Transform Your Life with Ease, not Work
The 5-Day Bliss Retreat

Lola Jones creator of Divine Openings retreats

5 Days of Deep Immersion with Lola
Suddenly bliss bubbles up. You're directly experiencing The Presence, feeling carried by Grace. Issues and problems mysteriously dissolve as awakening flowers--your Expanded Self doesn't have those issues.
Lola has moved into a whole new level, and you will too in the juicy new, go-higher-than-ever, get-it-easier-than-ever, 5 Day Bliss Retreat.

"I got so much... I think you under-promise on what people will get from this retreat." Thitiwan, New York

"I didn't know exactly what I was signing up for, but what happened today was mind blowing." Heidy, Florida 

Many, many more reviews below...

On the Leading-Edge There is
No More Therapy and Endless Processing

Stop the madness! Divine Openings is the end of seeking, processing, and working on yourself. Start feeling more happy and fulfilled NOW. No more toil, struggle, and lessons on the spiritual path. Experience revolutionary total life transformation in this intensive, yet pleasure-filled retreat.

In more than forty of these retreats, people from 140+ countries have made quantum leaps out of suffering and struggle, into bright, happy, fulfilling, new lives.

Life is simply too short to waste any more time chasing after happiness.
Get relief now.
Get happy now.
Get free now.

Lola Jones has a gift of Grace. Just being in her field of resonance for five days is permanently life-altering--you are healed, transformed, opened to a whole new life. All you have to do is get there...

Divine Openings literally does open you to your natural inner wisdom and guidance. After tuning out mental and emotional noise for just five days, you can hear your intuitive guidance more clearly. You can make better choices, receive with more ease, and create more deliberately. Even if you're not spiritual, inner stillness is a practical skill.

Divine Openings retreats are refreshingly different from any other
spiritual, healing, meditation, or yoga retreat you've ever done.

Most retreats are just a temporary "time out" from reality--the effects fade. Some retreats are grueling or boring. Not this one. Lola Jones powerful energy engages, supports, and lifts you up. Lively and spirited activities alternate with going deep into silence, merging you with your Large, Unlimited Self. Your reality shifts gently and permanently, without work, effort, and struggle.

Yes, there IS gain without pain!   No, you don't have to reveal anything to strangers!

Divine Openings works for all faiths (or no faith), is non-dogmatic, and deeply spiritual.

Experience it...

Lola Jones retreatsFor a little taste of the powerful live Divine Openings in the retreat, receive a Divine Opening from Lola through this picture. Most of you will get a sense of the love and Grace that surrounds you in the retreat. If you're not able to feel it at this time, the Grace will work on you anyway. Here's how: Gaze at this picture of Lola for a minute or so. There's nothing for you to "do." Just receive. Then close your eyes and feel for five minutes or more.
divine openings lola jones spiritual retreats




Participants share how Divine Openings changed their lives in these videos. We know that if you're in serious struggle, suffering, or depression you can't imagine being this happy, this easily, in five days, without difficult processing--but it happens.

Note: Video says to email us about the retreats, but currently it's easy to register online right here unless you have questions.

This video is especially helpful for people who feel they're moving slowly, are resistant, or blocked:

The retreats just keep getting more powerful. The shares after this European retreat were so stunning we just couldn't edit any more out. Even if you watch part, you'll get it. If you're going to invest in a retreat for your lifetime growth, you want to know people are experiencing powerful things from it. You may even get a blast of Grace you can feel from the video.

higher consciousness spiritual retreats California

"Hi Lola, I arrived in London yesterday and very much still in BLISS! ... last night I dreamt my initiation I received from you... I felt a very warm glow which seemed to light up my bedroom. I woke up thinking it was the morning with sunlight, but it was still dark at 3.30 am. I’ve woken up refreshed and still smiling. Feel like the cat who got the cream. Divine openings has gifted me the unique formula to the endless possibilities of unfolding my authentic being. For this retreat I had no expectations just be present to celebrate me. I feel like I just attend the most amazing party which lasted 5 glorious days! Heartfelt thanks for the wonderful experience dearest Lola. Also to Scott, for his yummy culinary delights.

Hugs, ease and grace. 

Hear and see what more participants received:

See MANY more short videos: participants share results,
preview luscious retreat locations, and more.

