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The Sneaky Invisible Addiction

The Sneaky Invisible Addiction

03/13/2020 - 14:41 Submitted by Cara Goldsworthy

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The Sneakiest Addiction

by Lola Jones

In the last article I refreshed your awareness of 7 potholes to avoid on your path. One of them was addictions. (Read that article here.)

Anything that usurps your will, that you can't stop doing--that's an addiction.

Today I'll surprise you with an addiction you've probably never heard of, because almost everyone has it--yet no one realizes it's an addiction, even if it's driving them crazy!

Can you guess what the very sneakiest, most hidden addiction is?

It's .... thinking. 

Do you ever find that you just cannot stop thinking?

Can't be happy because of it? Can't rest? Can't sleep?

The mind avoids deep, difficult feelings by drowning them in constant chatter and distraction. The mind keeps you from going deep into the Presence by drowning you in thinking.

The small self is quite attached to its stories that make us feel right. It feels powerful controlling you with constant thoughts, so why would it want to stop?

The small self can be addicted to negative or angry thinking. It likes it because it's higher than where they normally live on the Instrument Panel.

You see someone angry and you ask, "Would you like me to show you how to let go of that?"

They answer, "NO! Mind your own business!" The small self likes it. 

Today I'll give you one simple, pleasurable practice:

I'll presume meditation is hard for you when the mind is running amok! So let's not resist that resistance.

Go outside and take a walk. 

Experience everything without labels. 

You see, so often we aren't really there--we're in our heads talking about it.

You see a tree, and the mind wants to label it.

So today you say, "Let me just experience it without the label, thank you!"

Over and over you refocus on the experience, not the thought.

You experience dirt, sky, plants, people without labels, as if you've never seen any of it before. 

You witness yourself just being with everything, without separating it from you with labels. 

Then sit, close your eyes, and witness your breath. 

Then witness what keeps your breathing going. What keeps you alive?

DON'T NAME IT! You'd shrink the magnificence of it by labelling it.

Feel it. Experience it deeply, purely.

Your mind is not you.

Your thoughts are not you.

The deepest states are beyond thought.

You exist beyond thought.

Divine Openings is a complete path, an experience, not a collection of "tips and techniques," and it works best in its complete form. The Divine Openings books and online Portals lead you step-by-step, out of the tyranny of the mind, so you can LIVE the peace, stillness, and bliss of Infinite Presence. 

With time on the Divine Openings path, feelings you've been running away from all your life release without work... and you can finally relax and enjoy your life.

The immersion itself brings about a transformation, and one day you are stunned to know who you actually are deep inside, free of the distracting noise of constant thoughts. 

In the retreats, there are many, many activities that effortlessly bring the mind to a stop. Even when I speak it quiets the mind, and in some moment you are stunned: your mind is still, your heart is content, not grasping for the next thought, the next problem. Stillness. Bliss.

Ease and Grace,

Lola Jones

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