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California New Life Retreat

Last step. You're almost in!

California Retreat Registration Step 3

Congratulations. You're making an enduring investment in yourself, your spiritual growth, and your happiness.
The value ripples out into your life for years to come.

Agree before you register

Retreat Requirements

Thank you for helping us keep the retreat quality high for all participants!

Your registration is your agreement to the following:

  1. Complete the book Things Are Going Great before you arrive.
  2. Must be 18 or older. May not be pregnant beyond 5 months upon arrival.
  3. You agree to not speak during silent times.
  4. Stay for all days for the entire days.
  5. Complete the Pre-Retreat Prep Course, watch prep videos. It helps Lola when participants are energetically primed.
  6. Wean off addictions before you arrive. If you can, with doctor's supervision, wean off anti-depressants, so feelings are accessible. (We give you FREE gifts to help: 1st Aid for Addiction or 1st Aid for Depression/Anxiety. They appear in your My Account under Courses after you've paid your tuition.)
  7. You release Lola Jones and the facility from all liability. You take full responsibility for your own safety and well being, and your own creations on all levels -- before, during, and after the retreat.
What's the refund policy?

Your registration certifies you have read, and agree.
With two months notice you may postpone, and attend another retreat, but there are no refunds. Your space is firmly reserved. You received all materials and live webinars. Lola works with you in the Non-Physical from the time you register and throughout any postponement. It's in Divine order when postponement occurs.  You keep all your online materials. Last minute no-shows forfeit tuition. Cancel your lodging if you postpone.

How do I get my Pre-Retreat goodies?

Upon full tuition payment you may access the Preparation Courses, roster, pre-retreat webinar live with Lola, and ALL planning details. In the site footer, click 5DayRetreaters.

How do I reserve lodging, coordinate rides?
  • You will arrange your own lodging directly with the lodge at our special rates ($110 weeknights, $150 weekend nights, and you could share rooms!)  You'll pay your lodging directly to the them when you arrive.
  • After you register: in the footer, the 5DayRetreaters link will open and give all details, lodging phone, roster to coordinate with others.

3 Easy Ways to Register for California

1. Register in full.
2. Place deposit at least 4 months before retreat + enroll in payment plan.
3. Place deposit at least 4 months before retreat. Full balance due two months before retreat.

Once you pay deposit, admin will give you full access to all info, materials, and live webinar with Lola reservation (date/time are sent to you.) A recording is posted in the 5 Day Retreat area if you can't attend.

Credit and debit card tips:

  • If your card is declined, call your credit card company and say it's you.
  • Your card company does any currency exchange.
  • It's safe to purchase on this SSL protected site through our secure payment service. We NEVER see or store your financial information on this site.

Once you're registered the energy amps up and your retreat begins!

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Pay full California tuition

This investment keeps compounding and paying dividends for the rest of your life.
$1950 USD per person.




Deposit+Payment Plan ~OR~ Deposit+Full Balance

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Step 1 Place Deposit

Step 1: Place your $600 deposit at least 4 months before the retreat for this plan. Complete that transaction, then complete Step 2: the Paypal Monthly Payment Plan now. Both steps required.

OR - This Step 1 deposit can hold your space until 2 months prior to retreat, when your full balance is due. Scroll down for tuition balance button.

add deposit to cart
payment plan

Step 2: Set Up Paypal Monthly Payment Plan

Step 2: After completing your deposit payment on our site, come back to this page. The Subscribe button takes you to Paypal for a separate transaction--on their site you subscribe to the Monthly Payment Plan. It debits $225/month for 6 consecutive months.
Payment plans must begin at least four months before the retreat.

Payment plan is for California only. Both Step 1 and Step 2 are required for the Payment Plan. Once you've completed both steps, we'll grant access to all info, webinar, and online prep courses.

Pay balance after tuition deposit

If you paid your $600 deposit, here's where you may pay off the full balance, due two months prior to the retreat: Tuition balance $1350 USD

Pay tuition balance

A 4th option: Paypal has their own No-Interest Payment Plan

Only for U.S. residents with good credit. Do NOT use the Paypal button above for this one--that's a different plan. To use their plan, choose Paypal at checkout in our cart, and choose their payment plan: Paypal gives you no interest for 6 months!.


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