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Watch Where You Point That Thing:
Mastering Your Power of Intention



Let there be light.
And there was light.

Let there be life.
And there was life.

Intend something, let go, and it happens.
Okay, that’s all you need to know.

End of book.

Seriously, this is true. Once you intend your desire, Life leads you there. So, why isn’t this a one-page book? I asked that question and one more to my Large Self as I began to write: “What makes a person’s power of intention stronger or weaker?” The Presence downloaded the answers over time.

While you’ll explore a hundred profound new ways to raise your awareness and build your power of intention in the pages of this book, its two main themes are:

• How to get your limiting self out of the way, keep it out of the way, and let more good in, and,
• How to shift your identify toward your Large, unlimited Self.

Once you’ve done both, your power of intention soars. This book also offered me an opportunity to share, all in one place, many of the new downloads that have come since I wrote Things Are Going Great In My Absence.

As with all of Divine Openings, this is not work—I had a fantastic time writing this book and you’ll enjoy feeling into it and putting it into practice. Two enormous regal red tail hawks are soaring together in circles just outside my window right now, always an auspicious sign that magic is happening.

Because Life is on our side, supports us, and brings everything we need, you may wonder why we would even need to intend or ask for anything? Why wouldn’t we just relax, let The Divine decide what we need, and bring it to us?

Well, you can do that, and some people are content in that more passive role; but it’s your birthright to be an active Co-Creator with The Presence, if you choose to be. From your perspective as a unique human, you know precisely what you’d like, because you’re right in the thick of it in a physical body. The Presence appreciates your unique role in taking the Universe into new territories, new experiences, and new ideas that never existed before.

Using a business analogy, you’re the human client telling the Universal supplier, your Large Self, what you want; the supplier is glad to know how to please you, and manufactures it. Good business people know that the client who’s down there in the trenches daily darn well knows what he needs and wants, and that listening to the client is the best way to know what to produce on the client’s behalf.

When I was a contract corporate trainer, I never offered canned programs, and companies appreciated that enormously. After first asking them about their needs, and learning what outcomes they wanted, I tailored every single program to that client. I considered us co-creators of the experience rather than assuming I knew exactly what they needed or wanted, even though I was the expert in training and development. They were the ones doing the jobs and taking the risks.

You and The Presence are Co-Creators. The Presence cares to know what each unique physical human wants, and is the best listener you’ll ever know—hearing, sensing, and feeling your intentions and desires before you ever speak them aloud.

Your wants and needs count. Your intentions are heard. Now—the only question is: how can you let it in more easily and fully?


With your intentions, fueled by your desires, you
participate actively in Creation.


If you just rolled along letting nature take its course like animals do, evolution would move more slowly, like it does in nature, where the stimulus for evolution is usually changes in environment or weather with a dollop of slow evolutionary impetus thrown in. Animals are not Conscious Creators like humans are. They don’t say, “I wish I had a house instead of living in this hole.” They’ll live happily in a hole for millions of years. They don’t say, “I wish I had a happier relationship with my spouse.” When you add human consciousness, desire, and creativity to the mix, you get rapid evolution.

There are pros and cons to the way the animals live. Any animal is happier than most humans, because they are always in the Flow of Life. They accept “what is” without mental suffering because they have no logical mind to create suffering by judging right or wrong, good or bad. Their lives are simple.

But they are not Conscious Creators. Animals have simple desires, and they feel, react, and respond by instinct without suffering over whether they get those desires met. I do believe animals are evolving to be more conscious, some species rapidly, but that’s another subject.

There are pros and cons to the way we humans live—we’re not automatically in the Flow of Life—we can choose to be or not. We have Free Will choices. Humans have much more complex desires, which can make us unhappy or happy, depending on our attitude about our desires.

We humans actively shape our environment more than animals do. If an animal feels an ice age coming on, it adapts to the environment and grows a fuller fur coat and a thicker fat layer over several generations. If a human feels the climate getting colder, he doesn’t grow more hair, he learns to make fire and make fur coats. Later, he builds shelters, invents indoor heating systems and warmer fabrics. Due to our unique gifts of consciousness and creativity, humans can now evolve dramatically in one lifetime. Humans are creators and rapid evolvers in a way that animals are not.

Human evolution wasn’t always as fast as it is now. Not so long ago, humans believed it was the gods, nature, or their kings and priests who controlled their fates. Some humans are becoming aware of how we create, and as that power and responsibility is claimed, we become Conscious Creators, embodying The Presence, aware of itself, on Earth.

Prehistoric people around the globe used the same oval-shaped stone hand tool to skin animals and cut the meat for over a million years—that’s almost zero evolutionary progress—very odd since their brains were growing larger. They made that tool instinctively, like birds build intricate nests. Then some Divine spark activated humanity, and a period of evolutionary momentum began. The changes were slow but speeded up steadily to today’s exponential acceleration. There’ve been more revolutionary ideas and advances in just the last fifty years than in the past several thousand years, with stunning impact on our quality of life.

Whether you believe the Bible is a metaphor, a dusty, irrelevant text, or God’s literal truth, my interpretation of the story of God telling Adam and Eve they would have dominion over all the other creatures in the Garden Of Eden is this: humans were given the power to create reality, and the animals were not. The humans would rule. The moment the humans ate the apple they began their journey to consciousness, beginning with a new self-consciousness of being naked. With the exception of dolphins and perhaps a few others, animals have no consciousness of themselves as beings, no awareness of what they look like, or what others think of them.

It’s lovely to relax and allow your Large Self to guide you and bring you good things you wouldn’t have ever thought of or believed possible. Allowing The Presence to bring new and wonderful things and experiences to you accelerates evolution if you just let go, get out of the way, and expand to make room to let it in. For years, I’ve just walked along letting Life lead me to things I only knew as vague inner longings.

It’s also fun to ask for what you want and let The Presence cook it up for you. Sometimes you tell the chef to cook up his best dish for you, leaving the details to the kitchen, and other times you order exactly what you want—two eggs instead of three and toast instead of biscuits. This is the beauty and wonder of being human and Divine.


