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Divine Openings Retreat in your area

Lola Things Cover photo web90kThanks for your interest in hosting a Divine Openings Retreat in your area!

"Live" makes a big difference for some people, so thanks for your inspiration to help that happen in your area!

People very often ask Lola to come give retreats and events. The requirements to be a promoter are given here.

#1: You must take the 5 Day Retreat yourself first. Otherwise you wouldn't know how it works, what is needed, and what you're promoting.

The promoter handles everything, finds the venue, promotes the event, fills the retreat with participants. You'd send people to our site to register.

After you determine you can do everything this page talks about, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask us if we can come to your area, with 8 months lead time. The event will be free to you (1 person) or you can earn commissions if you're an experienced, successful promoter and create an event with 50 or more attendees.

  • We only set a tenative date for an event once lots of books are in the local bookstores, and you personally have gotten 200 books out locally, and you have 30 people ready to place deposits.
  • We never send books on consignment to promoters or bookstores.
  • Then we set a date.
  • We require 40 total participants for Lola to travel for either a two day workshop or a 5 Day Retreat. (50 to far away places.)

Being a sponsor is work and fun, but it's up to you to set it up and fill it.
You will not rely on our website to fill it.
The book Things Are Going Great In My Absence increases desire to attend a live event, so get lots of them out there.

As a spiritual service volunteer you come to the event free.
We don’t pay for time promoting the event.
We will pay commissions to a professional promoter for a retreat with 50+ registrants.

If you are an experienced promoter, we're open to any way that works!

Here are some proven success guidelines that previous precious sponsors followed or innovated:

  • You need big targeted email lists of spiritual/metaphysical people to mail to. Not just any old email generic or social address list.
  • Get metaphysical bookstores to sponsor the event. They feature the book prominently on a front table, and display a poster by the stack of books. This is very effective. If they sell just 100 books with the event flier in each book, you will have a successful event.
  • The bookstore agrees to promote the book and the event to their email list.
  • Some stores will take on the whole promotion for you (you still get the event free if you set it all up).
  • Get a spiritual center to sponsor it and email to their list.
  • Your best bet is organizations or stores with big, targeted lists: metaphysical stores and bookstores, centers, clinics, local churches, spiritual leaders, and practitioners. Don't rely on our website and our email list - many of our readers don't need anything more.
  • Get books in people's hands personally. You may purchase the books wholesale and make profit on the sales.
  • Posters and fliers alone do NOT work. And people must read the book first, ideally. 
  • Press releases to local holistic, spiritual publications about Divine Openings. Have them publish it many weeks before the event.
  • Get everyone you know to email out for you.
  • Line up phone radio interviews in your local area way in advance (done by phone usually.) Real radio ONLY, Lola does not do internet radio (hey, unless it's Oprah or very large audiences, and most internet radio programs have few listeners.)
  • Please, only sponsor if you can attract and register at least 50 people. That's how the sponsor serves and earns their tuition or commission. You will not rely on our site.
  • After all the above is set up and you know you have firm commitments from your backers: Reserve a facility and get our approval of it (the facility is the easiest part of all--the vital work is gathering the participants).
  • Must have large floor space for movement activities.
  • Must have a very high quality and loud enough sound system that Lola can plug her Mac into for music. Music is a big part of our programs, so a boom box, iPod Dock, or small stereo is not sufficient.
  • 5 Day Retreats require a large screen TV.
  • Facilities in nature are preferable. Facility can be a house or seminar room. We don't do them at large hotels--too public and bland. An inn with character, in nature, with a big room is workable.
  • Get prior approval before incurring any expenses. We know which ones are worth doing.


STEP 1 is: Get the books out to hundreds of people in your area.
We will plan or schedule an event ONLY when the groundwork is done with lots of people in your immediate area supporting the retreat. Promises to attend do not count.

How bookstores can order the book: Tell them their wholesale book distributor has it.
Send them to these specific pages for more info.
Take them a copy of the book.

They can also look at: www.divineopenings.com/books

OR you can order 10 to 30 copies of the book wholesale at a time, and sell them to individuals yourself, making approx. 40% profit.


Step 2: Promote, and send them to the site to register.

Sponsoring is rewarding to you in ways you cannot imagine.


This flier shows a one day retreat, which Lola doesn't do anymore.  A 5 Day Retreat with 50 registered people is required for Lola to travel.

The website informs people about Divine Openings very well if you send them here. Registration is all automated through our website, so you handle no money.

You don't have to sell it, or explain it .... just get the word out, get the books out, and send them to our website!

