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Requirements for Sessions with Lola Jones

Before purchasing sessions please read the following requirements and agree to them:

  • Read the book Things Are Going Great In My Absence slowly, and apply it in your life.
  • Read the second book Living Large (formerly called Watch Where You Point That Thing) and apply it in your life.
  • Complete all five Portals of Awakening, the Online Courses. They work exceptionally well and you may not need sessions.
  • ALL sessions Lola gives may be posted as videos or audios UN-EDITED in the online courses -- no exceptions. Lola must give the maximum number of people the benefit of her time. If you don't wish to be recorded or seen, please choose another Guide. They don't post their sessions.
  • Session times are weekdays between 10 am and 4 pm Pacific time. No weekends or evenings -- no exceptions.
  • Lola only commits her time to those who are committed to Divine Openings, and who are not doing other modalities, seminars, books, or therapy. 
  • People sometimes get some or all of the results they wanted before the sessions happen, because energy begins to move the moment you register. Consequently, we don't give refunds once you've registered -- much of your benefit is received between sessions, in the non-physical, in the night, in dreams, etc. Appreciate the miracle of this.

If you have met and agree to ALL of the above requirements you may register.
Here is the format for sessions:

  • You will log into Lola's Zoom with the link you'll find in your My Account > Webinar Access.
  • In Person sessions in Alpine near San Diego. Address is provided upon scheduling. People do fly in for sessions. You could retreat or vacation nearby and come for sessions.
  • Sessions are always set in Pacific time. Use www.worldtimbuddy.com to translate your time to Pacific time. You are responsible for getting the time right.

After registering read the section below: More to Know

3 Session Series

3 Session Series

  • Register only after getting approval: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Register, then email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you'll be scheduled between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Pacific time weekdays only.
  • You will log into Lola's Zoom with the link you'll find in your My Account > Webinar Access. Attend with camera and sound (set it all up and check it in advance) on your iPad, phone, or laptop. 
  • Sessions last 45 - 50 minutes. Longer is not always better.

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Single Session

Single Session

  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for permission to get one session only.
  • Register, then email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your available times between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Pacific time, weekdays.
  • You will log into Lola's Zoom with the link you'll find in your My Account > Webinar Access. Attend with camera and sound (set it up and check it in advance) on your iPad, phone, or laptop. 
  • Sessions last 45 minutes.

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Apply to Be Mentored by Lola

Apply to Be Mentored by Lola

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Translate the time

Most missed sessions are due to time translation. It is your responsibility to accurately translate Lola's time (that's what she'll give you) to your time zone. Be on time. You might use www.worldtimebuddy.com so seasonal time changes don't confuse you.

More to Know Before Your Session

Private Sessions

Your registration is your permission for your session to be posted unedited and unaltered in an online course. Lola does not give un-posted or edited sessions--no exceptions.

Sessions are given in series' of three for continuity and effectiveness.

  • You assimilate for three to five weeks between sessions -- you decide the spacing and email for your next appointment when you're ready.
  • Use all of your sessions within 6 months--they do expire. You need continuity and commitment.

We'll email your audio recording to you. This as a "bonus" item, not a guarantee, as glitches in recording can occur. You may audio or video record it on your computer if you like, just to be sure.

  • We might get behind. Please allow a week.
  • To be sure you get it: add This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to your contacts, or whitelist this email. It could still end up in your spam filter, so check there if you don't see it. Find whitelisting instructions here.
  • Once audios are archived we can't easily find them, so ask quickly if you don't get it in a week.

Money is a useful and universally accepted exchange of "appreciation" for what you receive. If you add emotional appreciation to anything you purchase, you receive even more benefit, and money becomes a joyful exchange of value rather than a scarcity. Our Jumping The Matrix Online Retreat delves deeply into this. The value of Divine Openings sessions is far beyond the amount of appreciation you will offer.

Thank you!

The Divine Openings Angels

The other Divine Openings Guides do not post their sessions publicly, do not have as many requirements as Lola, and their fee is less than Lola's. 

Physical healing can be included in your session.

Just mention it in the session.

We use the word healing ONLY if you are sick or have a physical problem. We do not follow the old paradigm that says your emotions, spirit or mind needs "healing." That puts you on a never-ending hamster wheel. Those issues don't need "healing", but when you think they do, it creates endless things to "heal".

When you're doing the wrong thing, it never works no matter how much of it you do.

For example: if you were depressed, no amount of antibiotics would ever "heal" that. If you were angry, no amount of surgery would "heal" that. They are constant, you'll always have them, so healing is nowhere close to the answer. You need to understand, appreciate, and master them, not heal them.

