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Don't Hang Onto Bliss

A spiritual and personal development article by Lola Jones

In Divine Openings we often say feelings need to be felt and allowed to move on.

Don't resist any feeling and it can move on faster. When I say that, people usually immediately think I only mean unwanted, lower vibrational feelings need to move.

But all energy needs to move.

Even bliss energy needs to move--it can't be frozen and held. Anything we hold onto, resist letting go of, and don't allow to move as nature intends all things to move, causes stagnation and pain. Advanced spirituality doesn't mean bliss is all you feel. It comes and it goes. Let it go!

People who've achieved a high degree of spiritual awakening, enlightenment, freedom and happiness through Divine Openings or some other means still sometimes want to think that someday they'll feel only bliss. But if you get attached to the bliss, and cling to it, that creates resistance to the flow. The most profound freedom is in being willing to feel everything, be alright with everything just as it is, and so allow it all to move and flow. Life is change.

In the Portal 2 Online Course I call it "surfing," when you can just ride the waves of whatever comes your way. You surf the troughs as well as the crests willingly, without resistance. Commit to feeling it all, embracing it all, and one day you can surf sorrow at the loss of a loved one almost as smoothly as you surf joy at finding new love--and even feel the beauty equally in both. Like the tides, most things in life ebb and flow, giving you the clarity of contrasting feelings. Make peace with ebb and flow, don't make it wrong, and you'll be happier. The lighter you hold to bliss, the faster it returns.

I sometimes joke that I now know
how to be happy being unhappy.

One of the prime manifestations of enlightenment is equanimity. Equanimity is being OK with what is. And when you can surf the joy, appreciate the joy, and also be OK with any other feeling that arises, from sadness to anger to depression, that is when you are free--that is when you have equanimity. And that's when those lower feelings move on very quickly. When you make it wrong that the joy has faded, you trap yourself in that low place, prolong your pain, and delay the return of joy. Paradoxically, when your joy has ebbed, and you breathe into that lower feeling, and embrace that unwanted feeling, your joy comes back faster.

When you can surf any feeling... willingly...
you're free.

More and more I hear advanced students honestly saying, "I love all feeling now--I actually embrace and welcome it all." With Divine Openings you don't have to suffer at all to learn, expand, and grow--that's an old paradigm we no longer live in, and that is not what they're talking about. They mean they've found that the less you resist, the faster your high returns.


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