It works best if you're a naturally gifted promoter/sharer type person or have a big network. Unless you're a natural leader whom people look to for guidance, you'd typically email 2,000 to 10,000 people who are seeking spiritually to generate 40-50 registrations. Amd they'd have to read the book first to want to come.

If you're a leader people listen to, a smaller list could work faster.

We provide you a color flier/poster master to email out.

You'll need to begin nine months or more in advance of an event.

Fliers don't do anymore without the people knowing who Lola is. And they must be posted in targeted bookstores and spiritual centers to work. Cafes and random places don't work.

Put most of your efforts on getting books in people's hands.


When people read this book many want a live event!

Find metaphysical and regular bookstores in your area who will actively feature and promote it. Just having a book or two on the shelf doesn't do much--it should be a stack of books. In Germany the bookstore owners fell in love with the book and sell hundreds of copies per month. You need real supporters to do an event.

Bookstores should order and sell the books may months before the live event!
Show them the book and tell them you'll be sending people to buy them for a long time because word of mouth on this book is phenomenal.

Have them put up a poster with the stack of books in a featured spot. We provide you with a master. You mount it and take it to them ready to display.

They should talk about it and promote it actively through emails or mailings.


Our site and the book do much of the work.

Just get people to go to the site (or have it in the bookstores)
and they must read the book first.

Then follow up and remind them
about the live course,

or have a flier in each bookstore book.

The 5 Day outside Toronto wzx wildly successful because Jo-Anne, who went through the 5 Day Silent Retreat first got books to everyone she knew, then filled the courses singlehandedly. She gathered about 50 people to fill a 5 Day Silent Retreat. It cost her nothing because people trust her opinion.

The first thing Joann did was order books wholesale, and got books in many people's hands. That's the biggest key, whether you order a batch of books and then sell them, get a stack of them in bookstores, or whether you send people to our site to buy them.  The more people read the book, they more register for an event.

Because of Jo-Anne, 50 people registered several months in advance to "make" the course.

Supporters in Bozeman, Montana (a small town!) also started out by getting 40 or 50 books out to people through a spiritual bookstore. The bookstore owner read the book and started telling people about it. Even in that area where our mailing list is very thin, the course easily filled up by the deadline. Many of those people are still with us today, five years later!

In Vancouver, here's how they did it:
The sponsor ordered books and sold them to friends, and got them in a popular spiritual bookstore.
The spiritual bookstore sent out an email flier we designed.
People came in and bought the book before I arrived, and/or came to the signing.
The poster for the one day event, also shown here, sat on the sidewalk, and was posted right there by the books in the store for weeks before the event.

Word of mouth is THE key.

Lola approves the seminar room and lodging, from photos and talking with you.
You find and reserve up the meeting room and Lola's room.
Home office does no active onsite planning.

You provide us with participants lodging information and we put it on the site. They handle it themselves.


  • Secluded, with nature, beauty. Not a generic hotel or very public place. 
  • An intimate hotel with nature is okay.
  • A large home is GREAT if the meeting room is large. Need large open area for every one to move and lie down on the floor.
  • Near food facilities and lodging for participants.
  • Plenty of chairs. They can be rented.
  • Nature all around for walks and movement.
  • A resort only if it's affordable, has nature, and is quiet and private.
  • Lola must have a very private room away from participants, with a bathtub, not a shower.
  • Must be no more than two hours from an international airport for a 5 Day.
  • You must be willing to pick Lola up at the airport and return her to the airport.

If it's not in a private home with sponsor providing free space, we will pay any seminar room fees ONLY after the course has made. You would pay any deposit, and we'd reimburse you when the course makes, as we don't know if you'll "make it" or not.
You want a facility reserved way in advance, and to fill the course way in advance.

Seminar Centers often make their profit from people staying in their rooms overnight, and will give free meeting space. Ask them.

If you want to do it, and can do it, then do it!
If not, just recommend the book and online courses and be an emissary of Divine Openings.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Divine Openings Team


Some questions people have asked:

Can you drop the price of an event?
No, never. You must be in an abundance consciousness to promote an event for us. It's worth a hundred times our tuition. If you begin in 'lack' consciousness, it won't make anyway.

It cost $5500 in tuition and $3000 in travel costs for me to go to India for the 21 days of silence. We help people get prosperous. The tuition keeps going up, not down, as word of its value spreads and people understand more of what they’re getting.

If you want to help disadvantaged people, get a sponsor to pay for Lola's valuable work.

How do I explain it to people?
Share your personal experience in a before/after story, and send them to the DivineOpenings.com. The site does an amazing job of explaining it. We don't suggest "talking people into it." Just share from the heart, and send them to the site!

You can also ask them what they want in their life, and tell them Divine Openings will help that. It helps everything.

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