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Experience it with Divine Openings

Peace, Grace, and Ease

Lola took this picture of a family of doves that regularly nests in an alcove just outside her window. That they are comfortable with Lola and Scott so close by mirrors the peace they live in. You can feel that peace too.

More of Your Questions Answered

What is seeking addiction?
  • "Seeking addiction" is a term Lola Jones coined in 2006 when she saw so many people constantly gobbling up spiritual knowledge, but committing to nothing deeply, and getting nowhere.
  • Some people cannot stop seeking, even when they find a path that would work for them. It's like finding your soul mate, but keeping on dating. Seeking can be an addiction just like shopping. It prevents enlightenment.
  • Lola created Divine Openings to address the need for a comprehensive path that works in both spiritual and practical life. But she noticed that people who mixed it and diluted it with other stuff didn't do well. Those who stick to a path that works, and keep it simple, do well.
  • People don't need more, more, more information (that is addictive.) They need to go deep inside and let go of all that mind information.
What is the Hamster Wheel of spiritual seeking?
  • Related to seeking addiction, it's trying too hard, gobbling everything spiritual, and working on yourself incessantly.
  • When you focus on what needs fixing, you find more to fix, and it never ends.
  • Enlightenment simply cannot be reached by striving, seeking, and absorbing more mental stuff.
  • Enlightenment is reached through deep, quiet, stillness: No Mind. No thoughts. No mental.
  • Divine Openings gets you off the Hamster Wheel for good.
Don't I need lots of clearing, healing, and processing?
  • Not with Divine Openings. You just need to wake up. Clouds and rain don't need "healing"--when they evaporate, the sun was there all along. There's no need to process issues, heal your past hurts, or fix anything. Underneath those issues, the real you is already awake, whole, and happy, like the sun is always right there, behind the clouds.
  • In the new reality, you will find that the old problems and issues simply aren't there after a while. We know, this is hard to imagine from the old reality, but it does happen.
  • If you've bought into the "hard work" paradigm please drop it now.
  • A small effort is required to learn easy Keys to use your mind and Free Will effectively to stay out of the way, so you don't cloud your life up again. Divine Openings shows you precisely and clearly, step by step, how to do this--and maintain it.
What about karma?
  • You don't have to clear karma because Grace eliminates karma and all past negativity if you allow it to.
  • Grace does for us what we cannot do for ourselves.
  • Grace is a gift we do not have to earn.
What about chakras, kundalini, etc.?
  • Third eye opening, kundalini rising, direct guidance, direct knowing, intuition, psychic powers, flowering of innate genius, and all those things happen quite spontaneously with Divine Openings, but....
  • It's not healing, it's waking up--it's opening to who you already are. There's no need to work on all those details.
What about the accelerated energies on the planet?
  • The increasingly faster energies on the planet can lead to speedier manifestation of what you want, or faster arrival of unwanted or unintended things.
  • You do not have to struggle with the stronger energies. Divine Openings shows you precisely how to navigate and assimilate the new energies, without a lot of metaphysical mumbo-jumbo to learn.
  • Life is simple---don't get caught up in complicated metaphysical stuff.
I'm oversensitive to other people's energies. Will Divine Openings help?
  • Yes, Lola Jones shows you how to live a life of balance and ease. She is super empathic, but does not take on her thousands of students' energies at all, and her work does not deplete her.
  • You begin with Portal 1 and get the foundation. Lola shows you how to absolutely stop over-empathing forever in a later Portal when you've had the preparation to be able to do it.
Is Divine Openings compatible with other paths?
  • Divine Openings is compatible with all universal truths. But many so paths are not universal truths, are not effective, and mixing them with Divine Openings dilutes it.
  • Choose a path that actually works and don't muck it up with other things. If it works it doesn't need other things! If it doesn't work, get a new path!
  • Mixing modalities is like mixing ice cream with spinach. Both are good, but mixing them is just a mess.
Aren't all spiritual energies the same?
No! Obviously all humans are from the same Source, yet all are very different. Radio stations vibrate at different frequencies; 101.3 MHz classical is real different from 99.7 MHz heavy metal. Different frequencies do different things, too:
  • Some frequencies cause enlightenment, but not practical life results.
  • Some frequencies give physical healing, but don't bring enlightenment.
  • Reiki, Matrix Energetics, The Reconnection, The Work, etc. are all different frequencies.
  • Divine Openings is a unique frequency that catalyzes spiritual enlightenment and resolves emotional, mental, and practical life challenges. Sometimes it heals physical issues. Those who stick with Divine Openings and don't mix or dilute it get the best results.
"Last night at my computer I suddenly felt this whoosh or surge of pure love. It enveloped me for a few seconds, just came down thru me. I'd heard you talk about the 'pipes opening', but this was my first personal experience. What a TRIP!!! Thank you so much for all you do." (She recovered from childhood incest trauma in 2 sessions.)