After their retreat:

"My retreat had to be the best, most amazing 5 days of my life to date."  xoxo Patricia Austin, United Kingdom

"Soaring into the stratosphere... I don't need anything more at this point. Oh... and I didn't want to come back to see my assistant whom I almost couldn't stand before the retreat. I suddenly started to like her on Friday... for no reason." LOL!!!! Love, Heather, California

"Attending my first 5-Day Retreat after several years of long-distance Divine Openings has been the biggest evidence that dreams come true!!! Lola, being in your divine presence was a most magnificent gift from the universe! I've been raving to friends for years about Divine Openings." Goldy, New York

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divine openings lola jones spiritual retreats

Ask your employer to pay for this retreat.
Here are the personal and professional development benefits to download and show your employer:  Corporate and business benefits
(Not certified by any CEU organization.)

Write the retreat off as professional development.
If you are self employed, write it off as professional development, because it prospers every area of your life!

deep spiritual retreat new reality

Are you ready to expand your wings and fly?

Discouraged from working on yourself incessantly?

Weary of going to seminars that promise much and do little?

Ready to stop living in fear, doubt, frustration, uncertainty?


Instead of a mere vacation that ends, how would it feel to take a profoundly healing retreat that alters the entire rest of your life?

Have you had it with traditional means of trying to refresh, bounce back, or even rescuee your relationship? This is a great retreat for couples.

spiritual retreat with Lola JonesHow's the seeking, the self-help, and the do-it-yourself been going?

Ready to get out of the way and let Divine Presence do most of the work for you?

Or, have you made a lot of progress with Divine Openings, and now you want the ultimate experience... being in that powerful vortex
with Lola Jones for five life-altering days.

higher consciousness is on, fear of death is gone



Divine Openings retreats turn your switch to ON.


You arrive at a beautiful retreat nestled into acres of quiet, natural beauty. The healing energy is palpable the moment you enter the room. The scent of flowers and the soft glow of candles fills the room as Lola begins quietly speaking. The energy is palpable, and before long you feel an electric sensation, as if awakening from a long sleep.

meditate easier, deeper

Unlike ordinary meditation retreats, you don't sit for long hours in the traditional (boring!) way, but you're soon surprised that you can go much deeper than ever before. Your mind slows down, or even stops... fears and issues fade...  opening a space for metaphysical magic to happen.

You feel increasingly relaxed and restored, yet vibrantly alive--one with The Presence.

Lola talks very little, but guides you gently and surely. Without hard work and processing, you begin to feel amazing, but you have no idea why--that's causeless bliss. That's who you are.

Lifelong issues and hurts disappear from memory as pure joy of living comes alive in you.

We hear this frequently: "Something profound happened that I can't explain in words, but it's definitely showing up as positive changes in all areas of my life!"

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Over five unforgettable days, you experience powerful live Divine Openings, luxuriate in pleasurable activities, eat delicious healthy food, and enjoy free time to take walks or decadent naps between profoundly life-changing activities.

divine openings lola jones spiritual retreatsTime begins to fly… and you wish it would never end... but don't worry, this spiritual retreat is never over, it keeps expanding you forever, even after you step out into the world, excited about what lies ahead.

You go home a new person. If you take it as a couples retreat, it feels like a new relationship. But that's just the beginning. You continue to evolve naturally. You visit the online Bliss Maintenance Course (included free) to refresh and go higher with special audios and videos from retreats.

man at top spiritual healing retreatsYou'll always remember it as a
turning point in your life.

"After all my years of seeking, I had a a profound, transcendent spiritual experience I had taken many other types of meditation retreats hoping to have. Thank you Lola." Lars, Rosenheim, Germany

Need more info to be sure? Watch videos of participants sharing their life changes.


silent spiritual retreaters happy excitement new friends"Dear Lola, People always laugh when I say I met my friend Maureen at your silent retreat in 2015, asking how you can possibly make friends without talking! We have become close friends. In addition to suddenly loving my job, waking up with a sense of excitement about the day ahead, seeing so many more opportunities for fun and laughter, and a general increase in happiness, I also have a new friend! I have attached some photos of our recent holiday in India." Julia x

"I work as a physician and .... this suddenly began to be reflected in my work with patients... so many of the symptoms/illnesses they have come to me for suddenly soften, lessen and frequently resolve altogether.  It's honestly mind blowing.  And I recognize that I am now creating a practice that draws patients to me who are ready for this kind of shift, which is sheer heaven for me to experience." Emily

(You do not have to be in group photos.)