Find your own balance between intending your desires
and completely letting go to the Flow Of Life.


The question, “My will or God’s will?” just isn’t useful—it just separates you from your Large Self. When you’re being your Large Self, there is no difference between your will and God’s. There is a useful distinction between your small self’s will and your Large Self’s will up to a point in your evolution, but once you live life as your Large Self most of the time there really is no distinction between your will and God’s. You’ll outgrow the Large Self/small self labels I introduced in Things Are Going Great In My Absence. In the meantime, please, please do not make your small self wrong or bad. That just won’t serve you.

If you get upset at the difficult lives some humans have, consider that they’re not yet Conscious Creators. They’re creating their reality unconsciously every day, unaware of how they’re doing it. Now that you are a Conscious Creator, your life has infinite possibilities, but you cannot directly create for other humans, you can only add your enlightenment to the collective, indirectly helping it evolve. Even though on the largest level, you are they, and they are you, you are living individualized lives, making different choices. You can demonstrate how to be conscious and offer your love and help—they can accept or decline. Don’t worry too much if you can’t help someone; life is eternal, and The Presence, who’s living all of it as all of us, isn’t worried.

Most of you look back on your life before reading Things Are Going Great In My Absence and see it as your shift from unconscious creator or partially conscious creator to Conscious Creator. Everything you created before your awakening feels like a different life—and you have a new, more expanded life now.

In a most wonderful way, you were let off the hook for the past—you could write it off because you didn’t know back then—but you take responsibility now and going forward. You didn’t have to fix all your issues from childhood and your past; the old issues, problems, and limits began to fade away as you moved into this newly enlightened consciousness and started living from today. You replaced the old reality rather than trying to fix it.

Each year my own words in Things Are Going Great In My Absence, which I wrote six years ago, get clearer and mean more to me. Reading it still gives me new elevations. Divine Openings is living, evolving Energy, Light, and Intelligence, not a dead text or a set dogma. These books are alive in the most real sense.

People ask me all the time, “How did you get that powerful energy into the art in your first book?”

“I intended it,” I answer.

“How do you create a field of resonance that changes lives?”

“I intend it.”

I have no method, so intending it is all there is to it! But this points up the truth that just knowing something isn’t enough. You could read a medical surgery text, but could you perform a surgery?

To put a lighter spin on this, one of my fitness gurus, Tony Horton, says on his fun DVDs, “you got to bring it!” In Jerry Maguire, Tom Cruise shouted, “Show me the money!” Going even farther back, remember the Wendy’s ad with the little old lady demanding, “Where’s the beef?” That became popular slang for “Where’s the real substance, the meat of the matter?”

Ha! There’s a setup for you. The Presence just said, “The meat of this matter isn’t matter. It’s not physical matter—it’s Non-Physical.” The Presence is such a cut-up.

I capitalize Non-Physical throughout this book to emphasize its importance, because increasing your focus on the Non-Physical builds your power enormously, yet it’s admittedly challenging to focus on something you can’t see, hear, or feel most of the time. Things Are Going Great In My Absence heightens your Non-Physical awareness and experience, and this book takes you much deeper into the Non-Physical.

In the Non-Physical there is no work, so the minute you start “working on yourself” or “working on it” you’re back in physical focus, in the old paradigm. Your power is in the Larger Non-Physical aspect of your being. Power of intention reduces your dependence on the physical, and you stop trying to fix, shine up, or manipulate the physical. There’s already enough work in the physical realm—oh, you’ve already noticed that!

If you haven’t already, you must drop the “I have issues to resolve” belief. Leave that back there in the old paradigm, too. As your more limited self, you could spend your life trying to push rocks up hills in the physical realm, or you could just move deeper into living as your unlimited Large Self, which has no “issues” and no rocks to push. None!

Intend to embark on this adventure light, free, and playful, no matter how serious or urgent you imagine your needs and blocks to be. The Presence doesn’t see any blocks, and none of it is serious, difficult, or impossible at all. Agree with The Presence—that’s a good start!


Leave the “working on it” and “issues” paradigm behind right now
if you want all that this book can give you.


Take a moment to reboot and refresh your understanding of the word vibrate too, because we’re going to use it a lot. One reason I made up a lot of new terms in Divine Openings is that sometimes we hear a word so many times we can’t really hear it anymore. If your mind stuffs an important idea into a box that’s too small for it, or distorts it to make it fit an old paradigm, it loses its power and effectiveness instantly.

So here’s a fresh way to perceive vibration as we’ll use it here. You’ve seen animations where a cartoon broadcast tower pulses radial waves outward from it. The sound is “ping, ping, ping, ping” as it steadily pulses its message. That is what you are, a broadcast tower, pulsing out invisible Non-Physical signals powerful enough to reach across the globe and beyond the Universe to all dimensions. These Non-Physical signals pull people, things, and circumstances to you that match up with the frequencies you pulse. Other beings feel and read the pulses and are either drawn or repelled.

Another reader comment:

"I've been experiencing the power of my intention very strongly this past week! Many things, big and small, are now finding their way to me, just from intending and letting go, letting my intention be super super easy and light.

Last night was the most amazing example yet. I was on a date with a nice guy. Suddenly I realized the energy in his room felt a little thick and murky. I asked him if I could change the energy in the room. He said 'sure'. So I intended to create different energy: light, free, playful, joyful, high vibrations... Then what happened just wowed me. I didn't do anything (except intuitively place my fingers in a mudra), and in 30 seconds the entire atmosphere had changed. We started giggling immediately. The colours were much more intense, everything felt clearer and easier.. Wow! I was impressed with the Presence, and my intention!

I also realized that it was a lot easier to create this after having asked him if he was okay with it. Perhaps we co-created it, or by asking his permission, he was out of the way for it to happen.
What are your experiences with creating purely by intention?
Would love to hear!"   Love, Marleen

The book, continued:

Under a microscope you can actually see living cells pulsing with life. Your entire being, down to the cells, molecules, and atoms, dances to a rhythm that varies as you focus on different subjects. As you think about a happy area of your life your energy field may be dancing to a light tune, “ping, ping, ping,” but as you think about a not-so-happy area of life it slows down to a heavy funeral march, “bhloooonnnph, bhloooonnnph, bhloooonnnph”.