"I'm recalling all the mountains that have moved and shifted in my life. When I wasn't able to remember my Large Self, YOU Lola remembered for me and held me in your highest vibration. Then you softly and profoundly empowered me to hold my own vibration. The tectonic plates of my soul are continually shifting. I LOVE it. I have learned to celebrate my own Large Self.  YOU taught me that.  The ripple effect of that in my own life has effected so many others."  

"Things are moving so fast, it's hard to keep up -- yet there's no sense of stress or even a need to hurry. Hmmmmm! So I'm just going with it." Love, Cindy

"I live close to a casino... been playing craps for about 18 years... losing more, but couldn't quit. Two days after I signed up for sessions with you we went to the casino and I walked towards the craps table and got a real ecky feeling and had to walk away... couldn't wait to get out of there. I have no desire to go back. Wow."

"Since attending one of your silent spiritual retreats I have had periodic surges/downloads of love energy. In the last couple of weeks it has increased and intensified, sometimes so strong I have to sit down." Love and Peace,

"I am off the hamster wheel of perpetual spiritual seeking!"

"Lola, everything I wanted... It's not coming...It's already HERE! I just have to KEEP letting it in!!  IT feels so amazing."  Love,

"I have real bad sinus issues and sometimes am afraid to go to sleep because I won't be able to breathe. I had been smoking pot for about 20 years, and I just stopped smoking pot and my sinuses cleared up. What a great relief.  All this happened before I even talked to you, simply amazing. I have tried a lot of things and nothing even comes close to this experience. God Bless you, I am eternally grateful." 
"Well, swelling in my knee has not returned since the healing. You guessed it, no surgery! (she was scheduled for knee surgery.) Yay me, yay God!"

"Things are moving already! For years I 'knew' tons of stuff i.e. Abraham Hicks, Reiki and Munay ki master - and still I'd think, "How I could 'know' so much and yet not be able to manifest it in my own life?" Now I'm embodying and living it more fully. So, many thanks to your beautiful spirit and Divine synchronicity." 

"A health rave--I had the courage and intuition to finally test if this thing was still acting as it was before, and it didn't at all! Completely nothing. Its like it never was. I am so overjoyed for this change and how I know it will now mean so much to drastically contribute to transformation for my life for the positive from now on.

"Thank you so much, so much for the powerful physical healing and Divine Opening. My energy and vibration made a HUGE shift. A real 180 degree turnaround and on top of that, into a new dimension. I am totally out of frantic panic, and I trust and rest in the Divine. Existence has given me wonderful presents since."

spiritual frustation

Frustrated with your life progress?

Unfortunately, many paths just don't work no matter how long you do them. If you're honestly committed and you don't feel any better within six months, get a new path. If it doesn't transform your life within a couple of years, you're either resisting monumentally, or that path doesn't work and never will.

Divine Openings gives you the Keys to get in the flow faster and easier. It helps you turn everything that seems to be "wrong" into an express ticket to the next level of your evolution and happiness. Most people need more than the books to get the big rewards of Divine Openings. Humans need focus, consistency, and support to make big changes, and the online Portals give you that and more.

You've been asking.
Life has brought it to you.
Let it in.


If you've only read the book, and you're struggling, we KNOW how annoying it is to hear people raving on and on about their joys and success with Divine Openings. Most of the people who write us with the rave results have taken the Online Courses. One book is never going to be a complete path, especially if one reads it and that's it.

Some people do take longer to let go and let it in. The online courses will get you there with support, immersion, consistency, and focus.

Momentum builds, a moment comes

Nobody ever says, "I wish I'd waited longer to get started." 
They say "If only I had known about Divine Openings long ago my life would have been so different."

How You May Begin

Lola Jones spiritual teacher author awakening

Things are Going Great

Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How to Let Go & Let The Divine Do the Heavy Lifting. People come to affectionately call it "The Book." There are few things in life that "always work." This book is one of them.

Relax as you let Grace work on you. For beginner to advanced, this is the book for leading edge human evolution. It's the start of your amazing new life.

Many get total awakening, happiness, peace, freedom, and ease just from this book.
Order the book 
Or learn more

online spiritual study

Portal 1 w/Paperback & Audio Book FREE

  • Portal 1 gives you the missing owner's manual for this life. Grace really does do most of the work. Log in, let go, and let The Divine do the heavy lifting.

