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Are Negative Energies from Others Getting You Down?

Are Negative Energies from Others Getting You Down?

02/01/2020 - 11:54 Submitted by Lola Jones

Are You a Sponge for "Negative" Energies?

by Lola Jones

Henrietta walked into a retreat, and I immediately noticed that her usual brilliant sparkle was dimmed. She had clearly absorbed some low vibrations from the troubled kids she works with. I gave her a special type of Divine Opening/Divine Mother hug, and she brightened up, returning to her usual 1000 watt radiance.

  • Are you tired… for no apparent reason?
  • Gaining weight, or overweight for some time?
  • Feeling “sludgy?”
  • Health problems don’t respond as they should to alternative or medical treatment?
  • Lower emotions stronger than they should be, sometimes bursting out?
  • Sad, angry, worried, depressed, listless... and don’t know why?
  • Are you in a “helping or support profession,” a nurse, therapist, healer, or caretaker?
  • Immersing in Divine Openings regularly… yet frustrated?

If you answered yes to any, or you want to learn prevention that's not about fear-based "protection" (that just invites negative energy) our Portal 4 Online Course, Jumping the Matrix, has an extensive new set of Keys to remedy that, and a new video series on it.

Relief and freedom can feel like having a rock lifted off of you, or like the lights coming instantly back on. I'm so looking forward to giving you this gift! 

With Divine Openings you gain more and more freedom as you go along—yet we are human and there are predictable pitfalls in Life and on this adventure of Awakening.

A good Teacher provides the training to get you independent, and she is always there to lift you up or hand you Keys when you need them.

This is the Grace of having a Teacher.

This is why I have Non-Physical teachers. They sometimes even send me a human messenger to call attention to something or help me.

When we’re missing just one Key, even though it seems we’re doing everything right we can get maddeningly stuck.

This is why the online courses and webinars guide us through the 5 Portals of Awakening. Passage through the Portals is not always linear, but the lighted path helps make sure you don’t miss a Key.

Even years beyond the intense bliss of initiation and awakening, the small self can still surprise you and steer you off into the ditch.

Spiritual maturity can take many years, although you can be increasingly happy and successful every month along the way--you don't have to struggle or wait years to be happy. But the best of life does come with spiritual maturity. If you don't stay the course, spiritual maturity may never happen at all—the small self certainly doesn’t want it to!

Deep beliefs and subtle small self resistance can hold you back, and may even shock you when you allow yourself to see it:

  • “I know everything.”
  • “I’m finished evolving.”
  • "I'm above needing anyone."
  • "There's something wrong with me that needs fixing."


  • “I must suffer to deserve this good fortune.”
  • “There is always a price to pay or a burden to bear.”
  • “Real saints are martyrs.”
  • “A good person sacrifices."
  • "I must refuse, lose, or negate any rewards.”
  • "I must struggle long and hard to earn enlightenment. It's not supposed to be easy."

Those are false, but we are human, and some beliefs run thousands of generations deep. You may simply have sponged from your parents an energetic habit of matching or sponging energy from others.

Sponging and its deep-rooted causes can block your spiritual development, make you dull and non-magnetic, a "wounded healer," or an enabler instead of an radiator of Light. You want to be bright, allowing, and attractive/magnetic. Divine Openings can get you there, and give you the Keys so you can sustain it.

Ease and Grace,
Lola Jones
PS -- Here's help! Our Portal 4 Online Course, Jumping the Matrix, has an extensive new set of Keys to remedy energy sponging, and a new video series on it. Get free and bright!
PSS -- If you can't take Portal 4 because you haven't even begun your journey to freedom with Divine Openings, start here, with the book and Portal 1 Online.
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