You may request physical healing as part of your Divine Openings session. Distinctions blur between types of sessions, as physical healings have sometimes occured when there was no mention of the problem in a regular session, and Lola didn't even know about the physical problem. And life change has occured when the client was just seeking physical healing.

Physical healing is up to you and The Presence. The healer doesn't always know the healee's life plan, and sometimes cannot interfere with it. Lola may refer you to a Divine Openings Giver who specializes in healing.

If you're not noticeably physically improved or even completely healed (or it comes back) after 3 physical healing sessions (with any healer of any modality):

  1. You need to try a different healer. No one is 100% successful. 75% is a good average for the best healers due to factors out of our control and in your control.
  2. You might need to discover the message that malady has for you, by feeling your instrument panel, and becoming clear on your vibration. Some maladies will not go away until you choose to change the vibration that recreates that condition every day. Divine Openings sessions can help you with this.



- Listen to Yadira's Testimonial April 2012

"THANK YOU so much for my first session, it has already made a huge difference in my life and really lifted me to a lovely new height of positivity and happiness :) And it feels so good to be in this body, fully, and experience life from this new perspective!" Angela, South Africa

Here's what Jane wrote us before her session: "Your vibe has been strongly around me today, and last night I didn't sleep at all, I was SO open. It was wonderful! I felt like the Universe!"

"Thank you for our sessions when I know you don't usually give individual sessions these days. It has meant so much to me. I have made more steps forward in the last three months than in the last...don't know how many years, and I am truly grateful. I had a huge release yesterday, and I have no idea what I was crying about! But it felt soooo good. The meditation was great, and you were inspired I think because it opened so many doors.
This morning I got an email from someone wanting to buy my dining table and chairs that I have been trying to sell for months! Things like that always happen to give me evidence I am on the right track!"
Much love, Grace XOXOXO
"Today, after we talked yesterday, things have begun to move in a big way."  Love, Isabelle
The vibration of your voice has such power to open new possibilities." Anne

"Hi Lola, Hurray! I am feeling amazing new highs after our recent session. I had a moment a few days ago where I reached a new level of bliss as I lay in bed breathing and soaring on that sensation. Explosions of full-body delight and joy to a degree I’d never felt before — and I’ve felt pretty darn good. Constant expansion is pretty cool, isn’t it?" Amy, Los Angeles

Dear Lola, I have literally been living in a different reality since our phone call. I made a huge leap in my happiness factor, and I just feel supported and loved. Of course on the outside these are immeasurable, and that's what's so amazing about the whole concept of Divine Openings. I never before thought it was an inside job, and I always felt on the receiving end of fate. As far as evidence goes on the outside, I also noticed some small improvements in health and am just raving about this all the time. It's Monday morning, and for the first time ever I felt thoroughly joyful at going to work. My job gives me so much freedom and flexibility as well as the friendship of colleagues and opportunities to learn new things. And I get paid! I was so relaxed over the weekend that I managed to get chores etc. done and still have energy left. I felt like I was enjoying every minute of it, instead of focusing on all I had to do. I also introduced a friend to divine openings and she really appreciated the support I was able to give her over her family relationships. I learned from you how to soothe people and support them, and just be accepting of who they are. She's a very intellectual person, and I was surprised how open she was to just feeling what she was feeling. Of course I surfed on the vibration too. I only just realized that the Bliss maintenance course and Portal 5 is available to me, and I have not read it. So now I have another fun place to go to just rave and enjoy. I hope you have a great time in Germany. I intend to pick up on those vibrations, and enjoy them with you all. Much love and appreciation, Grace

"So much has happened since the last session it's hard for me to keep up sometimes." Susan, Australia

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for our session today. Your words to me were perfect and the divine opening was very powerful. I've spent the entire afternoon in a state of profound happiness, relief, and freedom. I was making my life so difficult. Thank you for helping me put a quick stop to that! I can't wait to see what happens next and I know already that I'll love it."  Love, Nora

"Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful session!  I have been feeling happier and have been less focused on money or fear of not having money, I should say. My husband was offered a job the next day. I have an interview today and feel confident that I will be presented with the best position for me." Love, Debra

