really gets exciting.

Sometimes I set a destination and go there, but often Life surprises me: this this book being read in over eighty countries, having a worldwide website, photographing covers for a holistic magazine, writing articles for it every month, writing a theme song for a film, writing, singing, and recording my own original music, all without striving. I’m sure the lack of attachment actually helped—things go great in our absence.

You become accustomed to each high you reach until it becomes quite normal for you, even a plateau of sorts. Then you reach for another plateau, thrill in it, and then it becomes normal. The universe expands as you expand. Seeking is no longer attractive nor needed.

Miracles are normal when you’re in the flow of life—when they’re not happening, that is not normal. Deep appreciation brings even more of it, so stop and rave often.

Waves of ecstasy might wash through your body during mundane activities. One day my truck wouldn’t start, and there was absolutely no dip in my mood, only a tiny sense of inconvenience as I decided what to do, made a plan, and carried it out. The next day as I rode with the tow truck driver to the repair place I had chosen, I suddenly began to experience an almost orgasmic full body ecstasy for absolutely no reason. It was inexplicable by all logical standards. My truck was broken, I knew it was going to cost me time and money, and there I was in bliss, talking with the driver, enjoying a raging, passionately physical sense of being alive—life force flowing through my body, lighting up every cell.

I want to relate a rather mundane sequence of events that followed that magical experience. You might think God has better things to do than take care of our ordinary needs, but throughout the next month, I was reminded that The Indweller knows our every want. There was something being lined up for me that was better than anything I had anticipated.

Once the mechanic checked the truck, I got some unwelcome news—the warranty did not cover that particular issue, and the bill was for hundreds of dollars I had planned to use for something more fun. I used to call that “bad news,” but now, without putting on any act at all, I’m pretty clear that there isn’t any such thing. These days, even as I hear the “bad news,” I think something like, “Well, that was unexpected… hmmm.”

I did have a momentary dip, but within an hour I had rebounded and determined to simply let in more money fast, which happened in the next week. The choice was simple: feel bad, point the nose of the plane downward, and create more unpleasant and costly incidents, or decide to raise my vibration, feel good, and point the nose of the plane upward, and change trajectory. That’s an easy decision, isn’t it? It worked, and any upset faded within hours. That’s my mantra now: “Is pointing the nose down, no matter how justified I might be, worth it? Is it going to help create what I want?”

I’m Not Resistant!
NO ONE INTENDS to be resistant or have a low vibration. No one intends to be unhappy. If you are still unhappy and your life is not working as well as you’d like, even after reading this book, there is still hope, if you read it again. Your freedom hinges primarily on your willingness to feel. I’ll share with you here a training letter I wrote to the Divine Openings Givers:

“People who have difficulty allowing feeling struggle longer before they let Divine Openings help them. Because they’ve resisted feeling for so long, huge amounts of emotion try to rise, and it scares them. It’s astounding to find that feeling is one of the most feared experiences on the planet. Any feeling is a valuable message from your guidance system!

One participant experienced his full power and God Self during the initiation in the Five-Day Silent Retreat. He felt he was about to levitate as he stood there, basking in the energy. Then a few days later he had a huge movement of old, stagnant energy (fear, terror, sadness, grief) accompanied by intense physical spasms, and he thought he was going to die! Having relied on “human strength” for thirty-five years, he didn’t realize how much he had resisted feeling.

He’d been doing Divine Openings, while resisting it, for two years—a superhuman feat! Holding back takes a tremendous amount of your energy. He realized why he’d been so tired. But the eventual and inevitable awakening of the True Self within pushes up anything that is not in alignment with it. Bliss tends to bring up its opposite and push out anything that is not bliss. Then that lower feeling rises.

That’s part of bringing it down to Earth. That may take a while (it doesn’t have to) and can play out like old things blowing up (but it doesn’t have to if you’ll just feel.)

Men sometimes have more difficulty with feeling deeply, having been trained their whole lives not to show "weakness.” What a handicap, having much of one’s own Instrument Panel be off limits! For a man, anger might be OK, where sadness or tears are not allowed.