  • Enjoy a step-by-step path that changes lives. Structured and thorough, filled with Divine Energy, Light, and Intelligence beyond description. At least a year of evolution.

Learn all about the Portal 1 Online Retreat Course with book.

  • Begin instantly when you register. Enjoy and absorb the 14 modules of Level 1 Online at your own pace. New information that is not in the book. Direct vibrational attunement from Lola's teaching and counseling.

  • Multi-media, audios, and videos keep you engaged and delighted. People say it doesn't even matter which audio you choose--it's the steady re-tuning of your vibration that works. Some people listen on their commute every day.

  • New updates added often. These courses are "alive." On the Member Forum advanced people assist and support you, make friends around the world.

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spiritual retreat Lola Jones

5 Day Bliss Retreat - The Ultimate Experience

You are bathed in a powerful vortex that melts lower vibrations. Issues disappear as you discover and transform into your powerful Large Self. Experience what bliss truly is as your inner guidance turns on. It isn't over at the end of day five--your evolution is accelerated and the blessings continue to unfold forever on your Divine Openings™ journey.

5 Day Silent Spiritual Retreat

If you're already awakened you'll go higher, stabilize, and bring it down to earth in more areas of your practical, daily, physical life. As you get more and more "in the flow" relationships get easier, families become more harmonious, finances just work, your body feels good, peace of mind descends--ease on Earth begins. It's about time, isn't it?

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Already Living In Higher Consciousness?

Divine Openings™ creator Lola Jones is a teacher of teachers, leaders, and counselors. She helps people with higher consciousness go higher. She helps you bring it down to Earth in satisfying and productive ways in their everyday lives.

So many "helping professionals" and spiritual people get exhausted helping others, and are unfulfilled in their own lives. Divine Openings lights you up and restores your own joy, helping you have all you're giving to others... and more.

Why do issues dissolve without work as you become your Larger Self?
Because your Larger Self doesn't have all those issues and problems.

Seeking gets old and exhausting. We know! Been there done that! Awakening is easy with the Grace of Divine Openings and the conscious mind processes combined.

Your awakening, or deepened enlightenment begins as you read and apply the book Things Are Going Great In My Absence, or you might want to take a faster track with the Level 1 Online Retreats with book and 14 modules with more than a hundred audios and videos, and support in the nurturing worldwide online community of the Member Forum. 

Old pain, trauma, and "serious issues" you've worked on for decades can disappear. Serious illnesses can disappear. Every day we hear miraculous reports from all over the world about every area of life.

Divine Openings is beyond old paradigm spirituality and religion.
It's quite simply a way of living that really works.

Because most seekers are deeply programmed to believe enlightenment takes a lot of hard work, for them it does.

As Divine Openings accelerates spiritual awakening, the mind becomes your servant, relationships appear or renew, and needs and wants you'd given up on fulfill literally without effort as your vibration shifts.

Old pain, trauma, and "issues" you've worked on for decades disappear. Serious illnesses can disappear. Every day we hear miraculous reports from all over the world about every area of life.

As Divine Openings accelerates your spiritual enlightenment, you continue to expand and evolve automatically, in every area of your life. We call it the "automatic upgrade program" of spiritual enlightenment - once you tap in, it keeps unfolding without work or effort.

Your intentions take on tremendous power. Life really begins to flow. Some people say it's like getting on a bullet train, others find it like being carried by a lazy river where all you need just floats by and you reach out and take it. You get to design it as you become a Co-Creator with God rather than a beggar pleading for blessings and favor.

It's not your fault if spiritual enlightenment and liberation hasn't happened, hasn't lasted, or hasn't improved your practical daily life. Many of the Law of Attraction books and courses didn't give you the full story either.

The Grace of Divine Openings overrides Law of Attraction, karma, history, and even the laws of physics.

You cannot believe in Grace and karma at the same time--they're mutually exclusive. Jesus's message was that you can have a clean slate--that's Grace.  Spiritual awakening with Divine Openings brings freedom from the past, and a quiet confidence about the future. As you live more and more in this awakened state of NOW, the world becomes your playground instead of an obstacle course or problem to solve.

You can get off the hamster wheel of lifelong seeking and processing now... and start living life full out.

FAQ answers just the questions YOU have. More on what spiritual enlightenment is.

Divine Openings™ is a registered trademark.

All materials on this site are copyright Lola Jones, 2006-2015.
All rights reserved worldwide.

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