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Language Is Powerful - Be Intentional With It

Half the time we don't even know what the cliche old New Age terms we're parroting really mean. We've heard it for so long, we just repeat it. Using those old terms keeps you in the old energies. And many of the old terms refer to things that don't even exist in Divine Openings reality


Using fresh new Divine Openings terms wakes us up and shakes us out of the tired old ruts.

  • The terms "emotional healing" or "spiritual healing" are not used in Divine Openings. Those terms are simply misleading and inaccurate.
  • If you are physically sick, you need healing.
  • BUT, if you're not physically sick, you do not need "healing". If you seek spiritual advancement, you don't need "healing". If you want solutions for problems, relief from suffering, or to get free of an issue, or freedom from painful thoughts or emotions, or a change in your life, we don't call that healing. We call that raising vibration; awakening; waking up; becoming more conscious; enlightening; expanding; evolving; getting free; or remembering who you really are. When the above has happened, you'll simply see what was always real in the first place - you didn't get "healed". Thinking you need "healing" puts you on an endless treadmill trying to heal what never needed healing. When rubbing a rabbit's foot isn't the solution, no matter how much you rub the rabbit's foot - it won't happen. When healing is not the solution, you can't do enough healing to ever make it happen.
  • There is overlap in physical healing and raising vibration. One can happen while you're having the other. Just be clear in your speaking.
  • Crystals, pendulums and gadgets - Honestly I never saw someone liberated, transformed, or enlightened by a gadget or crystal. EVER! So why train people to rely on such things? Divine Openings teaches people to use their own Instrument Panel to feel, sense, hear, know, and see clearly, and never to rely on crutches.
  • Karma - There is no such thing in Divine Openings. Karma is totally contradictory to Grace! Grace says you get things you didn't even earn, and there's no way you have to pay for anything you did in this life, much less things you did in another life. You may MAKE yourself pay, but it isn't The Presence doing it, that would be you. You can forgive yourself now.
  • Past lives - No need to go there. Stay in the here and now. If there's energy affecting you from past lives, it exists right here, right now, it's playing out in your life, and you can find, feel, and deal with it here and now. And if it's not causing any effect here, why go looking for trouble?
  • Mercury in retrograde - Yikes! This term makes my skin crawl. This is giving power away to astrology. Just don't do it. It's silly and ridiculous.
  • Terms like "toxic relationships" or "toxic people" or psychological labels like "he's a psychopath - my therapist says so". (Uh.... why would someone need therapy while doing Divine Openings? And how confusing to be hearing two contradictory things!)  Labeling the other as a bad guy gives your power away massively. Feel your own feelings about it, and clean up their own vibration about it, and eventually -- go easy on yourself -- see how you created it. Avoid labeling others as the problem because there's no power in that. With that story, you're a victim and you're stuck. Any damage that was done is always in our own vibration, which we have total control over.
  • "Boundaries" (old paradigm word - the meaning is too close to "needing protection" and "wall"). You don't need protection from anything!You can "choose" who and what and how you want things, but steer away from thinking you need to protect yourself from others (it just attracts things to protect FROM). Instead of boundaries, use conscious, non-cliche terms like "making wise choices", "choosing what you want or how you want to feel" or "taking care of you" .Say "yes" or "I'll pass, thanks". Become so powerful that no boundaries are ever needed. When you're powerful you know there's no need to defend against anyone.
  • Terms like "ego", "higher self" have become so cliche that it's best to avoid them entirely. There's this bizarre popular belief, just because someone said it, that we need to get rid of this so-called "ego" (which of course almost no one is succeeding at it, nor should they. I've met people who don't have any personality or human identity left, and they are boring and flat). Use "smaller or limited self" instead of ego. "Large Self" is more inclusive, and less hierarchical, judgmental, and separate than higher self. Your smaller self is included by and loved by your Large Self. Your Large Self does not want to get rid of it, but to help it refine, expand, and evolve.
  • Basically, if New Age books or therapy use the term, ditch it.
  • "Processing" is an outmoded term. "Feeling your vibration or feelings" is a newer way of looking at it. Processing has also come to mean endless processing. People just need to feel their feelings! It becomes no big deal! Processing is too big a deal, it's boring, and it's work.
  • When talking to regular people, speak simple English at all times rather than psychobabble or New Age speak, or even Divine Openings terms. It just irritates the hell out of them.
  • I've lately been weaning myself off the words "issues", "patterns"- because it vibrates in the old paradigm and is too cliche ... now I prefer saying "vibrational habit".
    • "I have a habit of vibrating that way, that I've practiced for a long time. It can change."
    • "Way back before I was even conscious of what I was doing, I got in the habit of vibrating that way."
    • "I have a vibrational habit of producing brain chemicals that make me bipolar/jealous/anxious/fearful/fat/insecure or whatever it is. It's just a habit that can change."
    • Feel that.... it sounds easy to shift, doesn't it? It's just a habit. No big deal. Always make it no big deal. When you make it a big deal..... you're making it a big deal!
  • Dark energies or evil. There is no such thing. There is only YOUR vibration, and nothing in this universe can alter or affect your vibration without your (or their) participation or permission. If you LET others' vibrations affect you, they can, but don't give it supernatural powers outside your control. Scary spirits, nightmares, and stinky smells, and such, are projections of humans' lower vibrations that manifest, and they are only real from that lower vibrational state. 
  • Clearing or cleansing rituals, as related to the above - like clearing someone's house, washing your hands to remove dark energies, or doing a ceremony to cleanse or rid something. There is no need to ever do any of this. That is giving power away to some outer force, like it has some power over you, and that is inconsistent with Divine Openings. Just raise your own vibration, and set the intention you want! Sometimes people find a ritual helps focus their power, but they need to be VERY clear that there is no power in the ritual, and that all the power is theirs. People are so prone to give power away to so many things, we won't encourage them to do that more.

