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Power of Silence, Live Retreat Video, Lola Jones

Power of Silence, Live Retreat Video, Lola Jones

09/13/2015 - 18:57 Submitted by Lola Jones

The Profound Power of Silence,
Video of Lola Jones Speaking at a Live Retreat

Hello everyone!

You know, silence is not sexy or flashy--but it's where the serious power is found. The womb of creation is there. After some days of silence in the powerful vortex of the recent 5 Day Retreat, a participant, Zambodhi, went into the heart of the Void, where all creation is seeded, and saw universes being born from mere thoughts. She came out altered, empowered, awed.

Due to the deep, intimate and powerful experience it is, we don't videotape very much of our 5 Day Silent Retreats. But here we share with you just a little taste of the opening talk at the Santa Barbara retreat in March 2015, my invitation to enter the silence.

I go back to that sacred space just watching this, and savor it again--if you were there, revisit it with me.

If you were not, receive this gift of Grace--tap in, feel it deeply, and enjoy.


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