For example: as a woman thinks about the work she loves, her tower pulses out ping, ping, ping, bright and high-frequency, high on the Instrument Panel, because she feels the same as her Large Self does in that department. But as her thoughts drift to her relationship with her daughter, the pulses are dull and at a slower and lower frequency, quite apart from how her Large Self experiences it, so she doesn’t feel good.

If she’s allowing and appreciating those lower feelings, they give her a valuable Instrument Panel reading, cueing her to adjust to pulse more in agreement with her Large Self’s high, steady ping—then she feels good. As pulses emit from her, Life sends matching physical-world components to meet them. Her work is already joyful and successful, and once she adjusts her broadcast about her daughter, they get along better.

This book guides you through experiences that expand and prepare you until you’re not just thinking your intentions, you’re literally pulsing them, broadcasting them like a giant radio tower. At that point, creating by intention becomes incredibly easy.
Working at it doesn’t help—relaxing helps. Thinking hard or figuring it out doesn’t help—feeling more helps. Being smart doesn’t help—letting go helps. The only thing I’m mule-stubborn about is being powerful and keeping my vibration up. I will not let go of that! No way!


Relax, and take the ride.


Everyone lets go at different rates, so some people need more assistance or more time. Some doggedly hold onto old, long-practiced resistances or comfort zones longer than others. We humans, including me, like to do it “our way,” and even if it isn’t working, we often stubbornly resist—until the day we let go. One woman told me she resisted Divine Openings for two years, looking for any loophole to avoid feeling, before she finally let go and stepped into a whole new freedom.

Different aspects of us wake up at different times. As your consciousness expands, you’ll be able to hear more each time you read this. Each time, you’ll apply it to the changing circumstances in your life.

There’s a stair-step effect. You elevate, and from that level you can see more possibilities and claim more power, which you then use to go even higher. You keep leap-frogging yourself upward. This is the ever-expanding nature of the enlightened life—evolution through joy, momentum, and intention more than through pain, failure, problems, suffering, and struggle.

Experience takes you to practical mastery, far beyond analyzing, theorizing, talking, and reading about it. You must experience something to truly own it, and some people must experience it a number of times to own it and live into it. Experience has always been Divine Openings’ strength—this is where the rubber meets the road.


To truly own it, experience it.

More random excerpts from the book:

Let me put it plainly: you have practical mastery when you are generally no longer suffering. Your life is not perfect; you are still expanding and evolving; you still have some challenges and lower vibrations about certain subjects, but you’re not suffering over it. You are enjoying the ride, navigating, savoring the waiting, surfing your feelings, and embracing and valuing them all. That’s when you’re positioned to get the most of what this book offers.

Things Are Going Great In My Absence activated and awakened you to the Large Self that’s in you and encompasses you. From that place, this book can yield more of the secret, hidden treasure inside of you, and even more evidence that you are in complete control of your personal reality.


You’re making it all up.
The only question is, are you enjoying what you’re making up?



What Materialism Really Is
At age nine, Goldie Hawn made a decision to always be happy. People would say, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” She’d answer, “I want to be happy.”

Pressing on, they’d inquire, “Do you want to be a dancer, an actress?” She’d maintain, “I want to be happy.” Goldie was one of those rare people who knew at an early age that how you feel is the primary thing—that if you are happy, life is good.

Feelings are the treasure we possessed all along, but we undervalued or ignored them, thinking other people, places, and things held the keys to our fulfillment. That is materialism.

Materialism is thinking, feeling, and living as if you’re nothing but a physical body. The flesh and bone material aspect of you is a tiny fraction of who you are, although it’s cherished in the Non-Physical. Value your human body and the physical world; just identify yourself more with the larger Non-Physical reality.

Having nice things isn’t necessarily materialistic. There is absolutely no judgment from The Presence about having wildly extravagant material things. People might make you wrong, especially spiritual people who talk about wanting abundance but have subtle judgments of it!

Materialism goes at manifestation backwards, focusing on the material people, places, experiences, and things we think we must have to get the feeling—and since it gives too much power to the material world—that’s materialism.

Everyone knows relationships, jobs, cars, travel, health, friends, and homes are wonderful manifestations, but feelings are much easier and faster to create. Feelings are the one thing you’re totally in control of each and every moment! Yes, feelings are pre-manifestational indicators, but they are also manifestational end products.

Feelings are actual manifestations,
desirable ends in themselves.

Take the non-materialistic route just because it works better and feels better, and the speeded up materialization is just a bonus. If you focus first on how you feel, those Instrument Panel readings guide you to what you truly desire. Your true heart’s desire may be different than your limited mind could conceive of.

Here’s the first revelation toward building your power of intention: feelings are manifestations in and of themselves. Feeling good is actually the most valuable jackpot manifestation imaginable, yet people can discount it or fail to appreciate it. Feeling good is an achievement in and of itself.
With the help of Divine Openings you can change your feelings pretty fast. A material change may take a while longer, or it might come quickly, but you can be happy in the meantime.

When people say to me in a counseling series, “Well, I feel great, but nothing’s happened. I’m still in debt,” I say, “Feeling good is what you thought getting out of debt would get you. That’s the real reason you wanted out of debt—to feel good—and now you feel great! Hello! Appreciate this with all your heart!”

People talk about their ship coming in? Once you’re feeling better, your ship is on its way in, and not appreciating that makes it turn right around and go back out to sea. Don’t miss the boat, darlin’.

When you not only don’t appreciate but also actively reject your accomplishment by making the good feeling not enough, you delay or completely reverse the materialization you say you desire. Value the feelings most of all.

No one would ever yell at the fireplace, “Give me heat if you want me to give you any wood!” That’s crazy. Yet people will demand the outer world and other people must change before they can feel better. That’s just as crazy. Anyone can feel good when the world is doing what they want, but when you can feel good no matter what the outer world is temporarily doing, that’s mastery. You’re on your way to a great life.


