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About Our Members-Only Areas

Lola Jones female spiritual awakening teacher

Many pages are for members only

  • If you click a link and get the Access Denied message it's usually because it's a members-only page or course.
  • When you check New Content, only the pages you have member permission for will open.
  • To keep the conversations warm, private and safe only members can access the Forums.

We offer tons of free material, but the complete, in-depth material of this comprehensive path is for our committed members. Their tuition supports Lola, our small dedicated team, and this enormous (180,000 pages) and complex website. The necessary 2019 site rebuild cost $100,000 and took the entire year and thousands of Lola's and our staff hours. Yet we keep our tuition incredibly low for you, and the courses support you for life.

New visitors, get started on your journey with course membership in the 5 Portals of Awakening that take you out of suffering and struggle into mental, emotional, and spiritual mastery. Or blast off with a live retreat.

Come home to a place where everyone understands you.

Thank you, members!

Your course tuition is paid one-time only, and yet you receive constant course updates to support your evolution for a lifetime. You members who bought your last course or audio set many years ago still get all of the many constant course updates, new videos and audios, etc.... free. We feel your appreciation and it motivates us to give more.

Members enter your  Forums. 
Members, enter your courses.

See the site footer below for many more choices, and enjoy!

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