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Site Security site security information:

Our site is triple secure.

1. Comodo is a leader in site security, and they keep our site safe for you. 

2. Our entire site is secure, before and during checkout, as indicated by the https (not just http) in your browser bar. Always look for the https: and the green lock symbol you see in the browser bar above the site when checking out online. See ours?

3. We don't want to risk your data, so we don't handle it! We leave it to the experts. Even if our site was breached, your financial information never actually appears on our site, even during checkout. Although transactions appear to occur on our site, they actually occur on Paypal's maximum security system, so your data is as safe as it gets.

Your credit card information never goes into our database, our site, or our computers, and no one at Divine Openings ever sees it or has access it.

Today, ALL of your money is transmitted over the internet, whether you know it or not. Just choose sites you can trust, who use state of the art security during checkout.

  • When you use your debit or credit card at the grocery store or any store, it’s internet.
  • When your paycheck is direct deposited, it’s internet.
  • When you make a transaction at the bank, it’s done on the internet.
  • ATMs use internet.
  • Gas stations use internet.
  • Everything happens on the internet unless it’s cash handed to someone.
  • No financial information has ever been compromised on our site in ten years. (Grace.)
  • Credit/debit card companies take all the losses if anything did happen.

We appreciate your trust,
The Divine Openings Administrative Team

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