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  • Meet Your Powerful Inner Goddess

    Your Spiritual and Physical Feminine Power

    Meet Your Powerful Inner Goddess

    Enjoy this introduction to the Goddess within you. She's been waiting for you to set her free. She knows how to live life full out and have it all.

Lola goddess feminine have it allI had to learn this too....

When you use your feminine goddess energy AND your masculine energy in the right place and time love, security, ease, and career success all come to you. Your inner goddess energy recharges your vitality, you age gracefully, and you feel fulfilled instead of exhausted. 

I was very far from being a Goddess

Earlier in my life, I didn't even know what feminine energy really was. I looked feminine, and I thought I was feminine. I had no idea I was living in my masculine energy, not my feminine energy. I had no idea how numb my deep feelings were.



Work and money were good... but it was exhausting

I had spent thousands on spiritual and personal development and still wasn't happy and fulfilled.

Like so many women who didn't know how to really draw on my feminine energy, I became exhausted, burned out, and crashed at 50.

Everything changed when I woke up my powerful feminine Goddess energy.

And now, no matter where you're starting from, you can be a Goddess too.

Just commit to some pleasurable and fun learning and practice, and I'll get you there!

Get Juiced Up! Here We Go!

Immersion is the fun, feminine way to get radical, lasting change

Discover your inner girl and boy!

In this video you'll have fun, feel better and softer, and more feminine immediately. The lights will come on in a whole new way. Things will start to make sense that never did before.

You'll get excited about what's possible in your life when your inner girl and boy are each doing what they do best.

Stay with me, darling! It's safe. 

Take a stretch break before the second video

This video is from a different webinar series and we get you in your body, and focus on your senses to wake up your inner feminine - your inner girl.  Thinking about it and working at it is masculine.

Pamper yourself with a luxurious stretch and a fresh cup of tea and snuggle in for part 2. Find as many ways as you can to get in your senses today. Smell the air, caress your own body. Savor your food. Anything that gets you out of your masculine mind and into your luscious feminine body and feelings. Thinking and talking about it is masculine. Practicing and experiencing is feminine.

Now you have two diferent tastes of the in-depth Goddess Course and Goddess Webinars. I'll show you how to continue waking up your Inner Goddess Power below. And I have another gift for you.

Relax, lay back in a comfy sofa or chair. Turn everything else off, and set aside this time just for you. Rushing is masculine! Slooooow down. You can do your masculine thing later.

Don't think about it - that's masculine. I want you feeling your body, feeling the energy I generate. That's how you'll get your Goddess on in a way that reading 50 books won't do. I want you to sink into the videos like a warm bubble bath. FEEL into the video. 

Lola-soft-feminine-vulnerable.jpgMore Goddess Power!

Ask yourself: What do I want? And write it down. 

Juicier sex? Have your man totally, deeply committed to you? Have him light up and not be able to wait to be with you? Be a magnet to male energy? Stay juicy into old age? Age more gracefully and feel feminine all the way? 

Make money the feminine way instead of the hard way? Attract everything to me rather than having to go drag it home like a man? Flow through the work world in feminine energy? Not be so drained by work? 

You can have all of that and more. You can have it ALL..


sample_for_Lola_photo_0.jpgLet the sun shine on you, Goddesses!

And dance by the light of the moon, too! I want you to own your power 100% -- both masculine and feminine. 

You can enjoy the Goddess Power online course self-paced, using it at your leisure 24/7 for life. Many audios and videos on so many facets of this complex energy we call feminine. But diving into it is really simple. Just enjoy!

Hidden talents emerge that were stifled by masculine control and conditioning. Ancient energy we women have unconsciously carried melts away. I became an accomplished painter and singer when my Goddess energy opened up. But teaching is my main passion so sell the art and music on this site for my fun and your enjoyment.

Your feminine intuition opens up, you feel better, have more energy, and definitely enjoy radiating your Goddess Power to an appreciative world. You float and flow more rather than trudging. 



Get-Your-Goddess-Power.jpgGet the Goddess Power Course PLUS 3 Bonuses!

(The group is a bunch of lit-up Goddesses after one of my 5 Day Retreats!)

  • BONUS 1: FREE $26 life-changing book.

With your Goddess Power registration, I'll send you my foundational paperback book FREE: Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How to Let Go and Let The Divine Do the Heavy Lifting. It normally costs $26 + shipping. This book has changed lives in 150 countries around the world. In the 10 Awakening Initiations, it gives you, you'll feel my energy coming right through the book, opening you up to the Goddess energy that lies dormant inside you.

  • BONUS 2: FREE LIVE Goddess Webinar with me, Lola Jones coaching you.

Sign up TODAY before this offer ends, email my assistant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. She'll send you a coupon for a FREE attendance at a LIVE Goddess webinar with me, Lola Jones. LIVE Goddess webinars with me are a $349 value because you get personal coaching, soak up big Goddess energy, and let my energy directly attune you to "Goddess frequency." I make sure you've got it! The media from it shows up in your Goddess Course and is yours to keep. 

  • BONUS 3: The Goddess Power course keeps growing.

I add 6 or 8 more videos, audios, and meditations each time I lead a live Goddess webinar, so the course keeps growing -- but you'll never have to pay extra -- all the new videos and audios are yours FREE! Our course tuitions go up every year -- this course grows like an investment. JOIN NOW! 

All this comes FREE with your $349 Goddess Power tuition.

After you register you will be logged in. Click My Account at top of the website, and click My Courses. It's easy and it's there for you 24/7.


One More Gift

Some of you received Meet Your Goddess FREE because you're a new subscriber and some of you found us other magical ways. I have one more thank-you surprise for you.

Open wide and receive this: 7 Keys is a 20-page book that lays a foundation you need to use both your masculine and feminine power to get what you want in this world and in your spiritual life.

Please download and print it out, so you can see it as a reminder to use these new habits. I want you to have it all, so make notes in it, and play with it often -- lightly, the feminine way! 


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