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How to Kick the "Seeking Addiction"

In Divine Openings, we consider everything to be just a vibrational habit that can be changed. We don't put big diagnoses on things that sets them in cement and labels you with a life-long malady. Whether it's a psychological diagnosis, a disease, or a personality trait, it's just a vibration to us.

There is no dark energy. There is nothing to clear or get rid of. There is only vibration to raise and it's simple, requiring no props or processing.

Whether it's alcoholism, drugs, smoking, gambling, shopping, or sex/love addiction, or even that toughest addiction in the spiritual community: seeking addiction, it's all just a way of vibrating that isn't working out so happily for you.

The "Seeking Addiction" title probably got your attention, so from here on, we'll just consider it a vibrational habit, and it can be changed if you so desire.

Any habit is persistent. It's designed to be so you don't have to think about it. Many habits are very productive, and you're fortunate you don't have to think about it much. Like brushing your teeth, making your bed, eating healthy, exercising or meditating. You feel better when you do it and you feel worse if you don't. The habit serves and enriches you.

It's a form of autopilot that's useful... until it gets set on something that isn't so good for you or that causes you suffering. Unproductive habits either hurt you or hold you back.

The mechanism goes something like this:

The relief is usually either short-lived, or after a while of doing it there is no relief at all, but the habit persists anyway. Like drugs or cigarettes; at first the person gets "high", but after doing it for awhile, the high loses its contrast and doesn't feel as high as it used to, but the craving for the drug is even stronger. It isn't rational. You may even need more of it to get the high, so it escalates, but so do the negative side effects.

How many years have some sought relief from emotional, mental, and spiritual sources outside themselves, and found the relief short-lived, temporary only, limited to one issue, or even got no relief at all. Yet once the habit is established, its pull is immense. We do it just because we did it. We do it because everyone else is doing it.

I used to be a modality junkie, an addictive seeker. A session a week, and miserable sometimes in between, just waiting for that little dose of "feel better". That little bit of improvement, one drip, drip, drip at a time. Finally I said, "I don't have enough years left to get there at this rate. Help me God." And the world tilted on its axis and Divine Openings was there within two years. Now it's a new world for me and thousands of others.

Divine Openings is not a drip drip of one issue at a time getting fixed. It's like the drenching rain of Grace. Things resolve "en masse" once you claim your power and stop seeking. No more drip, drip, drip. Thank God, no more working at issues piecemeal forever. Oh, yes, unfolding and evolution still occurs, actually more rapidly, but the relief is now, it's constant, it's global, and it's increasing.

It is joyful and freeing to go cold turkey on the seeking habit. Give it over the The Presence if it's too big for you, or like the woman below, get a little coaching from a Divine Openings Giver.

We don't want you to become some kind of devotee to us, we want you to get free and devoted to your own wellbeing. We want you to discover your own inner guidance.

To wrap it up, how do you kick a vibrational habit of seeking?

  • Set your intention.
  • Dive into Divine Openings and let The Divine do the heavy lifting (Grace does 90%).
  • Follow through (do your 10%).
  • Stop going to seminars and sessions. Go within.
  • Stick to it, and re-commit if you need to (you get unlimited do-overs).
  • Ask for help if you need it, from a Divine Openings Giver who will point you back within rather than fix it for you, till the day you don't need help anymore.
  • Then you can visit us here at www.DivineOpenings.com because the community feels so good and is a compatible reality to your new reality.

This email from a person who "kicked the habit" is illuminating:
Hello Lola, When I first came to your website, I felt like I had come "home" and your descriptions just made sense. I purchased an ebook and then ordered your hardcover book, the audio Diving in series and signed up for level one.

I experienced quite a few speed bumps in the beginning, even felt like I was falling out a plane with no parachute  and I thought I'll never get through all the uncomfortable feelings I was having... and I was only in the first 2 chapters! LOL... I had been doing many of the other "healing" modalities for way too many years, which at a deep level, I knew made no sense because I was focusing on the problem...and I felt like I was running around in circles or here and there to find relief. Goodness the money I spent over the years I could have bought a mansion. LOL

I felt like I was having withdrawal systems going cold turkey because I chose not to use "healing" methods. The amount of resistance and skepticism that came from the smaller self surprised me as I thought of myself as quite evolved. Telling the smaller self to get in the back seat was very difficult at first because she had been the one to keep me safe through younger years. I let her know it was time for her to let go and have fun, but she would have tantrums and try to rule the house again (like the kids on Super Nanny) but, day by day she is experiencing new ways of being and learning to trust that all is well and the larger self and Divine can take over for her.

I did stay with  all the feelings and Dived in and began a closer relationship with the Divine.  I also had some wonderful sessions with Roxanne to guide me through and I began to feel so much better. Roxanne is Fab-u-lous! Now, I am more able to turn things over to the Divine and let it do the heavy lifting, or simply have conversations with the Divine, something I just could not do in the past for whatever reason (no story now) and my life is becoming more fun and easy and blissful.

I looked back to see when I began and it was 3 days before my birthday on April 29th and now its the 20th of June and so much has changed in this short time. It is quite simply... amazing. A friend commented last week how calm I always seem when I came into the office and I shared how I was doing that via your book and now she is now purchasing one. My business has begun to flourish. In fact, when I got off a Divine Opening call, a new order had come in for my company while on the call! Talk about fast...and it came to me! I just laughed with Joy and said "Yes"

You offered "you are co-creating with the Divine now". The thought of having such a Divine powerful ally and friend to co-create with just brought me to tears.
Hmmm, I just realized I'd been asking for a partner on the outside to be with, and I hadn't thought to look within where the best partner in the whole world existed all this time. (feeling tears and bliss right now)

I am looking forward to moving along with the book and level one and observing the unfolding...I can't wait to get to the next levels. See you in California.

Thank you so much Lola for bringing this to the world and especially to me.
with Love, Laughter and DeLight, Judy

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