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She Did It. You Can Too.

She Did It. You Can Too.

04/08/2020 - 01:52 Submitted by Cara Goldsworthy

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She Did It. You Can Too.

Hello Dear Ones, Lola Jones here. I'm delighted to share this article with you from much-loved Divine Openings Guide, Melinda Gates. Here's Melinda's powerful story:
I was feeling excruciating back pain as I walked into my first 5 Day retreat - undoubtedly the consequence of trying to hold back years of stagnant, dense, un-felt emotion that Divine Openings was beginning to loosen and invite to rise.

I found "the book"

A friend had told me a few months before how Lola had written a book and held retreats that awakened people to more ease, grace and joy. I was struggling with a chronic illness, dependency on alcohol, substantial credit card debt and being separated from my husband while raising our 7-year old son. 

I was also a veteran seeker, always looking for the next ‘fix’ that would help me feel better. Naturally, I bought the book and registered for an upcoming retreat. 

As the retreat neared, however, it became apparent (in hindsight) just how numb I was. I’d read Things Are Going Great but hadn’t yet grasped how thinking about my feelings was not the same as feeling them. 

But my body knew.

Holding back emotion is hard work, and my back was straining with the effort of it.

I called Lola, unsure if I’d be able to make the 90 minute drive to her home. She encouraged me to get there, however I could: “You’ll feel better once you get here,” she said, and I decided to believe her. 

The first day of the retreat Lola promised she’d intend a distance healing for me that night. And indeed, at precisely 2 AM that morning (I looked at the clock!) a profound sense of calm moved over me. It was palpable; my body softened and relaxed. 

I felt a well-being I hadn’t felt in a very long time and cried at the miracle of it.

All of us were initiated to evoke physical healings at the retreat, and I accepted the offer of a fellow retreater to receive another healing a few days later under a gorgeous November sun in Lola’s backyard. Again, relaxation and relief permeated my body and being. 

Laughter bubbled up from a sudden recognition of how easy things can be when we’re able to get out of the way and allow more good.

I left the retreat with near zero pain in my back. The following day I visited a dear friend who had badly burned her hand. As I held it between my own hands, the burn blisters almost entirely disappeared. 

So much was put into motion at that first retreat, but the physical experiences were tangible proof that even ‘impossible’ things can happen much more easily than we are taught to believe.

I had spent so many years trying to feel better, physically and emotionally – mostly by trying to fix what was wrong and trying to make myself feel worthy of feeling better. 

Yet in Lola’s potent, focused field of grace, I was simply given the gift of feeling better. Suddenly trying, fixing, unworthiness and even wrong made much less sense than they had. My world shifted on its axis! 

Within a year, every area of my life was significantly  better. 

For sure, I had (and still have) my own part to play. Grace flows, but only I can open and make space for it by being willing to feel, take control of my thinking, and show up in my life. 

But ease and grace are hallmarks of Divine Openings, and each year my 10% gets easier.

What about you? Are things flowing as easily as you’d like?

If you’ve gotten discouraged, I’d like to offer hope: today, ten years later, I’m happier and more at peace than ever before. I’m also a Certified Divine Openings Professional Guide and a Mentor to others, so I get to share Divine Openings on a regular basis – which is pretty awesome. 

Still, there’s something uniquely special about sharing in the live group energy of a 5 day Silent Retreat. It’s stunning to experience a whole group lightening and brightening, day by day, as grace works its magic. Grace works so we don’t have to! No one is left behind.

I attended my 4th retreat in March 2019 and am astounded by the profound expansion rippling through my world right now.

Once again, Lola somehow found new ways to give even more.

Fortunately, Divine Openings has taught me how to let it in. 

Ahh… change really can unfold with such ease when we let it!

Melinda Gates

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