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- with the included Audio Book! The book is the foundation, and the online retreat brings it to life with videos and audios of Lola. People around the world listen and watch every day to raise their vibration and create the life they want.

The Self-Paced Portal 1 Online Retreat is like a consistent energy tune-up with Lola.  She's there supporting you with multi-media to engage all your senses and increase integration of the material.

Spiritual growth and practical personal development become easier with Divine Openings how-to's that don't require hard work and toil. Contains generous material beyond the book. Seeing Lola speak on all the important matters in your life, and hearing her voice gives you a powerful boost of pure Grace energy.

"It's as if you are speaking directly to me in the audios. It doesn't even matter which one I listen to, it applies to me. Wild." Stacy, Texas


Enjoy the hundreds of hours of audio, video, and multi-media on your phone, tablet, or computer. Even the course texts are now being recorded in Lola's voice so you can listen on the go to get in extra exposure when you can't sit and watch. Our site is 100% mobile friendly.

NOW the Portal 1 course includes the Audio Book Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How To Let Go And Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting FREE!

best classic spiritual bookLola Jones guides you to rise to your next level with grace and ease, with astonishingly effective teachings and the practical step-by-step processes of Divine Openings™.


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"Watching your videos for a few minutes a day is so helpful and supportive to my consistent progression upward. The initial Divine Opening from the first day of the online retreat was strongly felt. Thank you and love to you." Dan, Australia

higher consciousness spiritual retreats online coursesThe powerful direct infusion of Grace energy Lola evokes takes you beyond Law of Attraction. You'll experience Grace doing 90% of it for you as all areas of your life expand year by year. All you have to do is "your 10%." You can stop the endless seeking, processing, and spiritual healing, and start living now.

The in-depth and media-rich Portal 1 online course gives you massive material beyond Lola's foundational book Things Are Going Great In My Absence. It's all here for you onsite to stream or download, as you wish. We've added new material every year, but once you register you never have to pay for the constant upgrades; it just delights us to keep the energies fresh and up to date for you!

Divine Openings spiritual growth online coursesYou'll feel Lola's signature warmth, humor, and powerful vortex of Grace in the audios and videos as she teaches and counsels at live events and in one on one sessions.

Get nurturing support and make friends all over the world on the Divine Openings™ Member Forum, exclusively for our course members (guests can view it but not see names, pictures, or post.)

The online courses are the next best thing to being live  with Lola Jones. You're supposed to ENJOY your spiritual awakening--and your LIFE. It's not supposed to be toil, struggle, and endless lessons.

Grace is always raining on you.
Learn how to let more of it in!


This video outlines how the online courses engage, support, focus, and expand you.

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"I love listening to all the audios that come with the online retreats!  It's like each and every one of them gives me a different angle on every blind spot I've had." Love, Adrienne

"I am so excited by the expanded awareness and vibration that the massive content of the audios and videos have given me--what an awesome creation, I only ordered the latest one yesterday and I GET IT!!!!! WOOHOO!!!" Tracey

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Learn About All 21 Online Courses

Kundalini and Meditation
The Kundalini for Pleasure Online Course combines movement with meditation! It's so much easier to go deep in your meditation with this method.

Watch a sample exercise video and increase your energy in just 3 minutes.


An interview with Donna Wetterstrand, former Divine Openings Mentor:

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