You want fire? Give it fuel.

Anne wanted a great new relationship, because she wanted to be happier, and couldn’t be happy until the relationship arrived. Another woman, Betty, was ready for a great relationship too, but she’d been doing Divine Openings for about a year, so she decided to get happy about relationship first. Both wanted the feeling of happiness.

Betty went straight for happiness and got it now. She was aware that she needed to raise her vibration about past relationships, but she didn’t work on herself, she just intended it. She began enjoying her life, and started taking new job training and having more fun. She joked that she was going to get started dating at some point in her busy life, and would probably have to kiss a few toads; but that was never necessary. One day recently a man from her apartment complex knocked on her door and asked her out! They’ve been together ever since, and it’s easy and compatible.

Anne was going at it materially—so her happy feeling must wait until some future time when she materializes a man—and it’s hard to attract a happy man from a lack-full, unfulfilled vibrational state.

My definition of materialism isn’t judgmental, nor does it make this wondrous material world wrong or inferior. I use the word materialism to distinguish whether we’re focusing on the eternal Non-Physical and the feelings that guide us from Large Self, or on the mere physical.


Source never judges you.


At the heart of spiritual anti-materialism is a well-intentioned effort to get people to value the Source of all things rather than worship the things themselves. It went too far to the other extreme, and made the physical and material world wrong or evil or something to ascend out of. We created this realm deliberately for the physical experience, and to express in physical embodiment, so how could the material world possibly be wrong?

Physical is great and to build your maximum power of intention, focus on what is real, enduring, and profound: your Non-Physical, eternal Self.


Divine Openings always takes you deeper into yourself,
which is the only place your power resides.


Hundreds of people have written me that before Divine Openings there were so many things that had to happen before they could get happy: make more money, get a better house, find their true love, settle a lawsuit, or their family had to act a different way.

Then by just going along and doing Divine Openings they got happy without all those things, and they’re still happy whether those things have shown up or not.

This is huge. Feeling better is not just step one in the materialization process—it’s everything.
Make more space for this deep in your consciousness, right now, because when you truly focus on the Non-Physical, you get to be happy right now, and you release resistance and build your power of intention. It’s the mega-bonus jackpot people think winning the lottery would bring.


Manifesting a better feeling tips your reality.


Being a powerful Conscious Creator has brought me many nice things: a beautiful home, a paid off truck and horse trailer, horses and money to feed them even when hay has become very expensive, lovely clothes, and some vacations, and the money to finance my own work. I haven’t carried any debt except for a home mortgage in years, and my taxes and monthly bills are always happily and appreciatively paid early. As I pay them I deeply, viscerally appreciate the services and products that money bought.

I’m not itching to make millions—that’s just not me. There’s no resistance to money, or judgment of money. However much money anyone wants is fine. It’s just clear more money wouldn’t bring me more happiness. I already have happiness and it continues to spiral gently upward. I’m in control of it, it’s not an accident, and no one can take it away.

Studies show that wealth beyond covering basic needs does not increase happiness. I’m not one of those authors who promise you’ll make a million dollars next year, although you very well could if it’s right for you. If you use what this book says I do promise you that you’ll be happier and more powerful, and it will continue to expand steadily.

While horseback riding I heard strain in the voice of my friend as she expressed a desperate desire to pay off her debt. I tossed out, “Get happy with your debt.” It was an entirely new concept that she could be just as happy today as the day she pays it off.

Debt is just a story. To help people reframe how they feel about debt I’ll quip, “Wow, people just gave you that money—on your word, for nothing! They didn’t take your firstborn child or anything! And they can’t lock you up or kill you if you don’t pay it! How freaking fantastic is that?”

Huge corporations and countries are in unbelievable debt. It’s just a funny money game to those guys. I promise you money isn’t all that real to them. Donald Trump’s debt payments probably equal the budget of a third world country. This perspective flips a scary story to appreciation, even humor.

Money Ease, a wonderful audio in the Self-Paced Level Two Online Retreat correlates well with this section. It also applies to gaining ease in any area of life.


Create A New Matrix
This section is short, but it’s a core piece of power of intention, and we’ll play with it again and again throughout the book. Whenever you think, feel, and pulse a signal, you create a Non-Physical template, or matrix of your intention or desire.

You might picture the matrix looking somewhat like graph paper, except it’s not two-dimensional, it’s multi-dimensional, and it’s invisible.

Imagine that its little lines act like magnets that magnetize the perfect physical elements and components to fill the little empty cubes in the matrix.

With your thoughts, feelings, and the pulse you’re broadcasting, you create the general lines of the Non-Physical matrix, and then leave it to The Presence to make sure the specific physical details are magnetized to it. The end products—the materializations, events, and people that show up always conform to the matrix you created.


Thoughts and feelings form the matrix your
creation or materialization is built upon.


When you focus on what you want to feel and experience, information, resources, and circumstances are magnetized to that matrix. Feeling and thinking about what you don’t want, stressing, worrying, and pulsing lower vibrations creates a matrix too, and it fills in with physical elements that match those vibrations.


Go straight to The Source of all materializations, the Non-Physical.


I know someone is really getting it when they write me: “I used to be in a big hurry to get to Jumping The Matrix (Level Three Online.) Now I’m enjoying the ride so much I don’t want Level Two (which is all about living in joy) to end, so I’ve slowed down, hoping to extend the enjoyment of the Level Two course for another year!”

Yes! That’s it!

Slower is faster with Divine Openings. Paradoxically, people tell me the good in their lives accelerates faster when joy is the goal, not working on themselves or attaining some imagined state of perfection.


The exhilaration of the wind blowing your hair back is the point,
not your speed, or reaching a destination.


Watch Where You Point That Thing is specifically focused on building your power of intention. Its web companion, the Self-Paced Level Two Online Retreat, has a broader scope and includes even more new topics than this book, plus, you get audios and videos you can stream or download. Activities and meditations from this book, recorded in my voice, help you bring it down to Earth and apply it in your life.