top spiritual healing retreats teacher lola jonesOh, Lola!  I just have to rave about how much expansion is happening in my life!  I attended the March 2015 retreat in California. Well, I'll admit there was a stretch of time there when I bobbed in and out of suffering while I slowly but surely opened...  And boy has that shifted me out of suffering!  Yahooo! I've also spent most of my life in the Fight or Flight response.  I used to believe those situations were happening TO me, but once I realized I was creating them, I easily shifted it so that I am honestly calm the majority of my days.  To clarify: calm, but blissed out!!"  Emily, physician

"I have grown substantially since this retreat and I am soaring on a higher plane and vibration level. It is the most amazing, full of peace and love and a bit scary in a good way as I get used to my new set of wings!" Love, Kathy McGrath (her husband had passed away)
"I can not express how grateful I am, having found Divine Openings and you." With so much love, Beate Baumann, Germany

"It was done FOR me. I was just willing. I felt blissfully good, and could feel that some things were turned on in me, and others were turned off. Some things were added and some were taken away. I cannot really explain it in words, but my entire being was changed, and I was given a direct knowing that it would play out more in my life over time."  Scott


divine openings lola jones spiritual retreats

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"Thank you Lola for being in my life. I enjoyed and learned more about myself and my real needs at your 2015 Santa Barbara Retreat . . . more than you’ll ever know or can imagine.  Thanks again for creating that space for me at this point in my life." Much love to you, Joan Ling

couple at healing retreat in california

COUPLES: Take your relationship higher. Discover new levels of trust and love when you take this as a couples retreat in California or Europe.

This couples retreat works without "processing your issues" Hallelujah!

"Our relationship was renewed and our lives were opened up without having to 'work on our issues.' Plus our business is now thriving, and it's all fun again." Joaquim and Michaela, Germany 

man at healing retreat Santa Barbara California"I'm still extremely happy since the Five Day Retreat--best decision of my life." Paul Feeney, Ireland

"So funny... I had a complete healing at this retreat. I asked for it a couple of days before I left for California. Be open to possibilities. NOTHING is impossible if you put your small self in the back seat!!!! Mary Ledee, who had previously had a heart attack and other physical issues, United States


THIS vacation not only lasts long after the retreat is over, it keeps expanding forever.

For all paths and religions, or no religion at all.

" I am enjoying the Bliss Maintenance (online course that comes with the retreat.) Such gratitude to you Lola for more ways to keep the vibration up. Fun Fun. Definitely feeling the depth of power. Thanks for your Love. Love to all!" Yolanda, Colorado

"Once I got home, there were big changes within, and I started to see people, money, situations, etc., show up with a lot of ease... the amazing amount of energy I had was way more than before.  Old fears no longer there.  A bit of anxiousness showed up around money but  I felt through that in seconds, then the phone rang with a work offer.   I ask my Large Self to "put some cash in the bank please" and .... ha, 'that was easy'.  I still owe some money, but I don't give it a thought... very freeing. 

My friends and family noticed a change instantly.  One signed up for November's retreat already and 5 more are talking about going in the spring.  I lost about 6 pounds while I was there... cool, I ate lots and lots!!  It's easier to slip into the silence now and there is a new level of awareness of the importance to do that.  I did healings on my dad and his doctor is saying "hmmmmm....." looking perplexed (love it."

Why people choose Divine Openings retreats:

  • The results in your practical life are tangible and profound, opening up relationships, money, health, and mental and emotional wellbeing. In any area of life where you want more, it's possible.
  • Your awakening is initiated, or your current enlightenment deepens.
  • Your career success is enhanced or your purpose clarified.
  • If you're a healer or counselor your spiritul power increases.
  • It alters the course of your entire life. So much happens inside you in this one week, you don't have to chip away at individual issues for years or lifetimes.
  • Already living at a very high vibration? This retreat takes you to yet a higher level.
  • It's a retreat into a deep Presence without the distractions of daily life. Meditation becomes easier, deeper, faster.
  • To break through deep resistances, or a blind spot or obstacle you need help with, all you have to do is attend. How do you know if your resistance is high? If you've read Things Are Going Great In My Absence and you still suffer, or have significant "issues."
  • To receive powerful physical healing and learn self-healing.
  • To be initiated to give spiritual healing for physical conditions, or to increase your existing healing power.
  • It's the way to be in the vortex with Lola Jones live.
  • It's step 1 & 2 in becoming a Certified Divine Openings Guide, and help people with any issue in life.
  • The best reason: unlike a regular meditation retreat, it "works on you" and keeps working on you after this very healing retreat. And you get the online support course forever.

retreat informationI feel it!
Sign me up for a fresh new life!