Entities or entity possession - I know most of you would not buy into entities, nor believe in them, but I think you'll find this explanation illuminating and interesting.

You'll easily see why entities are contradictory to Divine Openings:
it fosters the belief that something outside of you
can jump on you or in you and affect your reality.

You can create that reality for yourself, but why, why, why give power away
to anything? Why believe someone else has the power to get you or to save you from "it"?

There are people with full time practices creating and clearing entities for
people. If someone tells you that you have an entity and you believe them,
you've both created the entities and they now exist!

If you're having problems or limitations, it is actually only some lower vibrations you're vibrating, so learn how to raise your vibration, without any practitioner tinkering under the hood for you, which disempowers you.

With Divine Openings, we lead you to know for yourself that everything
you're experiencing is a product your own vibration. 

We show you how to manage your vibration, via the Instrument Panel.
You wield the power, not us. Don't be dependent on some practitioner every time you have a feeling you don't want.
All you have to do is raise that vibration.

In our reality there are no entities, or evil spirits.
There is nothing that can "get you" unless you create it.
We could focus on conspiracy theories until we create that someone out there has the power to affect us, but let's not...... ha ha.

It's all you, and what you create.

We humans are already too prone to find excuses for all our difficulties.
It's my sign, my karma, Mercury in retrograde, sun flares, PMS, entities, dark energy,
ghosts, evil spirits, negativity in my environment, other people, the government.

Divine Openings liberates you from outer control, and shows you that you are the power and The Presence in your life.

If you're in a lower vibration right now, we know all this might sound like horrible news. You might think, "I couldn't have created that!!! I would never create that." The problem is, you didn't know how you were creating it. You didn't do anything wrong. You just didn't know. Now you can know. If you haven't already, begin with the book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence.

Once you completely understand it, from an empowered vibration, and with the help of Grace, you can understand the "negative" things you've created, without self-blame. It's incredibly empowering, and you are free.

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