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Divine Openings accelerates spiritual and personal growth without incessant seeking and working on yourself.

Create a profound spiritual life AND be successful in this world. Be there now instead of endlessly striving to "get there!" Get to know like-minded people all over the world.

Enjoy the free samples of Divine Openings on this page. But to get the big, whole-life changes and the spiritual and personal breakthroughs people share about on this enormous joy-filled site: join an online course, get the book, stop "shopping," make a decision, and dive all the way into the best time of your entire life in a Bliss Retreat. The ultimate experience is our five day retreat--a powerful paradigm-busting life-changer.

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~ 50+ free articles Many with leading-edge material you've not seen before (or if you did they probably got it here!) on personal growth and development, spiritual growth, and how to be happy, successful AND live a spiritual life.

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~ BLOG - Find more articles with valuable, down to earth, practical, non-cliché information you've not seen anywhere else. If you did see it somewhere else, there's a good chance they learned it from Lola Jones, a teacher of teachers. We're seeing more and more of Lola's teachings in other's books and teachings now. We're pleased.

~ Testimonials - Uplifting shares to let you know it's possible for you too. If you'd like to see reviews we have no control over, look the book up on Amazon.com where it has a five star rating.

~ Lola's Art Gallery - Lola's art actually catalyzes spiritual awakening. View or purchase.

~ Free short quotes on video by Lola.

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End Seeking, and Start Finding!

We had to laugh when a woman at a retreat said when she first saw Lola she said to herself, "That woman is just too happy." Now she reports being that happy--and she's not the only one who's said that. How did they get happy?

Most start simply by reading Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How To Let Go And Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting.

This may be the last spiritual book you ever need.

Lives are dramatically altered as this book prepares you, then walks you through ten enlightenment initiations (or deepens your enlightenment.) It gives you the conscious mind tools to apply your enlightenment step by step to create a happy spiritual and practical life. 

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Enjoy our inspirational messages on social media, but enlightenment and a happier life doesn't come from talking about it on Facebook. Divine Openings opens you to the experience of it.

If you're new to Divine Openings and curious about what it has to offer you, you might enjoy this podcast that was recently aired on BBS in the UK. Donna Wetterstrand (a Divine Openings teacher and mentor) is interviewed by Veronica Entwistle for "Paradigm Shifters." It's a great intro to Divine Openings, and the enlightened path it offers.

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