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Or if you'd like a personal touch:

Call our phone line with your questions about courses and retreats.
1-805-755-6591. If you're international, email and she will return your call. If you have a MagicJack phone, your call is toll free!
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silent spiritual retreat california germany uk"I highly recommend this retreat... it's a HUGE life changer.  The moment I got there, I let go of some long time vibrations that had been difficult for me to move. Thanks to everyone there and for Lola... what an amazing creation."  Much love, Catherine

"Dearest Lola, Words cannot express all that has happened since my 5 day retreat last year in Santa Barbara.  But then you know that. Things are continuing to happen, and my mind can't put it together, but it's so beautiful. I've never felt more myself in all my life, and my heart keeps expanding with every day. Thank you." Unfathomed love, Verity

"If you only knew how much I usually talk... LOL. The silence has been easy! Just BEING. I'm feeling lighter and less tense." Michelle

"I was fearful of what I'd find in the silence, but I like the person I found there, and that's a surprise. Thank you." Catherine

"I had a slight fear of men.... my body would react a bit, even with the most gentle of men... that's gone.  Anxiousness is a thing of the past.  I spent a week with a bunch of people and for the first time, really knew my own energy and felt incredibly grounded.  Afterward I don't think I had one 'serious' thought all week, laughing at everything.  Interesting how the vibration of joy attracts people! I could go on and on... Erin, New Hampshire

Dear Lola, I was on your Europe retreat in August and several months later I am still amazed at the results. Here are some of the main ones:
- a sense of fear/anxiety which was almost always present has disappeared
 - Life is good, so much fun, and there have been a lot of opportunities for dancing!
 - i feel relaxed and confident
 - i feel very loving and affectionate towards my fabulous husband!
 - i am speaking less, and when i do speak i am getting more attention (especially at work)
  - my job, which i was thinking of giving up, has suddenly become more interesting and fun!

PS - another unexpected plus - I also found the nonhabitual movements you showed us have made a huge difference to my physical wellbeing. At the time I was wondering what purpose they served but after the retreat I felt completely loosened up in a way that i have not felt for years (even though i do a lot of exercise and stay fit). My husband and i now do them at home every day, amid much laughter!

Thank you, you have changed my life, I am not even going to start listing all the great things that have happened to me since i first read your book in 2011. Already looking forward to doing another retreat when you are next in Europe.
Lots of Love, Julia

divine openings lola jones spiritual retreats

More than a Meditation,
Yoga, or Healing Retreat

It's the end of seeking... and the beginning of a new life, higher consciousness, enlightenment... and that means greater fulfillment.

"My experience with the five day silent retreat was amazing. What I learned about myself and how to get out of the way changed how I live my life." Gina Ristow

Previous attendees often tap into the retreats from afar: "I was awake all night beaming with bliss as huge energy came and expanded my pipes! I can feel the surge of the California retreat that's soon beginning (WOW!) and have a keen awareness that it will be the best one ever.  A growing group of us will be in silence at 9am PDT every morning prostrating and relishing The Divine with you all! (And daily afterward.) Love and Divine Mother Hug for you, Jill

Lola works with you in the Non-Physical long before the retreat to maximize the elevation you get:

"Hi Lola, I wanna share with you my  tonight`s experience. I dreamed about you. We have been together the whole afternoon (in my dream.) But  .... In the morning I woke up, with a mind very still (it nearly never had happend before, only once.....) and this was really special. I felt so much  freedom and love. And here a little rave, my life changes to things I like, in sooo many ways. I did expand in so many areas. Thank you sooooo much,  I'm happy looking forward to the 5 Day Retreat in Germany (Oktober ), love,  Sabine Faast

"I had a full-on Download from Above the other night - my first in over a year! It was incredible - just like a chiropractic treatment, whilst buzzing. My head was held & moved about, & each limb was also raised & moved. Amazing."   Angela, UK

"Lola. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I feel like I've been hit by a lightning bolt of pure feeling. I now realise not just at a mental level but deep in my core I create EVERYTHING.  As I lay in bed chatting with the Presence and intending, the Presence showed me pictures of a house I used to draw when I was is the EXACT house my mam and dad have been living in for the past ten years (they built exactly what I had drawn years and years ago) right down to the windows, red door, chimney position, surrounding fence and the few behind the house. I am feeling feelings I've never experienced before. I AM an unlimited non physical being in a physical body!!!! :-) yipee. Tears of awe, joy and sheer amusement are flowing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Lola. Since the Cornwall 5 day my life is indescribable". Lots of love to you, Katie, United Kingdom

Ready to change your life?

