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Give Bliss - Gift Suggestions - Online Retreat Courses, Music, Art

Enlightening Gifts
& Recommended Charities

Infused with Grace

Fine sterling pendants with French rope chain.

Scott wears his ALL the time, never takes it off.

~ When you give an online course or digital book or music download, they need their own login:

Choose a course to give, then:

  • Log yourself out first so it doesn't go in YOUR account.
  • Then order as if you are the person you want to give the gift to.
  • Fill in their email and name, with their address as the shipping info.
  • Create their account, adding a username and password.
  • Send them an email telling them the username, password and their email the account is under. It's in their account instantly!
  • Tell them they can login and begin their course or get their download.
  • Easy!
  • OR if that's too complicated, just email us after you order as yourself, and we'll take care of it. We'll create an account for them and send them a note telling them how to use your gift.


Poster size Divine Art - for an extra special gift, or gift to yourself. Many artworks to choose from.

We can ship directly to you within days, or to ship to the recipient fill in their shipping address upon purchase.

Free shipping anywhere.


Lola's Original Music makes a great gift that uplifts forever.


Sabines's Divine Openings Chants! We sing them at retreats!




Divine Openings books or art
shipped direct to them:

  • Stay logged in.
  • Put their name and address in the shipping fields, and we'll mail it to them.
  • It will be in YOUR account.

Learn more about Lola's life-changing books.

Save on wholesale orders of 10 books - Many people give scores of this book, or sell it in their stores.



Give laughter: Confessions of a Cowgirl Guru.
Whether they like to laugh with or AT spirituality, they'll smile till their face hurts!



The Ultimate Gift -
A Divine Openings Retreat


Now registering in Europe and California
Learn all about it




For some people it's hard to focus on spiritual life
because their stomachs are growling and they can't feed their kids. They need basics first. Here are a few of my favorite ways to give to those at survival level. You can make your contribution in the name of someone who "has everything" and send them a card letting them know your contribution was dedicated to them.

Heifer International sends a farm animal to a family and gives them livestock training, feeding them and their children for years. One friend enjoys sending a card to each of his well-to-do family members each year, telling them, "Someone just received a water buffalo in your name."

Celebrate your luxury of a material life beyond survival.

The Prem Rawat Foundation - Prem Rawat has been dear to my heart since 1985. Anything this man does is in the highest integrity. You can donate knowing your money will go to relief, clean food and water, and education--not a bureacracy.

Discover Hope Microlending - Provides loans that empower third world women to own their own businesses--the difference between poverty and self-sufficiency. I love microlending, because people are empowered, not dependent upon charity. The success rate and loan payback rate in these programs is unbelievably high, 97%--much higher than regular bank loans. You're letting them use your money, and you can get it back if you want it. I've left my $500 in there for many years and let it be reinvested each term.

Charity Water - Provides clean drinking water for third world countries. One Divine Openings friend asked for donations to be sent to this great organization in lieu of gifts to him: 

Happy Meaningful Giving
from Lola Jones
and the Divine Openings Staff


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