A war hero who fears no gun, bomb, or knife might break down into a twitching, terrified blob when confronted with his own feelings, or the illness of a parent or child. That feeling can’t be shot, stabbed, or conquered, but resisting it only causes suffering.

Being around me is intense. There’s a powerful, accelerated, evolution-inducing vortex that causes energy and feelings to move. I love it, but some romantic and work partners who were in strong resistance and didn’t wish to feel and evolve simply couldn’t remain in this field of resonance. Some actually melted down and had to get away.

Sometimes people attempt to manage everything with the mind, from the neck up, to avoid feeling. They try to think through feelings, or do the spiritual bypass and not have them. One man who is very, very powerful and successful in the world fled one of my courses in cold sweats with his back muscles completely seized up. Feeling had admittedly been his Waterloo through many phone sessions. I know he will complete the course when he’s ready. He’s a lovely, generous, sensitive person. He wants to make a difference, and does. This just demonstrates how terrifying it is to feel when the mind has told you for decades that you must not feel THAT! Anything but that!

Yet once we let go and feel it, we’re FREE! Very quickly! People who commit and let go do not have these difficulties—Grace gives you a sweet, easy, lovely unfolding. But you need to know what can happen if resistance is stronger than you were aware of. You’re not losing your mind, and you’re not dying. (Some medical alarms do need attention.)

If it’s tough, give it over to The Presence. It is truly not your job to do it alone. You asked for change, Divine Openings brings it.

Let it be easy. You get zero extra points for doing it the hard way.

Be assured that Divine Openings doesn’t bring up anything that wasn’t already there. It doesn’t create a problem that didn’t already exist. It only makes you aware of it so that it can move.

Read the book again if the first reading doesn’t get you there. Many people really get it more powerfully on the subsequent readings, because Grace has softened and worked on you in the meantime, and you’re more awake. While many of you are noticing big shifts by now, the next page offers more insight into how to let go.

Here are some clues that indicate you might be unconsciously “prohibiting feeling”:

• You analyze, rationalize, or think everything through instead of feeling it through.
• You get blindsided and surprised by people and events (couldn’t feel your Instrument Panel readings so you didn’t know it was coming.)
• You run around a lot, always in a hurry, rarely sit still, and stay constantly busy.
• Or you have low energy and don’t get much done. You’re tired, heavy, and weary a lot (it’s from holding back all that feeling that wants to move.) Your metabolism is slow.
• Numbness. You’re not sure what you feel on some subjects.
• You talk a lot. Talking is addictive for you.
• You have to be with people all the time, and can’t be happy alone.
• Or you avoid people or intimacy, and have shallow relationships.
• You’re always cheerful, but things don’t go well. If so, the cheer is inauthentic and not what you’re really feeling inside—you have blind spots—vibrations you’re unaware of.
• You’re cynical or resigned, or you settle for less than you really want.
• You act tough and you get treated tough by other people and by life.
• Or you get more “spiritual,” and try to go around the feelings with positive thinking, meditation, spiritual bypass, or other means.

What if you suspect you’re not feeling as much as you could? Be incredibly kind to yourself. Treat yourself like a sweet, precious newborn. Don’t judge yourself—you got trained not to feel. It’s not your fault. It’s not “bad,” it just doesn’t lead to happiness, but you’re going to be fine now.

Anytime something’s too big for you to handle, or seems to be out of your control, give it over to The Presence. Ask to feel. Then feel.

Do the Daily Pleasure Practices and Thirty Ways To Raise Your Altitude from the end of the book. Take an “online retreat,” watch the videos, and listen to the audios. Attend a live retreat. Demonstrate your intentions and commitments to yourself with action.

Divine Openings makes life easier pretty quickly, and the fun starts. It is not endless work. If you feel like it’s work at all, you’ve dragged the old “endless work and processing paradigm” into it. Step back and enjoy rather than working on it. Just pay attention and make conscious choices daily.

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