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Open Blind Spots Webinar Series LIVE with Lola

Lola Jones spiritual teacher

Open Blind Spots Webinar series- Live with Lola Jones

Includes the audios and videos from this webinar series!
2 meetings, tuition is only $229, English only

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open blind spots spiritually

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Don't let blind spots hold you back.

Experiencing blind spots? Don't let them hold you back. 
Ever wonder why you didn't see something coming, or made a poor decision? Why a certain area of your life is not working?
Blind spots disable your Instrument Panel in problematic ways.

Everyone should take this webinar. Are you ready to open your eyes to blind spots and stuck areas, so you can move forward with ease and flow? In this intimate, compassionate group you can finally feel safe to open them up. 
Join Lola and go deep! Read Conny's experience below...

CLICK HERE to see dates for this series and to register!

Dear Lola, Thank you very much for the wonderful powerful webinar yesterday, I had already felt shortly after the registration that some feelings show up. Also during the webinar my abdomen felt as if it were cast in concrete really rock hard and my mind wanted to persuade me with a thousand arguments that all this brings nothing. 
I did not let myself be dissuaded.

At some point in the process I had such a great image in my mind, I was sitting on a chair and around me was a dark house. 
The vortex began to peel away the dark layers like a gentle whirlwind and at some point I was sitting on my chair flooded with light and filled with love just great.
I wanted to share that with you. 

Thank you so much for your wonderful work, your great ideas and the possibilities that come with it.
I am sooo deeply grateful for what has already been resolved by you and divine openings with me and how much easier my life has become and it may get even better. 
Thank you for being there 💝.
Thank you for your generosity 💝
I love you very much.💝
 Very dear greetings Conny 🌸🌺🌷💗

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Why take webinars instead of sessions?

These small intimate webinars work so well--even for big issues--that now Lola rarely needs to give sessions. (Portals 1 through 3 are required before Lola allows sessions, then most people don't need sessions!)

In the webinars Lola downloads fresh new ideas, methods and meditations that aren't in any course or book. Lola intuits just what you need. Having the spotlight off you allows you to relax and get out of the way. Often you'll feel movement on the spot. Much of the magic happens between meetings, and on the Forum.

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