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Creating a retreat swimming pool

Creating a retreat swimming pool

07/09/2020 - 16:17 Submitted by Lola Jones


Once I'd experienced retreat centers with pools..... yum, wanted that.

We had our house-shopping "must have" list in summer 2017. It needed to have a pool.

Just as when I made that list about my dream mate, ha ha, what came didn't exactly match that list. 

It was better.

Some items were missing from the list, like a pool, but so many important things were there. I had not thought to ask for a waterfall, but it was there.

I had not thought to ask for "guy who can figure out how to build anything," athough I did have on my list: "super loving, sexy, and funny."

Scott has steadily been adding everything the house didn't have: solar, hot tub, patio roof, paint and paint and paint, workshop, barn, flowers, flowers, flowers, and now a pool. He has the sore muscles to prove it.

He began planning July 18, 2019 but it progressed slowly due to weather, other priorities, etc. He hired help early on, but lately it's just him. (And me on the planting.)

I tried out this nifty new slideshow feature, to show you how it looked before he started, and how it looks now April 23, 2020, almost finished. "Just add turf and water."

I'll add more slides as we go. 

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