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We have an extremely high satisfaction level, and still, clear agreements serve everyone.

Your Registration or Purchase is Your Agreement

With 5 Day Retreat registrations, you may postpone and attend the next one, but there are no refunds. Lola works with you in the Non-Physical from the instant you register, and that value is permanently yours. Lola continues to work with you throughout your postponement. You retain access to all of your extensive online materials: the Pre-Retreat Prep Course, the many videos, audios, etc.

It is always in Divine order when postponement occurs. Big things can happen while you wait, if you allow it in.

Fortunately, the German retreat centers and our California lodging don't require any up front payment from us or you. You pay only when you check in or out there.

Book and Course Refunds

We offer a money back guarantee on the paperback Things Are Going Great in My Absence when you meet the conditions.

Aside from the money back guarantee on that book, there are no refunds for any of our courses, services, or products except for a physically defective product like a damaged book or artwork.

Here's why:

  • Retreats and sessions begin the instant you register. As soon as you pay a deposit or register, your commitment and Lola's intention begin to take effect. People often rave that they got major value before the event happened. People even register and don't attend the event and still get major shifts. You also get the recordings of the Webinars or Virtual Retreats.
  • That's because your intention goes into the Void and begins to create immediately. It's already working on you, whether you realize it or not, and things ARE shifting in the Non-Physical whether you're letting it in yet or not. Things begin to happen.
  • Many people get what they wanted in advance of the session, retreat, or event, or before they begin a course.
  • What's already been done for you in the Non-Physical cannot be "returned" to us. It is permanently yours, and it may flower later. Divine Openings continues to melt your resistance over time.
  • Divine Openings works. The only variable is how quickly you allow it to work.
  • Emotional or mental upset is sometimes a big part of this process. Upset, anger, frustration, discouragement, lower emotion, or resistance is not grounds for a refund--it's part of the journey. Use the tools, it passes, and you come out even more powerful (this is true of any upset in life.)
  • Results are consistently excellent, as you see from the testimonials, yet individual results and time frames do vary.

Lola assists people in the Non-Physical from the moment you commit to an event or course. She never planned it, her Large Self began doing it, now it's commonplace. One woman, a chronic seeker of many decades who still had lots of problems, issues, and fears signed up for sessions. Her inner knowing opened up two days after she registered for sessions and she felt unbelievably great, so she wrote, "I no longer need the sessions. I've awakened. I want a refund." We laughed out loud and told her she'd gotten the first chunk of her desire the easy way. If she'd truly been fully awakened, she would have realized this, been grateful, and said "Thank you for the miracle" instead of "give it to me free." In reality, she just had a dramatic elevation, not enlightenment. Wild coincidence? We know it isn't, because it happens so very often. Another man booked sessions to overcome his lifetime gambling addiction. The day after booking the sessions he walked into the casino, but had no desire to gamble for the first time in decades. He completely comprehended what happened, and expressed extreme appreciation. He used his sessions to create a better relationship with this daughter. The addiction never came back, and he was free of it, with absolutely no struggle.

If there is a unique circumstance where a refund is warranted:
Our credit card processor charges us a % to process your online purchase. They do not refund that fee to us if we issue you a refund, they keep it. On those rare occasions where our policy allows a refund, that % is subtracted from the refund we issue. 

The German tax office requires that we pay them 19% on Germany retreat tuitions at the end of each month. If we have already paid VAT on your retreat tuition, we will refund the tuition, minus the processing fee, and minus the VAT, which is 19% of your tuition. You must ask the German tax office to give you a refund on the VAT - we cannot do that.

Be Responsible for Yourself

You should not begin Divine Openings unless you agree to allow and take responsibility for the feelings and changes that come with the process of awakening. 
This is not just more endless metaphysical seeking.
This is it.
We are not just fooling around.
You'll get what you need if you do your 10%.

Term of Membership in Online Courses

Your term of membership in each course is for life. We reserve the right to delete accounts if the client has been inactive for a couple of years, to free up space. The only other reason we would terminate a membership is if someone gives us a very good cause to: makes inappropriate posts on the Forum, uses it for promotional purposes or spam, gossips, or uses poor ethics.

Much Love,
The Divine Openings Team

Policies for Private Sessions with Lola (if she is giving sessions)

Lola is currently only giving sessions to people who have completed Portals 1 and Level 2 Online and/or the Five Day Retreat. The books and online courses give you the basics.

  • If you call in late, your session began at the appointed time and still ends at the appointed time. You can still get full benefit--the value isn't limited by time--but the person after you must begin on time.
  • If you miss your session, your session appreciation fee is forfeited. If you choose to let it in, you can benefit from the value you received just by registering. Pay attention to dreams and waking life.
48 hours written notice BY EMAIL is required for cancellations or to reschedule private sessions.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you!

The Divine Openings Team

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You can notice that someone is out of alignment with their Larger Self, and not do business with them, or not marry them, without judging or making it wrong. They're on their own evolutionary timetable.
Lola Jones