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Professional Divine Openings Guide - Worldwide by Zoom and phone. 

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"Phillippa truly lives Divine Openings in her life. It has shown up in her explosive career success, the amazing dream team she built at her organization, and her generous contributions to our community. Let her guide you to become lit up and in the flow, too. I've seen her lift everyone up on our Mentoring webinars so many times, and now I'm delighted that she'll offer sessions." Lola Jones

Sessions with Phillippa

I truly believe that by aligning with our truest divine self all the information we need becomes clear. Sometimes it just takes someone to hold that vibration for you to connect with your deepest knowing. Together in sessions we drop the story and feel into vibrational habits that may have formed - either through habit or trauma. Freedom awaits you!

When you align with this truth, you're aligned with life. Now, life can flow you. None of this is work. If you bring the willingness, grace does the heavy lifting. 

Sessions are for anyone who has read or is reading Things Are Going Great in My Absence.

phillippaScheduling your one-on-one session

Three is a good number. For most people who are new to Divine Openings, three sessions are necessary to stabilize in the higher vibrations and begin to more consciously get control of their minds and allow the Divine to do the heavy lifting. After that, sessions can be scheduled individually. 

My schedule is flexible. I work in the Australian eastern timezone. Use this converter to figure out the time difference:http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html 

After purchasing your sessions, email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule!

Series of 3 sessions: $300AUD/ £140GBP

Cost for individual session: $110AUD/ £50GBP

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You're always allowing or disallowing the flow of good to you. Attracting or repelling it. Creating or discreating it. Learn how you're doing it.
Lola Jones