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Spiritual awakening books, online courses, retreats. Beyond the secret or law of attraction.

The Life You've Been Seeking

Lola Jones spent 21 days in silence and solitude in 2006, and emerged with a powerful gift to transform lives. It's called Divine Openings because it literally opens you to more Grace and good.

spiritual healing lotus, Divine Openings by Lola Jones
People in 150 countries have experienced dramatic life change through Divine Openings leading-edge books, online courses, and retreats.



What does Divine Openings do for me?

  • The power of Grace plus the unique training Lola gives you transforms you without therapy, processing, clearing, and long tedious working on yourself.
  • You live more as your Larger Self, the part of you that doesn't have struggles or issues.
  • You're guided by a clear structure, from awakening to spiritual maturity.
  • You are led to your awakening and further expansion through Pleasure Practices, not painful processing.
  • You make small, "key" adjustments that transform your entire life.
  • You get happier and more fulfilled at every step.

Spiritual Bliss...

AND Practical Life Solutions too!

spiritual healing lotus, Divine Openings by Lola Jones

Abundance.... "Career wise it's blown me away.  Some contracts were given to me without even needing to apply - people contacted me - these were contracts where my peers had double degrees, PHDs, years of amazing experience, working in breathtaking locations.... and I have NO university education at all. My money vibration is higher than it's ever been, I have so much abundance, in ways that astound me."  Danielle, Australia

Love.... "Whilst at the 5 day retreat I set the intention to flow more love in my life... I wanted to bring my awareness to relationship. That has well and truly blossomed also.... My self esteem is higher than it has EVER been - It's not generated by what others think about me anymore. Just writing that sentence I am smiling and laughing and feel a bubbling in my heart.  I've more love and respect for myself than I ever thought possible and it brings tears to my eyes." Danielle, Australia

Enlightenment... "I am no longer the thinker most of the time, but a witness of the thinker! This is so amazing and magical to me, more so because when I had started Divine Openings I had such an over-analytical mind (I honestly feel I was addicted to the stories, kinda like a junkie... haha) and was so jacked up on the stories that seemed to be so uncontrollable... and to have shifted to such a sweet, empty space of love, joy and expansion!" Marilyn A, Milford, Pennsylvania

I’m really looking forward to growing, going a whole lot Deeper and seeing where it all leads me. And I have you to thank for an avenue of growth and inner knowledge thst I never knew existed. Rhoda, Texas

Inner guidance... "I feel like I've come home. And now I know the way back home if I ever get lost." Breiney, counselor, New York

In their whole life... "Describe what Divine Openings has done to me, for me.... What is this?.. This crazy thing called loving myself for the first time in my life? Oh my heaven's where I was 4 months ago when 2 years of seeing 11:11s and synchronicities were driving me insane. 4 months ago I was near death, by choice. 11:11 finally led to me Divine Openings website - Then I read your book for giggles....

My first couple of Divine Openings were grip-the-sheets powerful and I woke up a brand new person - literally. Life has been brand new ever since. I have wayyy wayyyyy to much to say and wayyyyyy to much to rave about to put here. Yes I am HIGHER than a freakin kite every single day because ... the sky is blue.

Words cannot express my gratitude what Lola has done for THE WORLD in sharing this gift. I wake up each day - LOVING ME first (like OMG?) then I thank God for the many many blessings, and set the intention for an amazing day ahead. How can all this happen in such a short amount of time. How can I be this happy after losing my mama, my best friend - (I know she's near many times as I'm vibrating sooo high) How can I be this happy even though my husband has terminal cancer? I just AM. And, this energy is changing those around me and our circumstances. I have given up on trying to figure out why things aren't 'happening' - when I figured out this is a 'fertile void' so... things ARE happening but NOT happening and I'm perfectly perfect about that haha!