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If you need more info, read on.
If you'd like to talk to someone about the retreat:

We're happy to answer your questions about courses and retreats by phone.  1-805-755-6591. If you're international, email and we will return your call. If you have a MagicJack phone, your call is toll free!
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spiritual retreater

Take the 5 Day Silent Retreat just for yourself

and others light up just from being around you. Whole families transform just from one family member's attendance, as enthusiastically celebrated by Jody Browne (at left) of San Antonio, Texas. Although she was a realtor, her friends began to say, "Whatever it is you've got now, we want it. Coach us." And now she does. 


spiritual retreats Germany, California

"My husband said you might as well start charging double for married participants as he was so incredibly relaxed taking care of our three children while I was gone, it was as if he had been on a 5 day retreat ... LOL. Lots of love and thank you again for this most special experience!!!" Gabriele, Germany

After her retreat, Gabriele later translated Lola's foundational book Things Are Going Great In My Absence to German, and has now changed thousands of lives in Germany. She's the coordinator of the 5 Day Retreats in Germany and is a mentor in the Divine Openings Guide Certification program.

silent spiritual retreat

Participants in the retreat learn to facilitate physical healings. A restaurant owner and chef who had never even done healing before, this man has facilitated some remarkable healings since his 5 Day Retreat:

"Remember that friend of mine whose knee was saved from surgery after I sent him a healing by intention right after I got back from the 5 Day Retreat? And how he later asked me to use my healing powers for a mentor of his that was diagnosed with terminal cancer having been given only a few months left to live? I did the same 'gnat's wing touch' faint intention of sending a healing to that person that night and then completely forgot about it. Well, over a year later after that conversation I am thrilled to learn that my friend's knee is still working perfectly fine and his mentor friend is now living cancer free! Now I'm not taking credit for anything here, because I didn't do anything. The Divine DOES everything. I just get to enjoy experiencing the coolness of the story!" Much Appreciation, Gerrick

It's so much easier to lose your old limits and stories when you "get out of the way" for just five days. As your eyes and heart are opened to what is real, beyond the physical world and it's distractions, you forget your illusory limits and stories.

"Working on issues," getting spiritual healing, processing, clearing, and addressing problems keeps you seeking forever without finding "it". Enlightenment cannot be figured out by the mind, and no amount of metaphysical knowledge can make it happen. We don't do any of that in this holistic retreat, yet lives are transformed beyond recognition.

What do we do? Now that would spoil it, wouldn't it? What we don't do is make you tell your private business to strangers. There's nothing the least bit embarrassing or scary about this retreat.

Your experience is private, quiet, and interior. Yes, you'll go deeper in meditation than ever before, and you'll know how to get back there, but it's more than meditation. Lola creates a powerful energy vortex wherever she holds these retreats, and in that powerful field of resonance, magic happens. She's right there with you in the silence from morning till night for the five days.
spiritual retreat leader Lola Jones
divine openings lola jones spiritual retreatsWhat's Included Before the Retreat?
There is no "waiting" for the magic to begin. Your live holistic silent retreat begins when you register.
  • The energy begins working on you immediately, once you register or place a deposit.
  • Online Pre-Retreat Preparation Course with text and audios of Lola teaching. You gain access to this when your tuition is paid in full.
  • One Free 1st Aid Online Course is free when you place a deposit. If you have specific pressing concerns like addiction, over-analytical mind, or depression, just request one.


What Support Do You Get After the Retreat?
  • Bliss Maintenance, a multi-media Online Course with videos and audios for you to enjoy and to help you continue to evolve long after your retreat. Helps you bring it all down to Earth in your practical everyday life, deepen it, and sustain it long term.
  • Unique practices and experiences you'll use and refer back to for a lifetime.
  • Support on the member Forum for years to come.

silent retreat for awakening

Some people say, "I could never be all light and blissful like these people."

But after a few days of this retreat they find, yes, they can.


After you register for the 5 Day Retreat, you'll be able to access the 5 Day Retreaters link in the footer.

Can't yet travel for a retreat?
Look at our online spiritual retreats and treat yourself from home!

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Silent spiritual retreats
California, UK, Germany,
and wherever friends of Divine Openings
sponsor a retreat.


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Page 2 of retreat info has more details, IF you need more info after this page.

Page 3 tells how this retreat is "pleasure," a holistic lifestyle experience that's beyond just "a spiritual path.

 "Seagulls" take flight after the Cornwall silent retreat.