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FAQ: Divine Openings™ Mentoring and Professional Guide Program

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The FAQ helps you understand the differences in Mentoring and Guide Certification, and helps you choose. You can always change your mind and switch tracks. We evolve! The Program is always growing and changing. More material and benefits will be added, and prerequisites and tuition costs may rise. That's one benefit of registering in full now.

At bottom, learn more about how Mentoring affects your life success.

Who is this Program suited for?

  • Those who want to step into their next level of expansion, with advanced, one-on-one personalized Mentoring and training, including much more live contact with Lola. 
  • Those who want to incorporate the benefits and Grace of Divine Openings into any profession in a powerful way - lawyers, doctors, landscapers, and construction workers - anyone can and does benefit.
  • Those who want to receive leading edge spiritual counseling training, give Divine Openings, and learn how to give Divine Openings sessions or incorporate it into their existing counseling practice.

How long will it take to complete it?

  • Depending on your goals, from the time you register it takes 12 months to complete your 5 Steps (Mentoring).
  • For those who have already read both books ("Things are Going Great in my Absence" and "Living Large") and have taken the Portal 1 and 2 online courses, you will likely take less time because your spiritual enlightenment and practical life evolution are already more evolved, but of course you can fulfill your year (Mentoring).
  • Students in the Basic Guide Ambassador Program complete the program within 12 months as well.  
  • Students who want be a Professional Guide generally take longer to complete their training. For them there is no certain time limit existing.

How much will it cost?

  • The initial Application Session fee with Lola is $150. Her regular sessions are $235!
  • As of October 1, 2018, to register you make a $500 down-payment and subscribe to a PayPal payment plan which debits $125 for 8 consecutive months, for a total tuition of $1500.
  • OR pay whole tuition up front, $1400, and get a $100 discount.  
  • If you have not purchased the required courses or books, the cost of those materials and courses is in addition to the Program tuition.
  • Professional Candidates must purchase at least 30 books (Things Are Going Great) before their initiation, and it's suggested they purchase at least 10 books per quarter to build and maintain a practice after initiation. Books are necessary seeds that build your clientele!
  • The yearly Re-certification Session required for Professionals is at single session rates, which will change. (Contact your Mentor or Lola.)

What is the Application session for?

It's for Mentees or aspiring Guides to evaluate where you are, explore which aspect of the program is for you, talk about your desires, goals and expectations, go over the details, and set intentions.

What other courses come free with this Program?

  • Because most candidates had already purchased various Portals, those are not included in this course tuition.
  • As part of our desire to see our Professional Certified Guides thrive, the Marketing Course is free once you have registered. It contains valuable information on how Lola built her business over the years. (Mentoring Students have access to this course as well.)
  • To help with letting go of resistance around marketing and sharing, the First Aid Course for Analytical Minds is also free for everyone in the Program.

Can I get a credit or refund on any of the courses I've already purchased?

  • No, those are separate tuitions. Having previously done them simply gives you a BIG head start.
  • There are no credits, refunds or transfers between courses, books, and the Mentoring/Professional Guide Program.

Is extra support available?

  • Yes! Always. If you feel you want more than the five 1-hour sessions that are included in the Program, you may book extra sessions with your Mentor. The cost of an extra session is per hour: visit your Mentor's Directory page or Lola's page for single-session pricing. 
  • You get a lot of support from the webinars, the Forum, the community, and your Guide Tribe too!

What would I do as a Divine Ambassador?

  • Whatever you want!
  • You graduate with skills and leadership training that supercharge your current life and career.
  • You become a role model, leader, and light in the world: a Divine Ambassador

Where do I sign up?

  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (in English) if you want the application session.
  • If you are ready to register now, go back.
  • Or German speakers, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up your initial Application Session, and she'll schedule you and tell you what comes next.

What would I do as a Professional Guide?

  • You literally hold in your hands, head and heart some of the most powerful, leading edge, up-to-the-minute abilities on this planet for:
    • 1. Helping people
    • 2. Initiating the process of enlightenment
    • 3. Being successful in the physical world
  • You are trained and prepared to offer Divine Openings as a professional service, which includes giving courses, events, sessions, etc.

Ongoing requirements for Professional Guides:

  1. Yearly re-certification is required to maintain your Professional status. 
  2. No modality mixing.
  3. Share books and give events.
  4. Watch new videos and attend live webinars to keep up to speed!
  5. Stay active in the community!

Are there marketing and book stocking requirements of Professional Guides?