So how does Divine Openings live in my world? IT IS MY WORLD.  I have so  many miracles to share - you just wouldn't believe it - or yah, you would." Julianne

"Divine Openings is definitely the 'real thing!'" Love, Helen W, UK

"My life before Divine Openings was full of suffering and contradictions even though my former spiritual teacher told me that I was "free." But I didn't feel like it. Now, 5 years later I cannot even count the good things that changed for the better. On the outside, but even more on the inside - feeling light, joyful, creative, safe, confident and so much more. Lola has created a method that opens up your true self - or Large Self. While her book is guiding the conscious mind to understand this process, you are stepping through portals of ever more knowing, seeing and experiencing life as it is meant to be: easy, joyful, full of love and positive adventure. It is actually not a process where you have to work hard on you, but a waking up step by step through allowing. This awakening is evoked through "Divine Openings" that Lola gives through her book or personal contact. It simply means to be reminded of who you really are by somebody who already remembered." Verena, Germany

"Dear Lola, It's been a long time since I sent you an email but your influence and Divine Openings continues to affect my life in wonderful positive ways. When I saw this picture (below) it reminded me of the Divine Openings's a constant source of love and unfolding....
Thanks for everything you do, it's unique and beyond measure."
Much love and appreciation, Helen

An exciting preview of the retreats, and a peek at Lola's new home and YOUR new retreat.

Awaken to a happier, more fulfilling life with Divine Openings. It's the easiest route out of suffering, endless seeking, and struggle... because you don't have to do all the work yourself. Grace lifts you.

Take a deep, soothing breath. The search is over. Finally, you're in the right place.

spiritual healing lotus, Divine Openings by Lola Jones

What is spiritual awakening?

~ It's living as your Expanded Self rather than your small, limited, human self.
~ Divine Openings goes beyond that: it brings your awakening down to earth in your practical life, to your relationships, health, emotional balance, mental clarity, ability to impact the world.... even your bank account.

How is Divine Openings different?

~ You don't do all the work yourself: Grace does 90%, you just do your 10%.
~ It works on every area of your life en masse, not one tedious issue or department at a time. Life is too short for long, drawn-out processing!
~ Even long-standing issues fade with relative ease.
~ It's not ancient dogma--it's freshly downloaded, leading-edge energies.
~ Grace erases all karma.

~ You're not dependent on healers and practitioners. You claim your power.

spiritual awakening, higher consciousness, peace, safety, retreats online courses

Who is Divine Openings for?

~ Anyone: the spiritually advanced wishing to go higher, seekers who have deep spiritual bliss but haven't found the practical life solutions, and complete beginners.
~ It works for anyone, of any religion, and those of no faith or belief at all.
~ The book gives specific guidelines for timing, minimum age, mental health, and pregnancy.


Who is Lola Jones?

Lola was always a great teacher, but after spending 21 days in complete silence and solitude in 2006 she emerged with a stunningly powerful gift to change people's lives. She lives a simple, quiet life in the mountains, and travels little, and doesn't seek a large following. But as people told everyone they knew about the spectacular changes in their lives, Divine Openings spread to 150 countries.

What does Divine Openings do for you?

~ Worry, anxiety, depression, anger, shame, unworthiness, and fears fade quite naturally.
~ Trauma, hurts, addictions, and abuse are healed, and soon seem unreal.

~ Suffering and struggle diminish, then cease, as you stay with it.
~ Money becomes a non-issue--more than what you need comes.
~ Happiness, emotional balance, self esteem, mental quiet, and peace.
~ Love and relationship fulfillment, family harmony increases.
~ Your Inner GPS turns on, or more finely tunes.
~ Health and wellbeing, natural highs come naturally.
~ Virtually anything is possible if it's right for you.


How long does it take to see positive results?

~ Divine Openings works quickly when you immerse yourself in the pleasurable practices.
~ The main variable is your willingness and commitment, but it is not hard work. It's just replacing old habits with better ones.
~ You soon get happy and relax into a beautiful lifelong unfolding.


How does Divine Openings work?

~ Lola gives you the Keys to move steadily through the Five Portals of Awakening.
~ Divine Openings energy literally awakens you to your Large Self--your Unlimited Self.
~ Lola shows you step by step how to get in alignment with your Large Self that is already awakened, happy, and in the flow.
~ Your Large Self doesn't have "issues" to resolve, so the more you begin to live AS your Large Self there is nothing to "analyze, dig for, fix, heal, or clear."
~ As your Large Self gets in the driver’s seat, even the most stubborn old patterns and limitations steadily and naturally fall away as you move through the Portals of Awakening.

How do I experience this magic?

~ Live retreats in California and Europe bathe you in Grace and activate innate bliss.
~ Immersion in Divine Openings books and online Portals guide you surely through the conscious mind training while Grace does 90% of the work outside of your awareness.
~ Lola guides you effortlessly through the Five Portals of Awakening--you choose your own pace.


