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Order problems, security

Order Issues/Problems

Problem placing order?

  • If your credit card is declined for no apparent reason, call your card company--they are protecting you, especially if it's a foreign, unusual, or large charge.
  • The shopping cart uses your username to log in. If you don't yet have a username, log in the regular way, at top of site, create a username, then go to cart and purchase.
  • Do the tech help cleanups  and try again.
  • Our cart will not work on AOL or other old, antiquated browsers.
  • Download and use a different browser. Some sites work better on certain browsers. (EX: PayPal works best on Safari.)

Still need help?  Email and we'll take care of you.

International orders, common fixes
  • Choose your country from the menu and the page refreshes with the correct fields for YOUR country. If it doesn't, email
  • If your credit card is declined for no apparent reason, call your card company and tell them it's okay. They may be suspicious because it's international. They are protecting you.


  • We've never had one single problem with our secure, SSL encrypted shopping cart. We got a new system that does not store your credit card numbers, just in case.
  • Choose PayPal during checkout if you're still concerned. It masks your credit card info, and has world class security. We enjoy the peace of mind that they handle your security for us.
  • Your credit card company will give you a dummy number to use on the Internet. Credit card companies do not hold you responsible for fraud in any case.
  • All money flows over the Internet now, whether in a store, online, or through banks.

No checks for orders

We can't process mail orders or phone orders. Have a friend order with their credit card for you and pay them back. We can take U.S. checks for tithes or donations.

International order problems
  • Fill in your country, and the page will refresh with the fields you need. If it doesn't, contact and report it.
  • If your credit card is declined, call your card company and tell them it's okay. They're suspicious if a charge is large or foreign.

Other order info

  • The new site's shopping cart uses your username. If you have an account but don't yet have a username, log in with your email (at top of site,) create a username, SAVE, then go back to cart, and purchase.
  • ​Update your browser if cart doesn't work for you. See how.  
  • (Cart will not work at all on the antiquated AOL browser.) 
  • Order online only, please. We have no way to handle orders by phone or mail.
  • Don't have a credit card? Get a friend to order for you, or put money in a Paypal account and pay from that.
  • We can take U.S. checks only for tithes or donations.
  • No foreign checks for any reason, please.

Email for further help.

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