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Gifts for You

03/22/2020 - 15:45 Submitted by Lola Jones

Lola Jones spiritual bliss

See the newer blog!

OOPS! The newest video and meditation are in another blog: go here!


This is the older blog and video. The new one is even better and has all of the meditations on it.

TWO Meditations and 1-Hour Talk to Soothe Fear, Coronavirus, Economy, Anything:

Hello Loves, I was happy that someone brought up in the Mentoring Webinar this morning that they were feeling fear about the Coronavirus and the resulting economic disruption, because being in equanimity, I simply don't worry about much, and have had no such fears.

We discussed fears and uncertainty in depth, and I share that video or audio with you below.

Then I made a meditation audio, then another a few days later.
English only, or English/German.

Of course the deeper you've already dived into Divine Openings, the more you will be able to receive and allow in this meditation. Ease and equanimity is already natural for many of you, so for you this meditation will simply take you deeper into the delicious Fertile Void.
Ease and well being,
Lola Jones

Meditation to Soothe Fear, Cultivate Equanimity, English Only

Meditation to Soothe Fear, Cultivate Equanimity, English/German

NEW Audio: Being with Uncertainty Meditation, English Only

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Here's the older 1 hour video and audio on handling fears.

Download or stream the meeting audio.

Enjoy and be soothed.

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