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What's New or Featured at Divine Openings

For regulars who have done Portal 1 Online: The Foundation

What's fresh, new, or featured?

Always begin with the Portal 1 Online Course to get the powerful foundation you'll build upon for your entire journey. This page has offerings to augment the basics, give you more live interaction, or just juice things up! Enjoy!

If you're looking for the list of updated pages or new pages, that's here.

We've evolved into DivineOpenings 2.0!

There's a whole new vibration radiating through the website, events, and courses! The new 5 Portals of Awakening provide a map to mastery. It's richer, juicier, and clearer than ever. Flow with more ease and power on your life journey.

  • Save hundreds when you get all 5 Portals, a lifetime of evolution with the NEW Lifetime Package.
  • Portal 1 & 2 Members, enjoy the new videos/audios introducing the Keys!
  • The Portals now have extensive videos in addition to audios for easy breezy learning.
  • Lola has recorded the Portal 1 Online Course text modules on audios so you can listen on the go, or away from your computer! Volunteers have recorded other courses for you.
  • The Online Courses Portals 1 through 5, Enlightened Business, and the Art of Love and Sex are now in both English and German!

Catch this NEW wave in the Retreats, Webinars Live with Lola, and the Online Courses.


More fresh, new, and fun adventures on your path

Lola webinars

Be Mentored by Lola

Participants call it "ultimate immersion"

Be Mentored by Lola for a year. Includes regular group webinars, personal sessions, email access to Lola, and online material.


Interactive Webinar Series' on Special Topics

What area would you like to expand?

Get LIVE with Lola!   More effective than private sessions.
Learn more, register, limited class size for intimate interaction.

Lola Jones mastery online course

Portal 5: Mastery self-paced online course

Portal 5: Mastery self-paced online course will blow your mind! Prerequisite: Portals 1 - 4 Online. New people, begin with Portal 1 and you'll be ready for Mastery when you get there.

things are going great in my absence Lola Jones Divine Openings

Powerful book update

Get the NEW must-have, clearer, better than ever 12th Anniversary edition of Things Are Going Great In My Absence
We can only ship to U.S., Canada, Europe, or Australia. See Amazon if elswhere. Get it here.


no limits enlightened business

What if business was pleasure?

Well, now it can be, as participants the world over are finding out. Step by step you move into more allowing, Grace, ease, creativity, and FUN. The Enlightened Business Course.

Lola Jones things are going great

The NEW updated audio book version is here!

Lola re-recorded it so it's fresh and up to date with the new paperback edition. She ad libs fun things, and her voice vibration brings a new dimension of energy to it. Get the NEW updated 2018 audio book.

spiritual retreat California, Germany, Europe

Live Events with Lola Jones

Of everything we offer, by far the most powerful, effective, and popular are the life-changing 5 Day Silent Bliss Retreats. For exciting details about all retreats in US and Germany, click the picture at right.

Or check out ALL live events with Lola.

Check all live events

More notes

Lola's new humor book Confessions of a Cowgirl Guru lightens up the far too serious spiritual path and riffs on everything from relationships to television to guns. You'll LOL.

The Course Sequence: It's clear over the past 14 years that people who immerse in Divine Openings keep expanding with more ease. Stay stimulated, inspired, and happy with our uplifting, soul-feeding audios and videos.

  • The Lifetime Package, save when you purchase all 5 Portals together, plus all essentials
  • Portal 1 Online: Awakening, the end of suffering. Learn about, register
  • Portal 2 Online: Ease and joy as you create. Learn about, register
  • Portal 3 Online: Daily short, quick, powerful, boosts. Learn about, register
  • Portal 4 Online - Jumping The Matrix Online: Living as your Large Self, expanding beyond normal human limits.
  • Portal 5 Mastery - Now you're soaring! Refining, practively creating, and enjoying life!  Learn about, register

New Content -- Lola evolves, as you do. Find out what's been added to, updated, on the pages of the website. If it's in an Online Course you're not registered for, it won't open. We're always adding new audios, videos, and methods to keep it fresh for you.

For iPad users who couldn't see some videos, here's the fix.

For any level -- Tantra, the Art of Love and Sex: If ecstatic sex isn't a key element of your spiritual life and relationship, what on this earth are you waiting for??? People are reporting unprecendented levels of pleasure, blissful sex, love, and body experiences from taking this course, even if they're single. Sexual ecstasy is generated within you.  Now in German too! Learn more

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