It's been a long and incredibly fast 4 months give or take since i had three Divine Openings with Lola on the phone. It has been "long" since then because it feels like what has changed in me and for me would usually take yrs. everything excellerated at light speed, even faster than light speed.. my days and weeks have been a blur.. and today i don't even know whose life I am in.. lol... I never thought I would or could get to this amazing, calm, peaceful place, even being in the middle of a life that really in many ways hasn't changed alot on the outside, but there is so much i don't remember. i haven't been very good at writing things down to track what's different, but when i check IN with my Large Self... or go within... i don't reconize what I find... so much old stuff is missing and that's sooo cool. The most recent thing is that i noticed how resentful i still was after all these 20 yrs of wrking on myself, and now I can't find it! It's just changed. I also started a new job and on day 1, I was making one wage and on the 2nd day my wage went up $5.00. I was like wow, wow, wow... my life is so cool now... my next adventure is to learn to drive a standard vehicle.. i used to be so terrified of things like this. It's the small things/challenges (stimulation) that makes things exciting and when i accomplish that then I can do something else... and a bunch of those adds up to alot of living, and then I can say "I can" instead of all that "I can't" I used to say. Life is very exciting. My relationship with the Divine has totally changed. When i say thank you I have to immediately say thank me, cuz there is no outside-myself God thing. i have recently started seeing me in you. I can look at someone and i see the same light in them as is in myself. We are all one. It has become remarkably easy to feel things because i just give up fighting life/The Divine. i can find myself slipping into small self thinking, and change gears immediately. Even the tough stuff doesn't feel so tough and its all ok. i have so much to appreciate that I don't have to focus on anyone thing but sit in the midst of pure appreciation... and know that i deserve all of it. I say all of this in the midst of my son going into emergency surgery tommorow to check for lymphoma. I am scared. I feel huge change happening... what else can i do but let go and not take score. I have been doing the first aid for children course for about 2 weeks and this is what showed up. I have no thought about any of it, but i still feel soo very blessed and i suppose the feeling i am feeling is not aloone, but carried through. I feel like i am in my power, in a powerful place. Signing off, being with it all. Adrienne, United States

Dear Lola, My third session was different. I didn't feel bathed in honey like I did the other two. I felt nothing. Later I felt anxiety again. I prostrated and all of a sudden I spontaneously started to release people close to me from having to be or do or represent something particular to me. I released myself also from everything I could think of. It just flowed through me, I knew exactly what it was that I had to release them from. During a walk before the session I had lost my sunglasses. I thought: I will either find them tomorrow or someone will bring them back to me. Then didn't think more of it. To my surprise they were back in my drawer the next morning...  No one had come to my door. The negative thoughts I had before are gone and I just feel love, love, love. And excitement and enjoyment and thrill. I still don't have a clue what I am going to do but I know good things are coming and I am ready for whatever life brings me. I don't feel I need to be different from what I am. I don't feel anything needs to be different. I still feel I want to be alone like I am still in the womb, not quite ready for the world. But when I am ready I am going to SOAR.  I'm enjoying every minute and it can take as long as it wants.  Love,  Charlotte

Thank you for the session yesterday. My sleep last night was the sweetest. I dreamt that I was in the apartment where I lived in my first and very unhappy marriage (which I didn't even mention yesterday). A wall to an adjacent apartment had been opened. You were there and everything was bright and light. You were carrying me around, bouncing me about because you wanted me to laugh... I was a little worried that it would be too tiring for you but I could feel you were very strong. Woke up feeling bathed in honey. C.B.

Wanted to thank you for the session the other day.
That night you visited me in a dream. I can't remember the specifics now, just that you were there. Thought that was pretty cool as I'd never had a "Lola dream" before. Man!!!! I can't believe that was only 2 days ago. Soooo many things have been becoming clear to me in that short time. I totally GET that I have been the one creating the speed bumps, the "rocky road", or whatever you call it. That whole victim vibration made it so. It's so obvious now it's hard to believe I didn't see it sooner. And I get how I created the illness too. That whole vibration of feeling unsafe transferred right over to my diet! It's just seems funny now. And how perfect that it went right along with your quote yesterday about how when you own you created it, you get your power back. Before it was more like I suspected, or thought I created those things, but now I KNOW. I feel like just that knowing is softening it up. The other biggie I've gotten so far was what you said about worthiness.
And my response on how that was something I was still "waiting for". Likenall I needed to do was just sit still and count the days til some magical butterfly landed on my shoulder and then.....  PRESTO....there it is! Never did it occur to me I could just make a decision to be worthy....end of story. So lots is happening and I'm sure will keep unfolding for quite some time. I'm sooooo thankful for your time & attention and will keep you updated on how things are going. Love, M


Get sessions with a Certified Divine Openings Guide. Lola has initiated these extraordinary people.

LIVE WEBINARS with Lola are less expensive and very powerful.

The online self-paced courses are amazingly like having live sessions with Lola, and many people get total liberation from the book and the courses. You get hundreds of audios on every imaginable topic, and people say things like this:

"Just listening to any random audio is so powerful it helps with just about everything!

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It isn't about getting it all now, or getting it all done. Then what would you do? It's about savoring the experiences, flowing the energy, watching it materialize, then bubbling up a new desire. It's even about deliciously savoring the waiting.
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