Level 1 Online: Awakening, the End of Suffering.
Level 2 Online: Ease and Flow.
Level 3 Online: 21 Days of Deepening. Daily short, quick, powerful, boosts. Register below!
Level 4 Online: Jumping The Matrix. Beyond normal reality. Register below!

When You're Ready to Go Higher Register for Levels 3 or 4 Below:

21 Days of Deepening
is now Level 3. It used to be called 21 Days of Awakening: Assimilate and Celebrate.

Sure, daily is best, but you may do it in your own timing, even stretching it out for a few months. It is designed in short bytes, for a fast, ten to fifteen minute "power-up" with Lola.

Includes hour-long bonus audios.

Many people repeat it to go deeper.
Softly and easily integrates all your experiences to this point, in 10-15 minutes a day.

Do it for 21 days, or go at your own pace!

Jumping the Matrix is now Level 4, so be sure you take Level 3 first. You'll be prepared for a smoother, more joyful ride! This new sequence gives a stronger, more grounded foundation. By now, you're no longer in a rush anyway--you're probably wishing each course never ended.
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Register for Jumping the Matrix after completing Levels 2 and 3.

Because we added Level 3 to the sequence, some of you did Level 3 before Level 2. You may register if you've completed BOTH Levels 2 and 3 in any order.

People say at this stage that it's not about speed, or getting it done, or getting anywhere--it's all about the pleasure of the endless movement, and they hope the courses never end!

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