Calendar of Live Events with Lola

Is it years of hard work, cleansing, clearing, or "processing"?

~ No! The old paradigm of years or even lifetimes on the Hamster Wheel of seeking and suffering is over!
~ Go deeper than ever before without hours of meditation--without years of effort or therapy.

spiritual healing lotus, Divine Openings by Lola JonesWhat are the more advanced results?

~ Profound wisdom, new talents, intuitive gifts.
~ Deep oneness with Source.
~ Profound spiritual experiences.
~ Ability to manifest money, love, health, anything.

~ Leadership, the power to help others with little effort, to transform your family, social circle, and workplace.
~ Unconditional love for others, and ability to allow more love in.

~ Remarkable resilience, ability to release stress, to flow, and evolve with ease.
~ When living in the flow, to others you seem charmed.

~ Virtually anything is possible.

Is it too good to be true?

Maybe you got excited about programs before, and then were terribly disappointed. Lola can relate. She was a seeker for twenty long, frustrating years before the 21 days of silence opened her. Then she could receive Divine Openings from Source.

She was once in fear, suffering, heartbreak, and powerlessness herself, and now she can lead you out of it quickly, as she's done for tens of thousands of others.

Fear of change or doubt may arise at first... let's honor that... but when you say yes to the starter book, the Portal 1 Online Course, or the bliss retreat, you experience it for yourself: Divine Openings works.

Thinking about it doesn't work, reading about it doesn't work, analyzing it doesn't work--only experiencing it works.

Get still, and ask yourself:

~ Where will I be this time next year if I don't change my path now?
~ How will it feel to still be struggling with the same old issues, blocks, limitations, debts, hurts, disappointments, and conflicts--to have the same negative thoughts and feelings a year from now?
~ Am I tired of working so hard to resolve one issue, only to find there's always another, and another, and another?

~ How great would it be if instead I could be well on my way to a phenomenal life that's not about lessons and problems anymore--because I made a pivotal choice today--because I simply said yes to my soul's call?

Let the Divine do the heavy lifting.

If you're feeling confusion, doubt, or indecision...

Please carefully, compassionately, witness any of your small self's attempts to keep you safe and small:

  • "Nothing works for me... I'm angry or discouraged."
    This is  a power-robbing, devastating, limiting belief, and Lola rids people of them easily. You'll soon truly live this new belief: "Everything always works out for me."
  • "I can't take the time..."
    Oh, dear, that story will keep you in a tailspin!
    Keep doing the same old thing, and you keep getting the same old thing. You have time for everything else! Prioritize your own growth, make time for you. Read the book with the money back guarantee, and take online courses that immerse you in Grace. If you can, attend a retreat.
  • "I have kids"
    Yes, and you owe it to them to be the best you can be, so you can show them how to be successful and happy. You know they don't listen--they watch you. What are you role-modeling for them right now?

  • "Money is tight"
    And it will remain tight if you don't raise that stinky low vibration about money! Invest in something that will change your life and pay off
    . What else does that? Your Small Self wants you to buy meaningless stuff that makes you feel better for three seconds--to keep you in that little box where it's in charge. Starting with this book is an inexpensive, money-back, no risk way to get started changing your life permanently.

"My business is profitable in 'these times!'"  LeAnn (after taking a  spiritual retreat during the 2008 recession.)

"Thank you for the marvelous gift of Divine Openings, and the energy that is present in all that you do.  You have given me the Keys to joy, and helped me to find myself -- finally, at last!  Thank you for guiding me down the path to my true self."  With much love and gratitude, Jennifer Cochran

Now, instead of spending years working on issues: tap directly into Source, starting right now. Everything that ever mystified you begins to make sense, and a feeling of freedom and possibility begins to permeate every day.

It happens with Divine Openings books, online courses, and live retreats.

"Lola, you and your work continue to make such an enormous impact in my life.  Though I've been on the "spiritual path" for about 30 years, I consider putting into practice what I learned from you the real start of my spiritual journey nine years ago.  I am forever grateful to you."  Blessings, Anand-Sara, school teacher, California

"Every time I sat down to email you in the last 5 weeks or so I kept remembering something else wonderful that's happening." James, software engineer, UK

"When you said Grace does 90% and I just have to do my 10% it sounded too good to be true. But it's been working in my life for five years now. Bless you Lola Jones." Heinrich, Germany

spiritual retreat wtih Lola JonesYES, I'm ready to exit the old reality and begin a fresh new life!

