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Lola Jones's words don't merely inspire, they transform. Completely unique, original, and humorous, Lola's writing doesn't follow the crowd, and sometimes gives you a jolt, but there is so much love in the delivery you can't resist letting it change your view of the world forever. This book stands alone, but you'll also want to read Lola's book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence.


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People all over the world come to each day just to see "Today's Message", the daily quote by Lola Jones. This book puts the Quotes on your coffee table or bedside.

Someone sent this, not knowing Lola had already written Quotes:
"Has Lola ever thought of publishing a daily meditation-type book? There are so many out there - but so few even touch the realms that Lola does. I, personally, would love one! I've been somewhat of a junkie for reading daily meditation books for many years - but lately I've put most of them down so as not to cloud up any of what I'm learning through Divine Openings. Hope you'll pass this on to Lola! Thanks so much!" Tasha

Quotes is precious as a gift, a slim 6x9 book for coffee table or desk that can actually impact someone's (or your) world forever. You can feel the vibration of it while simply holding it in your hand. Be sure to keep one for yourself. You'll reread it many times, getting more each time, as you did with Things Are Going Great In My Absence.

This full color book includes scores of Lola's newer artworks. That raises the printing cost, which is why the price is higher than we'd like it to be.  All color, new art.