This book and Level Two Online are about your new life beyond suffering, working on yourself, and tedious processing. It’s about enjoying the thrill of expansion, becoming a powerful Conscious Creator—that is who you are.

Each time I write a new book or online program it stretches me and requires that I undergo evolution. That’s the fun of eternal expansion. As I download the words and energies from the Non-Physical, I must get up to speed with it myself before I can express the clearest vibrational essence of it. Otherwise, it’s mere words, and I’m far too result-oriented to mess around with that.

If you haven’t already, you’ll soon come to enjoy eternal expansion for its own sake, with no need to get anywhere. It’s lovely to be happy with now, knowing more is coming—without needing to make it happen or fix anything. Just stay relaxed, awake, and aware, and life rockets along.

Slower is often faster.

Here’s why life accelerates when you let go. The Presence considers you perfect in your imperfection—always—right now. When you make who or where you are wrong, you take yourself instantly out of alignment with The Presence. You are clinging to the “something needs fixing” rock in the rapids and get battered instead of letting go to the Flow of Life. When you release resistance and let go of the rock, the Flow Of Life sweeps you along easily.

As soon as you relax and truly feel the perfection of this moment throughout your entire being, you are restored to full agreement with The All That Is, and can recognize and let in the good that is always being offered to you.

You are right now at the verge of an accelerated journey, yet how fast you “get there” isn’t the point. You want to expand and experience what’s next, and next, and next, and you have eternity to enjoy that. Watch birds in the sky flying for the joy of it, and get ready to spread your wings and soar—eternally. Of course you’ll get impatient at times. Just smile and breathe.
For now, focus first on how you want to feel rather than on material manifestations you think will give you that feeling, no matter how urgent your needs are. Savor each moment. You’ll be amazed at what happens.


Life accelerates when you embrace NOW, yet keep moving.


In Things Are Going Great In My Absence, you received Divine Openings by gazing at the art works, although many of you could feel the Divine Openings while reading or even holding the book—the intention of that book was that clear and powerful.

In keeping with this book’s increased focus on the all-encompassing Non-Physical realm, there is a huge Non-Physical component to this book—you’re getting far more than words and concepts. I’ve intended much Non-Physical assistance for you.

It’s not like Things Are Going Great In My Absence, however, because you had your enlightenment initiations in that book, and an evolutionary acceleration occurred. There are no Divine Openings in this book. Instead of amping the energy up more, you’ll ground those energies more into the physical realm, and move to the next level of bringing your desires down to Earth.

With Divine Openings, and the energies that are already coming to us, you don’t need more energy; you need to ground what you’re already getting. If you ever feel a sense of tension, like you’re revved up more than you can handle, you need to ground that energy in your physical body. It’s as if you’re pushing the accelerator, or the evolutionary forces are pushing on your accelerator, but your other foot is on the brake. The brake represents resistance to letting go to the energy you already have or allowing yourself to move as you’re being called to move.

You probably don’t need more acceleration—I’ll remind you of this more than once. You need to assimilate, get your foot off the brake, and relax so Grace can carry you. This book is designed for that.


Don’t ask for more energy—ask to let go to what you already have.

When you resist the new energies, or resist letting in what you truly want, it’s supposed to hurt, so you’ll move.

This book does help you ground the new frequencies now available to facilitate our evolution, expansion, and power of intention. Our planet is virtually being bombarded with new energies—if you’re resisting, it feels like pressure—if you’re not resisting, it feels like bliss.

There is no processing—there’s nothing for you to do once you master this except stay awake, play with it, and enjoy. Each section deepens your ability, and typically:

• Helps you let go of what you’re not in control of.
• Helps you get out of the way.
• Gives you something fun or productive to feel and do with what you are in control of.
• Helps you live as your Large Self more of the time.
You need not memorize, analyze, or figure anything out, but simply enjoy. How fantastic is that?


Intend to assimilate, enjoy, and ground it as you go.


* * * * * * * * *

How To Build Your Power Of Intention
Or: Here’s The Beef

You’ve done step one. Reading Things Are Going Great In My Absence prepared you for this book by initiating your enlightenment, giving you your Level One foundation in the conscious mind piece, and giving you appreciation of your Instrument Panel. And all along you thought you were just feeling better, but that was more important than you could possibly imagine at the time.

Feeling better becomes your springboard into a fabulous new reality because feeling better clearly indicates you’ve reached a higher vibration. It’s very hard to get where you want to go from not feeling good about it, and much easier when you’re vibrating higher on that subject. You don’t have to be perfect now or ever—just a slight upward trajectory will do just fine.


Thoughts, feelings, and vibration are bridges to
your Non-Physical power.


The most important factor in my power of intention is that I’m passionately, even stubbornly devoted to feeling good and maintaining as high a vibrational state in every moment as I can. It feels bad to me to stray from it, and you know by now: straying from your Large Self’s perspective is supposed to feel bad.

Ponder these questions and let the answers emerge from within you as we go. Later on, you’re going to find that the following questions are an especially powerful type of question. Just saying them to yourself plants seeds that will yield results:

What’s going on with people who have big “power of intention”?
How can they just say it or think it and it appears?
What are they doing, and not doing?
How can I become one of those Creators who can just “dial it in?”
What makes the difference? Obviously, it’s not just having more esoteric knowledge. I’ll guide you more by vibrational attunement and feeling than by thinking. Beyond words, this book gives you experiences that grow your power of intention.

You’ll notice your power of intention increasing.

ACTIVITY: The Black and White Meditation
This meditation is wonderful for those whose minds are busy and difficult to still. Close your eyes, smile gently, and imagine you’re sitting in a movie theater with a black movie screen in front of you. Then, it becomes a brightly-lit white screen before it becomes black again. Breathe in on the white screen, and out on the black screen, back and forth at your own pace. Breathe in this way for five minutes, and then slowly open your eyes. Stretch and savor how you feel.

Level Two Online contains an audio that guides you through this activity, with my original music in the background.