  • A Professional Guide who is successful of course always markets their practice to new clients.
  • Submit your website and Facebook page URL's (for details of what is required, please ask your Mentor).
  • Keep books (Things are Going Great) always on hand. You can't start a new client without it, so be ready at all times!

What are the qualities of a Professional Certified Guide?

Certified Professional Guides are happy, healthy, prosperous, effective, and successful. They are just naturally beyond seeking, even for entertainment. It's not a rule, it's a choice, a state of being, centered in one's own self.

If I'm a Professional Candidate, what if I have to re-do one of the Steps?

  • Embrace do-overs! Your Mentors are simply insuring that you will become the powerful creator this course is designed to produce. There is no failure, just an opportunity to expand and go deeper.
  • There is a session fee for re-taking any Discovery/evaluation, paid directly to your Mentor.

Is there a yearly re-Certification evaluation?

  • Yes, if you graduate at the Professional  level. As with most professional training programs, Divine Openings offers continuing education and requires yearly re-certification evaluations.
  • Further mentoring may be required.

What is the Professional Certified Guide Ethics Policy?

The Ethics Policy is a written agreement that all Professional Guides are asked to sign. It concerns the use of the trademarked Divine Openings™ name and professional standards of behavior. Details are covered in the program material.

Must I drop doing/teaching/seeking other modalities?

  • Yes, if you become a Professional. 
  • If you are in the Mentoring Program it is highly beneficial to you, but not required.
  • There are only a few physical modalities that are compatible with Divine Openings. Modalities almost universally involve props, beliefs, concepts or language that give power away to something outside yourself. 
  • The Mentoring and Professional Guide Program is geared to get you happy beyond seeking: you live and create from within.
  • As with all Divine Openings concepts, your attention, focus and perception mean everything. As you focus on your training, things that usurp power or don't serve naturally fall away.

How does the Professional Guide Program help keep Divine Openings potent and powerful?

The Program gives the public assurance that they are getting the real thing when they experience Divine Openings™ with Certified Guides. Our trademark and the Certified Guide distinction is legally enforceable, so no one can improperly ride on our excellent reputation while offering something mixed or inferior.

What's the difference between the old term 'Divine Openings™ Giver' and the new 'Divine Openings™ Certified Guide'?

  • After January 2013, one must go through the Certification Program and become a Guide to give Divine Openings. Graduates of that program are called Divine Openings™ Certified Guides.
  • Previous to January 2013, 5-Day graduates were given the initiation for giving Divine Openings™ to others, and their title was "Giver."  They were asked to only call themselves a Divine Openings™ Giver if they followed our guidelines precisely. They must also follow the stricter guidelines to continue to use the trademarked term Divine Openings™ in a public way. 
  • For example, no one may use URLs containing the trademarked words Divine Openings™ without specific written permission from us. 
  • We reserve the right to prohibit anyone from giving Divine Openings™ if they are not strictly in compliance with our new guidelines and continuing education.
  • Giver or Guide privileges may be revoked in certain cases, i.e. policies or guidelines aren't followed, conduct unbecoming of a Giver/Guide, mixing modalities.

If I was a Giver, does it mean I have to stop giving Divine Openings­™?

  • We wish for all Givers to step up to the leading-edge, up to the minute, expanded energies in the Professional Guide Program. You are not up to speed with Divine Openings if you haven't taken this program. Everything changes!
  • We have let all Givers know that the standards have risen, and that the old Giver title is now phased out.

How the Mentoring Program benefits you in any career, any lifestyle

  • The Mentoring Program is tailored for you - your career, your life, and your needs.
  • You get masterful coaching to help you go higher an have more success in any career and in your everyday life.
  • You bring new energy, magic, meaning and effectiveness to your current profession, be it sales, art, medicine, or law, etc.
  • You make a bigger difference in the world, no matter what your career is.
  • You enjoy whatever you do more.

No matter how advanced you may already be, you can always go deeper with Divine Openings. Being with Lola on the webinars is invaluable.

The Mentoring program teaches you how to truly live Divine Openings, take control of your own vibration, and become a vibrational leader in your life. Although Divine Ambassadors are not trained to give Divine Openings sessions, you graduate with skills to give Divine Openings informally, lead book clubs, and talk about and share Divine Openings in the world. 

Everyone can go to a new level when they take this program, by expanding their conscious-mind understanding and receiving a higher initiation. You will better help yourself with the mentoring and coaching skills you gain!

Think of it as advanced Divine Openings with mentoring and checkups!

Move through the Mentoring Program at your own pace within one year, through online study, webinars with Lola, listening to audios, and watching videos, with live phone or online coaching from your Mentor. The amazing live retreats are milestones in your life.

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