There IS a Shortcut to Spiritual Enlightenment!
by Melinda Gates, Divine Openings Certified Guide
Shortcuts to Spiritual EnlightenmentYou want to wake up, and you want to wake up now!  But everywhere you turn, the message is clear; spiritual enlightenment takes time, finding freedom is hard work, and Grace is a valuable commodity, in short supply and hard to earn.

People who suggest otherwise are looked down upon by those who preach the gospel of suffering and stamina and teach the economics of sacrifice and short supply.  We're told, "There are no shortcuts. It takes hard work." Preachers and teachers urge us to put aside our childish thinking and accept the grown-up reality of seeking but not finding (or not finding for a long, long time, sometimes after lifetimes of work to make ourselves worthy).

It you’re told something is hard to find, you will not look in the most obvious places.  And if you are told that you are not worthy now to receive what you most want, you will not believe it’s possible to have without a lot more time and work.  We believe the stories we’re told, not understanding that it’s simply our belief that makes them true.

What if you told yourself another story? 

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Now you can find freedom fast without working on it! 

There IS a shortcut to spiritual awakening!  

In fact, there are many.  All of them are available here and now.   In this moment you have complete freedom to make choices that will not only help you feel better fast but that will put you into the orbit of the enlightenment you’ve wanted.

Perhaps you've had a glimpse of such possibilities.  You've tasted the freedom, joy, power and peace you've been seeking but could not sustain it.

In the past, it's been hard to shift momentum from the path you’re on to the path you want to be on.

But today there is help. Grace will help. 

Shortcut to spiritual awakening and enlightementGrace is real, it is powerful, and it is the shortcut to the enlightenment, freedom and bliss you’ve wanted.  Grace will do for you what you have been unable to do for yourself.  It is a gift that is freely given.  You don’t have to earn Grace.  Everyone is worthy to receive its gifts.  This includes you.

Are you ready to step into this new reality?

When you are fully present, awake and aware in the moment, you recognize that Grace is always present.  As you relax into this state of Grace, your enlightenment easily and quickly unfolds. 

Divine Openings is your direct path back to this experience. 

Divine Openings, and Divine Openings certified Guides, don’t create or transmit Grace.  Instead they open you to receive the Grace that is always flowing. 

As you are reconnected with the power of Grace, it’s like a hose that suddenly unkinks: You are lifted, easily – if you don’t resist – into your spiritual enlightenment, with Grace doing 90% of the “work.”  

When Grace flows, miracles naturally occur.  You are lifted to a higher consciousness and reconnected with your greatest source of power – your aware presence.  You are now living the power of now instead of just reading about it.

One of the most practical and effective shortcuts to your awakening is a short series of personal guidance sessions with Melinda or one of the other Divine Openings Certified Guides.

 Divine Openings Certified Guide Melinda Gates 
Author and Divine Openings Certified Guide Melinda Gates

"Thank you Melinda for getting me turned in the right direction!  It's incredible to wake up every day and realize that I'm actually living this life!"  - Judy C.

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The Grace from Divine Openings wakes you up and keeps you awake, so that, moment by moment, you are able to make the small choices that both sustain and raise your overall vibration.  Because you are present, awake and aware, you now have real choices, perhaps for the first time in your life.  You are no longer on auto-pilot, simply reacting from old patterns that don’t serve you.

Shortcuts to Spiritual Awakening

Gone are the days of endless processing and working on yourself as you realize that Life, this moment, is offering you everything you need to experience enlightenment and find freedom and bliss.  Divine Openings gives you the tools to understand, appreciate and transform what Life is presenting, here and now for your own unfolding awakening.

Do you want to know the ultimate shortcut to Enlightenment?  The truth is… you are already enlightened!  A part of you, your Large Self, knows this.  From that, larger perspective, everything is fine.  It’s the smaller-self part of you that has simply forgotten.  

The ultimate shortcut to awakening is realizing that there’s nothing to work on because you already ARE what you want to be!  Can you see now how working on yourself takes you further into the illusion that you are broken? You are not broken! You have simply forgotten who and what you really are.

Divine Openings wakes you up and reminds you who you really are.

With the long way home -- the old paradigm of fixing yourself, endless therapy, past-life work, and spiritual and emotional healing -- you eventually may get where you want.  Life itself wants for you what you want for yourself, so, despite your long, round-about journey, you will finally reach your desired destination.

But there is a shortcut to this old-paradigm view of enlightenment!  The Grace from Divine Openings is like a portal that drops you right where youi need to be, here and now, awake and aware, as life intended.  You begin to understand that your starting point IS your destination as you sink into this new, easy, joyful way of being. Once there, Divine Openings gives you tools to navigate this new, super-condensed map.   

Essentially, you are given tools that allow you to get out of the way so that Grace can do the work.  You don’t dig or try to fix problems; you learn how to give them to The Presence and then sit back marvel at how life works so much better when you’re out of the way!  

Finding freedom fast

Indeed, the most important skill that most people need to learn with Divine Openings is how to relax!   Living becomes about joy and feeling good as you recognize the essential connection between how you feel now and how you want to feel. 
As you relax into the Presence, you are increasingly able to make the choice, moment by moment, to focus on things that feel good, which brings you in closer alignment to how your fully enlightened, Large Self aspect feels all the time!

If things continue to show up that don’t feel good, you learn how to relax into them, rather than resist, allowing energy to easily move and transform, as Life intended. 

Life knows how to work, if you don’t resist it!  All life energy wants to move!  When we live in the future or in the past, we are resisting what is, now.  It’s our resistance that keeps the very thing we’re resisting locked in place! 

When we are awake, aware and present, we naturally recognize that allowing, not resisting, is the key to our freedom. 

Divine Openings helps you find freedom as you return to the place of acceptance. 

Remembering and claiming your enlightenment and freedom can only happen now.  Moment by moment you are given opportunities to BE who you truly are.  Divine Openings gives you the Grace assist and the tools that help you step into this new way of being.


How to get started

Enter a new, more joyful and expanded reality and relax into the most exciting time of your life.  Stop merely seeking and find the freedom and enlightenment you've wanted! 

  • Most people start with the Level One Online course with book
  • The BOOK - The foundational spiritual awakening book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, is a great, easy way to begin.
  • Others want more support and a big, powerful launch, so they come to a live spiritual retreat
  • At-home study is easy with our many online retreat courses course with its many audios and videos of Lola teaching
  • Get Personal Mentoring to supercharge your Divine Openings experience! You could be Mentored by Lola! We hear day after day that those who have more live interaction with Lola progress more steadily, open up with more ease and flow, and evolve faster.


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