Consciously merging with your Large Self feels delicious.
It’s pleasure—not work.


The World Is Becoming More Non-Physical
It’s endlessly amusing to me that so much of our physical world is becoming more Non-Physically focused and less physically manifest as we rocket into this exponentially accelerated stage of evolution. The cosmic joke is that work, entertainment, media, communication, commerce, money—so much of it is becoming more and more Non-Physical.

The Internet is Non-Physical! If you think about it, a website doesn’t really have form in the way we used to think about physical form. Our online courses exist only in cyberspace. There’s no weight or mass to any of them. And when I’ve looked inside the silver box that’s my Mac laptop, my website isn’t in there. Neither are my photos, movies, books, or songs. All I’ve seen were some circuit boards, wires, metal, and chips with some data somehow stored on them.

Fortunately, it all translates to sounds, colors, words, and shapes that make sense to us.
One day, I realized that the massive content of my enormous website is basically Non-Physical. My Non-Physical Large Self inspired me to have the mental thoughts to pour onto the keyboard, then my computer converted them into energy and code, then your computer translated them to look like a website. It’s really just electrons bouncing around in cyberspace. There’s nothing there.

Our audios are mostly downloads that are silent bits of code that only become sound waves when you play them. People’s music is mostly on iPods now instead of physical CDs. All this stuff barely exists!

The waves that send television, radio, microwave, and cell phone signals to us are invisible and soundless. Your television, radio, stereo, or phone reads the signals and turns them into colorful pictures and sounds! The information flies through the air on waves and somehow doesn’t get mixed up with other waves. If we could see all the waves and vibrations in the air around us it would be wondrous indeed.

Most of the information you need in your world is probably stored on a computer or accessed on the Internet. I take my Mac on a trip and have everything I use in my work with me: handouts, music, slide shows, photographs, movie editing, sound recording, email, and the ability to edit my website via the Internet. I used to have several file cabinets in my office, and now I have two small drawers of files, and one box of tax records in the garage that I’ll never look at again.

After the Five Day Silent Retreat, people don’t take home anything physical, yet people leave with transformed lives. They don’t need anything material, but for later support I do give them access to a special online area for further training and development. And it’s not physical either!
More and more people are reading books on Kindles and iPads rather than physical books. We take all this for granted so much that it wakes us up just to focus on it.

We knock on a table, and it is solid. What is it really? It’s energy vibrating. Our eyes, ears, and other senses perceive it as solid, impenetrable, and heavy, although scientists assure us it’s mostly space. They can barely find any physical there!

We think money is physical, but actually, money is very Non-Physical and abstract, and becoming more so every day. Money is now mostly plastic cards that cause ones and zeroes to appear and disappear on a super-computer. Your bank account is numbers on a computer. Your debt, if you have any, consists of numbers on a computer. Your mortgage is mostly numbers on a computer. The stock market is mostly perceived value and numbers on a computer. More and more people get paperless bills and pay each other online.


Money has become a cosmic joke, so laugh along,
realize how unreal it is, and you’ll lighten up about it.


I’m starting to rave with appreciation about this, and just pointing my attention at it thrills me and fills me with possibility. It’s magical and enchanting. Technology has leveled the playing field to allow any person to wield the power that used to be reserved for large organizations with many employees. Internet sites now have the reach and the audiences once reserved only for television networks. Musicians can get heard on YouTube.

Of course, old forms, structures, and jobs disappear. That has always happened. There are no more horse drawn buggy manufacturers—those people moved to jobs in the auto industry. Today, fewer people are making physical things—they’re offering Non-Physical services.
You can focus on your power or bemoan the lack of it, and either way you will be right. Your attention inadvertently becomes intention.


Attention becomes intention.
Watch where you point that thing.


A major key to building your power of intention is to nurture a steady awareness that this bag of flesh and bone, while wonderful, is not all there is of you—it’s only a small part of your arsenal of resources. That’s the Larger Perspective that informs my life and provides power and peace at the same time. Intend now to let this become a deeper and more tangibly powerful knowing for you rather than an ineffectual, dry intellectual concept.

I had occasion to observe a surgery just a couple of feet away from the operating table, suited up in scrubs, looking over the surgeons’ shoulders while they opened the skull of a three-year-old child to reconstruct her severely deformed head and face. Undisturbed as they literally peeled her face off her skull to roll it out of the way, I was fascinated and quietly aware that the child’s body was merely a small part of the totality of who she was, and I felt her as a powerful being, not limited to that small body. I celebrated with her Large Self while her human self lay there unconscious. They were working on her mechanically, but she was so much more than that mechanical body.

Whenever you find a physical reality too distracting, stop and focus within, remembering who you are. Who you are is far Larger, vaster, and more enduring than your current physical body, your current physical situation, and your current emotional state. Your physical body is temporary, your emotions are ephemeral, and your entire current reality is but the blink of any eye in eternity.

Knowing at deeper and deeper levels of your being that physical, temporary realities are fleeting, you relax about current reality, and without resistance to it, it morphs and shifts more easily. Whenever a current situation isn’t pleasing to me, my habit is to say to myself, “It’s temporary.” And as I intend, so it is.


It’s all temporary.

Because what you focus on is expanded and energized by your attention, stay awake and be aware of what you choose to give your powerful attention to. Not choosing is still choosing: it’s taking the default choice and letting somebody else, or circumstances, determine what you focus on.

Focus on the Non-Physical. I’ll give you powerful ways to practice this nebulous task of focusing on essentially Nothing! It gets easier. As you focus more on the Non-Physical, it becomes more and more fundamentally real to you. Soon, the Non-Physical is more real to you than the physical, and you’ll prove it to yourself over and over. Life gets much lighter when you truly understand that it’s actually comprised of Nothing.

Focus deliberately.

Many of you could read only a few pages of Things Are Going Great In My Absence at a time before you fell into a deep sleep. There is great value in that, as you assimilate best when you’re “out of the way.” Please read a little bit, then take long, leisurely breaks in between sections or even paragraphs, to stare empty-headed out the window, take a walk, or enjoy a luscious nap. This allows for integration of the new vibration, and gives it space to deepen, expand, and take hold before you move on.

