5 Day Silent Retreat in Europe, Germany

Convenient to all of Europe, and English is widely spoken.

Lola and consorts travel and drive easily in Germany knowing no German at all.
Gabriele translates Lola's English to German during the retreat.


Our beautiful new venue, Hotel Jonathan.
In Bavaria, near Munich, Rosenheim, or Salzburg.

Gabriele Kingwill, our German Divine Openings liason, found this even more fabulous, state of the art, rural retreat center.

Extensive walking trails through stunning rolling hills and deep woods, birds singing, and a view of the astonishing Bavarian Alps.

Eat healthy gourmet food in one of three dining rooms. Spacious comfortable lodging at varying prices, roomy meeting space, and lots of outdoor relaxing or dining space.
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Details, logistics, travel, lodging, food, how the retreat works:
5-Day Silent Retreats

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Go deep within and feel good for 5 days, then receive spiritual enlightenment initiation or deepening. Enjoy ongoing life transformation afterward, without endless emotional processing.

You can feel the essence even if you don't speak German as these retreaters speak after their 5 Day Silent Retreat experience. The therapist you see here soon found her entire practice transformed and her work filled with ease and grace.



Details, logistics, travel, lodging, food, how the retreat works, and how to register NOW:  5-Day Silent Retreats

At extra cost:

Hot air balloon rides over gorgeous countryside, book through Hotel Jonathan now or upon arrival.

Sauna or jacuzzi.




Those who wish to can walk, on one of the longer breaks, to beautiful Lake Chiemsee, shown at left with the Bavarian Alps in the background.



More photos below.



Register NOW:  5-Day Silent Retreats

Book through Hotel Jonathan now or upon arrival.