Science Catches Up with Divine Openings?

by Lola Jones


Our Divine Openings friend Lynda Collins is doing groundbreaking work in her job as a law professor in Canada. Her university wants the lawyers in training to have some self-care skills.

About time, yes?

They won't let you just teach plain old spiritual truth without "proof" in a university (smile) so she has to find scientific data to support what she already knows from her Divine Openings Guide training! 

Lynda just sent me an article, noting, "Check this out! Science is catching up with what you've been saying all long."
It cites a study showing why some meditation and mindfulness practices work far better than others.

The key element that increases effectiveness?

You know from the book, Things Are Going Great in My Absence, to soften around the difficult subject (stress, loss, hurt) and somehow reach acceptance. That frees you the fastest--gets you above the Tipping Point fastest.

After all, what makes more sense?

  • Beating your head against the wall of current reality?
  • Or accepting "it is what it is" right now, and going from there?

Grace momentum can lift you if you can get to acceptance.
Not approval, not liking it: acceptance.

Of course the study doesn't include Grace.
That's not scientific enough.
Can't measure it. Can't define it.

The study says:  People who learn to accept and not just notice their experiences become... less reactive to stress—meaning, they show reductions in systolic blood pressure, the stress hormone cortisol, and feelings of stress in a stressful situation.
And: Resisting feelings or stress only makes them stronger. And... accepting stress helps people to stop focusing only on what’s wrong and to notice other feelings, sensations, and thoughts occurring at the same time, enabling them to see the “bigger picture.”

We've been teaching this in our courses for years, too: speak to yourself in a calm, compassionate, self-soothing tone, "I'm feeling this right now, and it's okay to feel this." 

Academia will always be playing catch-up with this leading edge because they have to wait for data.
Then they get the the data but we've gone on ahead.

They'll never catch up with the Non-Physical, and Source, because you can't measure or define them.

You and I will always surf on that leading edge, because all we need is intuition, guidance, and Direct Knowing.

We can't wait for science.

We'll let them catch up at their own pace.

Ease and Grace,



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