The mind can be speedy and greedy if you’ve trained it to engulf books and modalities without fully experiencing them.

It’s the empty spaces between the notes that give beauty and richness to the song, while providing contrast and relief for the ear. The empty spaces between your thoughts give richness and contrast to your life, and give the brain a chance to rest and digest. Gorging just gives you indigestion.

In the book we recommend you rest and assimilate often.


Beyond Spiritual
As I’ve evolved, the word “spiritual” feels less and less relevant and more and more limiting and artificial to me—as if there’s some special department of life called spiritual, and another mundane department called the physical world, and that they’re separate somehow. The mind loves to separate, divide, label, and analyze. That works great for some things, but not for other things like love, joy, relationships, and pure creation.

Beginning when I was a child, it made no sense to me how God and regular life were somehow split apart. God was up there. We were down here. God seemed to be too busy to pay any attention to our daily lives, and we were too busy doing what had to be done to pay much attention to God. We didn’t know the Non-Physical was accessible right here—we thought Heaven was separate from the physical, only to be experienced after death.

Spirituality and religion were intangible, and the physical world felt more real. The physical world certainly is intense and in our face, demanding our moment-to-moment attention.

With the thousands of diverse definitions, there’s a lot of baggage attached to the word spiritual, just as there is with the word God. It’s hard to untangle spirituality from dogma and stereotypes of what spirituality is or “should be.” If you have baggage about the word spiritual, I suggest you ditch it and focus on the Non-Physical, freeing you to have a fresh, authentic, direct experience.

Speaking of baggage, I must share a joke The Presence woke me with today: If Divine Openings was an airline, we’d be called Air Freedom. Our motto and pledge to our customers: “Give us your baggage with confidence. We promise, we WILL lose it!”

The Non-Physical is now more real and potent to me than this physical world, and experiencing this book can get you there (not just reading it). I know in my bones, beyond my mind’s ability to explain it, that physical is transient, and Non-Physical is real and eternal—that the Non-Physical aspect of ourselves is vastly more powerful than our physical selves. It is the steady, enduring Source where our temporary physical selves originate.

I don’t say that to diminish or devalue our precious physical selves, but to put it into perspective. It’s vital for us to recognize that the physical selves we focus into this physical plane are but a tiny fraction of our Larger, Non-Physical selves.

Your Non-Physical Self can’t be fully contained in your physical body. There is incomprehensibly more of you in the Non-Physical than there is of you here in the physical. Life is broadened and we are immensely empowered by expanding our awareness of who and what we are beyond the physical confines of our bodies. Just intend to experience this, and it expands you.

Life is all one flow. There’s no need to break it down into separate departments, designating some things, activities, substances, and places as spiritual, sacred, mundane, or profane. That makes no sense in my reality. I don’t go to church—it seems absurd, like having to go to a certain building each week to love my lover or to learn new things. I don’t attend spiritual activities or groups because I don’t need support. I generate support for myself, and draw it from within. Life is full of that all-permeating vibration, Energy, Love, Grace, and Intelligence. All is God.

I AM that vibration—yes, even when I’m not being “good.” There’s nowhere to go to find it, and I can’t lose it anyway. How satisfying it is to live that most of the time.

The Non-Physical is the great force behind the physical world we experience with our human senses. The Non-Physical is the Larger, eternal, expanded, unlimited power that gives birth to our physical world. It keeps your heart beating, your lungs pumping, your liver filtering, and your body animated.


You don’t have to know how it works to tap into it every day.


The Non-Physical is infinite, encompassing, ineffable, indefinable, and mysterious, yet it is accessible to you. All the fleeting manifestations of the physical world emerge from and return to the Non-Physical. In this book we move deeper into your Non-Physical power—and oh, the power you’ll discover there!

If your physical self constitutes only one one-thousandth of you, do you want to live in and of that tiny fraction of yourself? Or do you choose to let all of you, your Expanded Self, live your life right here on Earth? Easy question.

All the limitless resources of your Infinite Self are available to you in every moment. The only question is, are you tuned to it vibrationally or is the physical world grabbing too much of your attention and distracting you from what’s most real? Are you allowing, aware, and appreciative of your Larger Resources?

Just as in my previous book, there is no work to do; there is only evolution and expansion—joyful, constant, and ongoing. And the more you focus on your Non-Physical Self, the more of You becomes accessible to You. Your Large Self doesn’t need to be worked on—just step into it more.

Summarizing: to build your power of intention, appreciate yourself as the vast Non-Physical being you are rather than limiting yourself to your visible physical being and your physical capacities only.


Get all of you to the party.


ACTIVITY: Meditation - Appreciate your Non-Physical Self.
There is an audio of this in the Level Two Self-Paced Online Course.

• Close your eyes, smile lightly, and breathe softly.
• Place all of your conscious attention on your breathing.
• Deliberately appreciate the simple, blissful sensation of breathing.
• Imagine your breath as a mystical bridge between the physical and the Non-Physical.
• Appreciate the mystery of breathing, how it occurs without any thought or effort throughout your entire life.
• Now, allow yourself to drop deep down into the core of your being, to the place where your breath is sustained by a mere intention of your Non-Physical Large Self.
• Go deeper, beyond space and time; go where you originated as an intention—when an intention was shot into the Fertile Void, seeding the Creation of You.
• Breathe, and feel your Large, Infinite Self surrounding you.
• Appreciate the vast, Larger part of You that is Non-Physical.
• Stay in this state as long as you like, then come back to the physical refreshed.

Identify with your Non-Physical Self,
that Larger, more all-knowing, vaster aspect of you.


Attention Creates
Gangsters as well as spiritual masters can master the power of intention, so once again, how spiritual or good you are has nothing to do with what we’re talking about here. You might as well drop the judgments and limitations of stereotypical spirituality—it won’t help you build your power of intention.

