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The Pitfall Of Needing The Teacher To Get Your Bliss

Shakti: The Pitfall Of Needing The Teacher To Get Your Bliss

In the ancient paths they called it shakti--the strong blissful energy you get from being in the presence of a teacher with that gift.

First let's be very clear:

  • Shakti is not usually permanent. It usually fades eventually after the visit with the teacher. It is not enlightenment, although it may give you flashes of it.
  • Divine Openings is permanent. The Grace does lift you aloft and give you that blissful feeling like shakti does. But Divine Openings continues to expand you after you walk away from the teacher, the book, and the courses. The Grace does 90% of the "work" for you. Your elevation is permanent if you do the conscious mind piece of it (your 10%). You are of course free to wander back to a low vibration if you choose to get sloppy in your thinking, feeling, and speaking.

Rather than just radiating shakti, Lola Jones (and some other Divine Openings Guides to various degrees) create a field of resonance that invites you to attune to it and stabilize there by yourself. She doesn't "send" any energy to you, or do anything to you or for you. She turns on the lights and opens the doors.

It does feel blissful, and if you do your 10% (the conscious mind piece) to maintain it, the elevation is permanent. You do continue to embrace all feelings rather than expecting eternal bliss. You might still have positive challenges that expand you more, but if you let go, life is mostly easy.

Being able to radiate shakti does not mean a teacher is pure--it just means they can radiate shakti. Being able to radiate shakti does not make the teacher immune from being human or infallible.

Power that grows bigger and bigger without softening and refining it and living consciously from the Large Self can actually poison a teacher who cannot handle it. Many are the stories of great gurus and teachers who fell from Grace by not taking care of themselves and managing their vibration. Some of the first signs are rage, control, and hardness. Hitler had a huge magnetic power. He could make people feel powerful and inspired.

A teacher who can give shakti can still have a very low vibration in their own personal life because the shakti is coming from their Larger Self, independent of their small self. If they live their life more as their smaller self, though, or are sloppy in their thinking, feeling, and speaking, they can be miserable and even angry when not onstage.

The remedy is the same as for everything else for teachers and everyone (explained fully in the foundational book Things Are Going Great In My Absence): Drop the story and feel the feeling. Be responsible. Meditate and go to the Void to clean the slate and reboot. Prostrate and give it to The Presence.

A practitioner should not work with large numbers of low vibration people unless they can handle it without taking on others' vibration. See article below on how to stop over-empathing. Some teachers get swamped by taking on others energies rather than just opening the door, turning on the lights, and letting people do it themselves. Then that low vibration can appear in the teacher.

If they are over-empathers who take on the low vibrations of others without knowing how to move it upward, their own vibration can get swamped by it, while all along they are radiating that blissful shakti to others. (Article on over-empathing below.)

To do what Lola Jones does, to work intensely with so many, and to initiate others in the Five Day Retreats, requires a sort of shamanic gift. It requires the ability to tap directly into The Presence and let The Presence do the work, then let go of the results. She hands the power to the person and they allow it in, or not. That's how she stays healthy, happy, and balanced while ushering the sick, suffering, and miserable through the door to liberation (as well as helping the happy get happier.)

That is also why Lola is in no rush to get "bigger." It gets harder to stay balanced when things get very large. Instead, she trains many to do what she does.

Look within for your "feel good."

We all need to find our own happiness within--and learn to access our own light and let in Grace direct from The Presence. If we keep going to anyone or anything repeatedly to get it, we never go within long enough to get it for ourselves. It's like needing a drug. It can actually become an addiction, no different than smoking pot or drinking to feel better rather than learning to raise our vibration.

There are people addicted to a guru, or those who get serially addicted to one guru after another. We playfully call it being an "energy junkie" when someone wants to just get the highs and the solutions from the teacher but not take responsibility for generating their own vibrational highs, going within directly, and creating their own reality.

As you know, Lola discourages people from becoming dependent upon her. She encourages people to look within, not outside. People of course, do what they choose, as this is a free will Universe and all choices are allowed.

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