Most people begin one of these three ways:

The most powerful Divine Openings experience

The life-changing live 5 Day Bliss Retreat.

Lola Jones bathes you in love and Grace for 12 amazing hours a day.

No heavy processing, no revealing things to strangers; yet years of resistance, fear, limitation, and pain melt away. Your ability to get out of your own way and let in more Grace and good expands dramatically, then continues to expand for life.

"I credit Divine Openings for dissolving the blocks to my success, and for the explosive, fantastic growth and changes I’ve had in my life!" Stacey Powers, Austin, TX after a  spiritual retreat

 See Live Retreats and Events Calendar 

Get an Accelerated Start Right at Home

The Portal 1 Online Self-Paced Spiritual Retreat Course includes the free audio book read by Lola herself.

  • It feels like Lola Jones is giving you private sessions as you enjoy the hundreds of audios, videos, text modules and other multi-media, all with powerful awakening energy.

Lola recorded the text modules on audio too, so you can enjoy in your car, while doing chores, anywhere! Most people get it deeper from videos and audios than from the book alone.

  • New material, beyond the book, is constantly added to keep the course fresh and updated. Find community and support on the Member Forum. Lola might even visit you in dream state--it happens all the time to those who commit to this path.

You've prayed for it.
You've been led to it.
Say yes!


If money is a huge issue, start with just the book, and let Divine Openings start opening your pipes to let in more. Then you can take the next steps. Money back guarantee on this book.

Have Questions?

Talk to a human about courses and retreats
and get personal attention.

Call 1-805-755-6591. If you're international, email with good times to call you and we will return your call.
To be sure you get our reply: add us to your address book, check your spam filter, whitelist this email. Find whitelisting instructions here.

Or read on if you like LOTS of information before you make decisions.....

Enjoying even a few minutes of this video will give you a tangible taste of Divine Openings and Lola Jones's gift to gently, softly, powerfully rock your world...

Lola Jones spiritual newsletter
Clarifying Questions to Ponder

~ Want to feel better?
~ Would you like to be done with struggle and suffering?
~ Discouraged with slow results from endlessly processing one issue at a time?
~ Do you ever feel fear, pain, or insecurity about health, finances, love, or the world?
~ Are dreams or intuitions calling you, but you're not clear what to do about it?
~ Noticing synchronicities and signs, 11:11 or recurring numbers, but don't know what it means or what you're being guided to do?
~ Want to know the powerful secrets that The Secret movie and spiritual books leave out?
~ What if a happier, more ease-filled life could be yours without the drudgery of endless healing, clearing, seeking, processing, and working on yourself?
~ Want the Keys to maintain it and continue to evolve happily forever?


higher consciousness is on, fear of death is goneDivine Openings retreatsonline courses, and books turn your switch FULL ON.

You begin to experience the world from your Larger Self's more powerful, expansive perspective... and from there, issues, problems and limitations eventually fade from existence, and dreams, talents, and desires unfold naturally.

"One of my greatest desires was to be debt free, and now this is achieved, except for my mortgage. I paid cash for a new car. I can only vaguely recall most of the other frustrations I had before Divine Openings. All aspects of life are much better now. There are still challenges of course but I am usually happy and serene in the midst of them." Theril, UK (was unemployed 2 years--this note is 1 year after reading the spiritual awakening book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence)

deep spiritual retreat new reality

 See Live Retreats and Events Calendar 


You are literally opened effortlessly to clarity, to a higher consciousness where experience life as your fearless Larger Self.

Then you see there is nothing wrong with you.

This wonderful mantra opens you to Grace: Just be willing.

You may now exit the illusion.


Hear this 30 second audio  by Joe Vitale, of The Secret movie, bestselling author, on Lola's work.

Correction: Video says to email about the retreats, but you should go this page.

Divine Openings™ is a vast and deep experience, so while there's no quick explanation for how the miracle of Grace works, here's a taste of Lola's energy, and her joyful, down to earth way of being:

Enjoy the newsletters, but diving in and experiencing Divine Openings™ is how you create the big results! Eventually one must make a Free Will choice to experience awakening rather than seeking it and reading about it. The benefits of Divine Openings are here for you when you're ready to let it in. Only you can let it in.

The search ends here.
And life really begins.

Short videos like this, and longer, in-depth videos come with the online courses.

Want to read more?

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