Do I have a lot of what is usually called “spiritual power?” Yes, but it may not be what you think it is. It is Non-Physical, vibratory power that transcends the physical world even as we live in the physical world. The more powerful you get, the more quickly things manifest, and the more conscious you want to be about where you point that thing.

Focusing on a problem is completely different from focusing on solutions and possibilities. When you point your attention at the problem long enough, it inadvertently forms a matrix. Your attention has laser-strength power. “How would that mess happen?” you might wonder, “I was merely concerned about this problem!” Your attention fuels it with your power and juice.


Your attention becomes a matrix.
Watch where you point that thing!



Being the Most Powerful Component
You may think you’re focusing on something in order to solve it, but check to be sure. If it lowers your vibration, it is influencing you more than you’re influencing it. It’s the most powerful component.

For example, when leading the Five Day Silent Retreat, if I was not the most powerful component, a roomful of people in lower vibrational states would not transform the way they do. They might bring me down instead of me bringing them up. In your own life, when you’re the most powerful component, you elevate the situation at work or in a family crisis.

We get unlimited do-overs, so don’t worry about failing as you go through experiences to master this. Fly or flop, it’s great feedback, and you’ll adjust. Just stick to your intention to become the most powerful component, and you will get there increasingly often.

Check your Instrument Panel and feel where you are in the moment—there are no hard and fast rules here—go by what happens and what you feel when you interact with the world and circumstances. Relax and enjoy the unfolding of your mastery.


Be the most powerful component.

The proof of what you’re vibrating is always in the results. Results are reality, at least temporarily. Fortunately, reality is fleeting and changeable—very good news for us fallible humans.

Summary: If you focus on something and you shift its vibration then you’re the most powerful component in the interaction—your integrity and power of intention is strong. If a low vibration person or situation rises up to meet you where you are, you are the most powerful component. Your desire is undivided and uncompromised.

Read the above again if you’re not absolutely clear on what it means to be the most powerful component, or if you are not the most powerful component in various areas of your life.


Skip To The Payoff!
Once you embrace skipping to the payoff you’re going to find it’s the most powerful thing you’ve ever done.

When anyone asks me to help them manifest something, I tell them physical manifestations are way down the chain from where we’ll be starting—they are mere by-products—and we’re going to focus on something far more important. We start with manifesting the feelings they want. That’s skipping to the payoff, and it teaches you how to do instant manifestation.

Focus on creating the thoughts, feelings, and the general tone of what you want rather than the specific materializations you want. Focusing on the specific material outcome too much at the start can narrow your options, where generalizing your focus opens you up to allow for limitless options. Your job is to feel good, let go of limits, and stay out of the way.

When you focus on your feelings first, you get to skip to the payoff and feel good now. The physical materialization might take a little while—but in the meantime you’re feeling good and enjoying life. When you manifest the feeling you imagined that material thing, person, or circumstance would give you, you get… what . . . you . . . wanted . . . right . . . now.

It’s instant manifestation!

You can create feelings pretty quickly and enjoy them now. You get instant manifestation, which gives you more confidence, which builds over time: if I can do that I can do even more! That releases more resistance, and then good things cascade. Wow!


Skip to the payoff you really wanted: to feel good.

Here’s what you don’t want to do—a vicious cycle:

• You create a good feeling, then check to see if your physical manifestation has come yet, and if it hasn’t, you lose the good feeling and you’re back at square one.
• So you create the good feeling again, then check to see if your manifestation has come yet, and if it hasn’t, you lose the good feeling and you’re back at square one.
• So you create the good feeling again, then check to see if your manifestation has come yet, and if it hasn’t, you lose the good feeling and you’re back at square one.
A new desire is always exciting, expansive, and energizing. But too often, if it doesn’t show up fast enough vibration drops. Your job is to find every way you can to think, feel, and authentically pulse that reality now.
There is no surer way to delay materialization than stressing or straining about it—that’s called getting in the way. If you manage to get the things you wanted without raising your vibration, having them may not even give you the good feeling you though it would.

Savor the waiting and keep yourself soothed. Make it your intention above all to feel good—or at least feel a little better about it—right now.

Here’s a virtuous (not a vicious) cycle—you stay focused on feeling good rather than taking score.
• The better you feel the better things get.
• The better things get the better you feel.
• The better you feel the better things get.
• The better things get the better you feel.
• And the better you feel the better things get.
• And the better things get the better you feel. Need I go on?
Because I’m quite adept at materializing things quickly I particularly must pay attention to how I feel.
Since to feel good is what we actually want when we intend any materialization, the feeling is the primary manifestation to focus upon. It becomes more important than the material outcome we thought we had to have. Feeling better is not just a step in the materialization process, it’s the whole point—it’s the payoff I was looking for in the first place.


The feeling itself is a powerful manifestation to celebrate!

Some of the completely new topics in the one hundred chapters of Watch Where You Point That Thing:
Many chapters on being your powerful Non-Physical Self, beyond the physical and its limitations
Counter intentions and how to let go of them
Effective questions
Forward and backward focused questions
Open and closed ended questions
Scary questions
How to doubt your doubts
Stop pushing rocks up hills
Resistance is your friend
Surf it all
Focus is like a muscle
It's not failure, it's feedback
Bounce off of it
Divine timing, and when it's not
The touch of a gnat's wing
You're not separate from what you want
It's created and it's in a reservoir waiting for you
Visualize for pleasure
You, Inc.
Vision boards
Don't wait, generate
Physical raves
Sponge or leader?
Reclaim all power from past
Responsibility of having big power
Sit on the throne of your own life
The squirrel in the tailpipe
Commit to your Large Self
When the energy is too fast
Physical challenges
Food and health
Your word having power
Is it patience or resistance?
Drama to excitement
Follow through power
High payoff activities
Chunk it down
Give it over or give it up
Devil's choice to new possibilities
I didn't intend that!
Powerful intention or wishful thinking?
Contrast is your friend
How much work does it take?
Feel the fear and do it anyway--no way!
Your Non-Physical team
Direct knowing
Make a difference
The final result: Just intend and it happens

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Your life is your intentions made visible.
If you like what you see, your intentions are conscious and clear.

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