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Private Retreats with Lola Jones

Lola SD AngelFor Individuals or Couples

Accelerate Your Spiritual Evolution -- See Practical Results in Your Life

  • Enjoy an intense and blissful three-day immersion with Lola Jones.
  • Just being in Lola's field of resonance is life-changing--it literally works on you without you having to work. You just attune to it and magic happens. It keeps happening after the retreat is over.
  • Personalized attention in customized activities, intuitive counseling, and healing sessions.
  • Couples: regenerate your life and relationship without hard work and processing. No grueling discussions or hashing out issues, just enjoy as issues fade away.
  • Prerequisites: Those in severe suffering or extreme difficulty should FIRST take the regular group 5 Day Retreat.
  • Everyone must take Portal 1 Online before a private retreat, so you have your basic foundation, and can get the most out of it.
  • Learn how to live this life of ease and flow.
  • Powerful live Divine Openings and Divine Mother hugs with Lola.
  • Soar higher as we play in the Divine Openings lifestyle.

While the group 5 Day Bliss Retreats do not focus much on the conscious mind piece or give personalized counseling, this private retreat does. There is some silent time to allow you to tap in deeply on your own.

Lola JonesPrerequisites:
Read the foundational book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, and completed the Portal 1 Online Course.

No exceptions.

You need to be well grounded in the basic Portal 1 material and energy, or beyond. You need to be out of suffering in general, yet perhaps you have areas of life where you want more, or where contrast is calling you forward. Or perhaps you're advanced and just want to play, expand, and evolve in this vortex of Grace and creativity. Treat yourself.

You'll handle your own travel plans, lodging, meals, and expenses.

  • Choose a hotel on the beach, a nearby spa resort, or the less expensive lodge in the mountains near Lola, your choice.
  • Eat your meals out on your own, and spend 2-3 hours daily with Lola at her retreat-like home.
  • Lola's home is currently a quiet, tranquil, and private mountain paradise in Alpine, 30 minutes east of San Diego.
  • You'll need a rental car to get around.
  • 3 days -- $1800 for an individual or $2500 couple.

Lola JonesTo apply, send a SHORT email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include:

  1. Your available dates in the next few months.
  2. Your main "desires." For example: oneness with The Presence, business building, finding your next passion, relationship, allowing, expanding pipes, creativity, advanced evolution, or "open for whatever comes," etc.

To be sure you get our reply: add us to your address book, check your spam filter, whitelist this email.

Online retreats and Webinars are affordable for anyone. There's always a way for you to get what you need.



"After that private retreat suffering stopped entirely. Life took off and I don't recognize myself." Cathy, Canada

"...an update on what has been happening since my personal retreat with you almost a year ago. OMG there's LOTS happening! Amazing things that I can hardly believe the ease with which I have created them to happen in my life!

First amazingness report: I am buying a condo/townhouse in a city that is considered the most competitive market in the USA!  Through a series of events I could not possibly have orchestrated, I learned about the property before the seller decided she was going to list it with a real estate broker! I am buying the place with no competing offers in a market that generally sees no less than 2-10 competing offers at a time, for the price that I want! AND the Seller REALLY wants ME to be the next owner! This is my first home purchase and I appreciate the sweetness vibration underlying this entire transaction, that feels so wonderful, I just keep diving into it. I soothe my small self, allowing the contrast that has arisen, while intending smooth sailing through the title/escrow process set to close well before end of May! 


Second amazingness: After 6 1/2 years of no contact, I reconnected with a great guy!  This dude moved to South Africa soon after I met him, but he has annually sent me a birthday email greeting since 2012. This year I finally replied back inviting him to meetup next time he was in the Pacific Northwest! I'll be damned if he didn't write back an hour later saying he happened to be in town and available!  After my annual birthday-spa-day retreat, we met for dinner and had a wonderful reunion, lots of sparkle and laughter! 


2018 makes year four that I have been with Divine Openings. Thank you so much Lola for creating Divine Openings and all the tools and sharing them with me and the world!" Love, Karen H, certified Divine Openings Guide and naturopath, Seattle, Washington

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If it's not here, you're not letting it in. The Universe is not holding it back from you. Reread the book. You'll get more each time. Don't keep asking for it repeatedly - that adds resistance. Just ask for release of resistance, and let go.
Lola Jones